Afterparty time: making this Monday a fun-day

News just in: post AFC Wimbledon fundraising set at the New Wimbledon Theatre on Monday, the band are going to be heading to nearby venue Watershed for an official afterparty-but-also-a-fundraiser-too.
The funds raised from the afterparty will go towards Wimbledon’s Polka Theatre, a theatre for children which plays a much valued role in the local community.  For the price of the £15 ticket you can expect to catch DJ sets from Mumford & Sons, John Kennedy (of XFM) and Matthew & The Atlas. Putting the fun in fundraiser.
So that’s:
Mumford & Sons Official Afterparty – Monday 9th May
DJ sets from Mumford & Sons, John Kennedy (XFM) and Matthew & The Atlas
Watershed, Wimbledon
Tickets cost £15 – get them here
Proceeds go towards the Polka Theatre
Hope to see you there.
* An update for peeps with VIP tickets for AFC Wimbledon fundraiser: the Official Aftershow at Watershed is a separate fundraiser event for Polka Theatre and therefore unfortunately these tickets will not grant you access. *

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  1. ludu333 says:

    YOU ARE MY NUMBER ONE BAND!!! When I first heard your music, I was immediately blown away, your music is undiscribibly amazing. ANOTHER ALBUM PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. BearsF15 says:

    You guys could come to Chicago too, and see all the awesome stuff here and go to Buddy Guy’s bar and Second City. If you haven’t already. I just need to see you guys.

  3. Anonymous says:

    or… pennsylvania? not to be a broken record.

  4. bp says:

    Will you PLEASE come to Seattle, or a surrounding city, sometime in 2011?

  5. marylorraine7 says:

    Please come to Cincinnati!!!!!

  6. elliefox says:

    a visit to new york would be amazing!

  7. meganomics101 says:

    This sounds like a good thing for all involved, including the fans who get to hear that you’re doing something for the good of all involved. Bless you guys!

  8. MarciaMumLover says:

    Plllleeeeeeeassssssse .. I beg of you… Come to New York …

  9. steveaquastore says:

    Seems you all will enjoy there a lot…great!!
    swimming flippers

  10. JadeAarica says:

    Are you guys coming to Vegas for the Billboard Awards?

    Come back to Vegas and play an all ages gig please? :)

  11. jodyoun says:

    My husband is a HUGE fan! I would love to get him a signed picture – does anyone have a contact address? Thanks a million! :)

  12. TreeMaclaren says:

    If you come to Atlantic Canada you will get people from Nova Scotia PEI New Brunswick and Newfoundland PLEASE COME !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TreeMaclaren says:

    Please come to Atlantic Canada we love you and plus with your folk music all the Newfies will come down to see you

  14. burly says:

    you must include a stop in detroit! you have a lot of fans here!

  15. Meekers says:

    What an amazing night…. Thank you so much!!
    Hope to see you guys again soon :-)

  16. tonela says:

    When are we going to see you live in Boston? Pretty PLEEEEEASE!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys i was just looking at all your tour dates in america and just wondered would there be any chance once the tour has ended u could do a gig in my bedroom ?

  18. wonderboys2000 says:

    i have vip tickets,just called the theatre, nobody knows anything about the party,advised to call tomorrow after 10 am, which is leaving it late!!! thats all i have.

  19. taradoh says:

    Did anyone find out about the VIP tickets? Do they get us into Watershed?? x

  20. Meekers says:

    Mmm this makes that monday even better!
    Only problem is getting back to Bloomsburry… Its my second time London and I don’t think I’ll get back with the Underground at that hour?

  21. GezReilly says:

    Thats a good question, ive got VIP tickets, does that get me into Watershed? Thanks

  22. charlotteh says:

    Question for M&SHQ, is this the same Aftershow party that the VIP tickets sold direct from the Venue sold? They stated VIP included a post show party? Would be handy to know pre Monday, thanks!

  23. tawnyburgess says:

    You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for using your talent for good (as opposed to evil…? I don’t know…I feel like now you should team up with the Avengers…wow, I I just nerded out there).

    Anyways! Have fun! :)

  24. Soto says:

    John Keneddy is simply great… Im thinkin more Collabs? Yes. Im patiently waiting for you to come back to the states to play in SEATTLE? Yeah im thinkin so. In the summer do an outdoor show. Thers plenty of grand spots to paly. Keep up the amazing mind blowing heart melting music.