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  1. Carol says:

    Hey guys, going to Vegas to see you awesome people. Gosh, I would to hear Boxer or Lover’s eyes. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Jose_Avila2 says:

    Hey Guys!!!! I’ve seen you at San Manuel Amphitheater. Sang every song except for Sigh No More. Drove with my wife and little brother from Las Vegas to Fontana Ca (to drop off the kids with grandparents) to Walla Walla Washington to see you guys. I begged and begged for Sigh No More and nothing!!! Do you guys remember the “Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole” chant at Walla Walla?? Well I kind of got that going. I know you guys heard me scream Sigh No More a bunch of times. We were really close. And right in the middle and I know you guys heard me. Since we live in Vegas. We obviously went to Life is Beautiful. Again my wife my brother and I oh and our friend Carlos. We ran to the rail at 1pm and stood at the rail until you guys came out!! I screamed and I screamed Sigh No More until the last song. lol. And yet again No Sigh No More.!! I will be at the Joint on Saturday Night. I really wanted to see you guys at the Pasadena festival but my family bought me my ticket to see you guys in Las Vegas. So guess what guys????? Can you guys please please pretty please play Sigh No More. I will shit my pants!!! But I don’t care.!!! I mean. I will be really excited!!!! I seriously can’t wait to see you guys this Saturday. Anytime I see you guys it’s a blast!! I can allow myself to let all my emotions out when I see you guys in person!!! And for that!!! Thank you guys so much for making soo much fucken beautiful amazing music.

    Jose Avila. A Fan forever!!!

  3. If you come back to Australia I will literally cry of joy. I missed out the last time you guys came here :'( your music makes me so happy! Much love from an obsessed Aussie fan!! :)

  4. Mandapanda1308 says:

    On behalf of myself, my husband and my two daughters Amelia and Haylie, we all want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming back to Burgettstown, PA! My husband and I came to your show in August 2013 where he proposed to Lover of the Light. I walked down the aisle in Jamaica to Not with Haste, and this last show that’s literally four minutes from our house was the best show we’ve ever witnessed! So honored to share the amazing Mumford and Sons experience with our daughters! They were rockin next to us and singing every word! Thank you so much again and we can’t wait for the next show! Hopefully we can get closer seats! Love you guys so much!

  5. Joanna315 says:

    Sooooooo excited to see my fav band again! I will be in the pitt rocking out and singing every word. Hopefully White Blank Page will be played!!!!
    I was wondering if there is opening act? If anyone knows please advise!!!
    Thank you! Love you guys!!!!

  6. Joanna315 says:


    I am soooooo excited to see one of the best bands out there again!!! I
    will be rocking out in the pitt, singing every word. Hopefully White Blank Page will be played!!!
    Was wondering if you have an opening act? If anyone knows please advise!!!
    Thank you!!
    Love you guys!!

  7. Hi guys!! If you’re actually reading this that’s AMAZING!

    My boyfriend and I are coming to your concert next week in Camden and I was wondering if I could make a small request. My boyfriend’s favorite song is Babel and I was wondering if you guys could play it. You guys mean the world to him and he jokes around all the time that listening to you guys got him through college. Whenever Justin is having a bad day or just really needs something to make him feel better he always turns to your music. Whenever you are on the radio or if we’re driving to the shore he always cranks you up. He has a tradition that whenever we drive over the Seaside Bridge we have to blast Babel until we get to the house.

    Justin has had a rough year; he’s back in school full time but also continues to work full time as well. I’m also back at school and I feel like we hardly ever see each other but no matter what Justin has been the rock in our relationship. No matter how little he sleeps or how many hours he has to spend writing a paper or going to class he keeps our little family going. He makes sure to spend time with me and help around the house and play with our dog. I honestly don’t know how he does everything he does, especially dealing with me during my clinicals. I honestly thank God for him and even though I tell him how much all of this means to me I feel like I just can’t express my gratitude. My world would have crumbled this last year if it wasn’t for him keeping me going. I know you guys mean so much to him that I just hope you could dedicate this one song to him.
    Thank you guys for everything that you do, thanks for making amazing music and sharing it with all of us, and thank you soooo much for keeping my boyfriend strong!! We can’t wait to see you guys on the 25th in Camden! -Karla

  8. SeattleSue says:

    BEST SUNDAY EVER! My husband surprised me with tickets to your concert for Mother’s Day. I’m not a big concert goer but seeing you was on my bucket list. Every song was a gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your beautiful talent. Best wishes to you on the road and safe travels!

  9. jengall says:

    Please, please, when are you coming to Brisbane – that’s in that far flung country called Australia? Pretty please?

  10. CaityG says:

    Hello fellow Mumford fans! So I had luckily purchased four tickets for their upcoming PA event even though it’s like 10 hours away. I now see that the single day passes for Boston wouldn’t be that much different for pricing. So if anyone has Boston tickets and is willing to trade PLEASE let me know. Or if anyone could help me figure out how to trade the tickets. Thanks!


  12. meechamike says:

    Hey! My senior class would love to have your song Believe on our final slideshow! Would it be cool if we could play the full song for this great event?

  13. ryanmcgill91 says:

    I don’t know if mumfords and sons read this themselves or a company that they hire but I am getting married in 02.09.17 this is probably one of the worst proposals ever so excuse me. My future wife listens to your music,buys yours albums all the time and loves your band to a point were I started to enjoy the music a bit lol. I’m Irish myself and my future wife is Polish, we are getting married in Poland probably one of the most beautiful countries that i have been to. Anyway due to getting married in Poland we have spent countless hours trying to get letter of freedom from Ireland which is exhausting. we came to a point were my fiancee couldn’t answer a question in the forum that we require us to be legally married in both countries. it required a certain thing on the birth certificate which her mother knows but my fiancee dosen’t. what i am trying to ask is if you could make a breathtaking appearance to the location i don’t want to give out specific details on your blog because my future wife reads it time from time. If you can try and contact me privately please I know it may not happen but if you did come there would be a shit load of drink and food and even bring your family as well . Thanks for reading this begging message it wasn’t something from x factor but i tried my best without destroying my future wifes story to the public as well. I tried to contact you multiple times but this is the last response this is the last time thank god says you and the many companies work for you. PS: I HAVE NO MONEY WHAT SO EVER FOR EXPENSES BUT THE LOCATION WAS THE HOUSE BELONGING TO ONE OF THE PRESIDENTS OF POLAND. thank you

  14. brnlogue says:

    Please please come back and play Redrocks CO!! #bestconcertever

  15. You should totally play at the Filmore in Silver Spring Maryland! Such a small intimate venue. That would be a dream! I am dying to see you guys play again but all the shows are too far :( Seriously look into the filmore in Silver Spring!! Your music moves me to a whole new world. Firefly 2016 was a dream. I graduate in 2 months and need to see you guys play again!

  16. Could you just play a tune with Van Morrison? Bloody hell. Then I can die happy.

  17. From Australia! I would like to say that your music is amazing and thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate and enjoy what you guys produce. My admiration, I cannot wait you guys come over for a concert.

    All the best.!!


  18. Love your music! Please come to Chicago!!!!!


  19. Is is true that you refuse to play in Sweden because Muslim refugees are raping women at your concerts as stated in the documentary by Ari Horowitz?

  20. Hey Ted!

    I want to hear more about the camera obscura you are building!
    Photography teacher here :)

    Jen Dorsey

  21. Captaincmo13 says:

    Hello guys!!

    The wait is finally over!! i got my copy of dust and thunder yesterday. Amazing concert on DVD, the documentary is priceless. Being able to see what and how you guys create music is wonderful.
    Me and my wife love watching you guys. The way you sing as a group is inspirational, we actually got to see you guys in concert at ACL, that was a GREAT experience.

    We are looking forward to seeing you again live. Hopefully you had as much fun as us to come back to AUSTIN, TEXAS!!
    Thanks for reading -Cmo

  22. Dear Mumford and Sons

    I just watched your live from South Africa video and saying I’m speechless is an understatement of note.
    Unfortunately I missed your concert when you were here but watching the video made me feellike i was standing right there jamming along with the you and the music.

    I cannot put into words how amazed I was and how much happiness and joy came from that video. It was so powerful and true. My mind was most definitely blown away.

    When you guys come back here for the next show, hopefully I, along with all my family and boyfriend, can go and experience such raw and heartwarming talent.

    Thank you for bringing your talent to us. No words can describe that moment of pure enjoyment and freedom.

    Music is a way to let go.
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  23. Galifreyian_banjoist says:

    Finally saw you live in Ottawa – my home city – last year; it was literally the best night of my life!! Please visit again soon! Thank you for making such beautiful music, you are beautiful people and I hope all four of you have beautiful lives

  24. AggieAggie says:

    Please come to Poland! There is Open’er Festival June 28th – July 1st, soon before your other concerts in Europe. It would be so great to see you there :-) All the best for you.

  25. Happy B. Day Marcus. Enjoy x

  26. Trying to get legit tickets to the Camden, NJ show. It has been a scalping nightmare so far!! Anything I can do to help stop this I will do.

  27. RSchwerdel says:

    My son, who passed away in March of 2012, was a huge fan of Mumford & Sons. Ever since he passed away, I’ve tried to get tickets to see you guys in concert, and EVERY TIME, I miss out!! I’m so deflated that you’re Seattle concert is sold out already! Jason’s birthday was yesterday, he would be 26 this year. Time sneaks by so quickly….someday, I WILL make it to one of your concerts in his memory. It’s on my bucket list.

  28. frazee05 says:

    Pre-sale codes? Anyone? Need for Camden.

  29. frazee05 says:

    Please let us know where to get or how we can receive the presale code for Camden.

  30. davidwebner says:

    Any news on pre sale ticket codes?

  31. nicolemeehan803 says:

    where can i get the presale code for the bb&t show in camden? tickets for presale are going on now

  32. delarenalsofia says:



  33. Ivan_Rossi says:

    Hey guys I just wanna let you know that me and my girl love your songs, we are from Peru really far far away, you know my girl birthday it’s really close, is on February the 1st and I just wanna ask you if you can make like a video o something to greet her for her birthday that would be awesome, the reason I ask is because of her I started listening your songs and I like it, and the song that I first listen was there will be time, that song makes me remember every single moment I spend with her, I hope you can help me with this, peace!
    Ps. I’m ivan Rossi and my girl is Evelyn Balarezo
    And we hope some day we’ll be I one of the concerts.

  34. I know this won’t make much of a difference to you, but I need to tell you guys something… I used to be a hard core rock chick. And, you know what I mean by hard-core… rock chick…
    I know you don’t want to hear it, but Marcus Mumford and the rest of you guys, you were part of God’s plan in changing my life. Lyrics in the Sigh No more album, as well as Babel, led me to a deeper understanding of the Lord Jesus. There were many factors in my life during this time that led me to an understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for me. However, you guys should know how much of an impact you have had on my meeting the Lord Jesus. I know that you guys don’t believe in that kind of religion and that you don’t promote Christianity. Please know, however, that you have led one young lady out of darkness. I was reaching into the depths of despair… the pit of darkness… the miry bog… Your lyrics have helped me explain what I always knew to be true… I just never knew how true it was… it just so happens, it is God’s Truth. Jesus is Truth.

  35. mumfordandsons21 says:

    Please consider coming to Florida again! Sunfest or Ultra Music Festival would both be an AWESOME place for you guys to perform there!
    By the way; thank you, Marcus, Ben, Winston, and Ted, for making such awesome music. It really has helped a lot of people, including myself.

  36. jeanjunker says:

    Call me…want to see you at Red Rocks really really bad ; )

  37. cbadams7 says:

    Come to Napa for the BottleRock Music Fest! Its the perfect venue for you guys!

  38. Hi! I am such a huge fan of you guys, I will literally play the Babel record on my record player almost every night before I go to bed, and just jam out to all the songs. Let’s say I do have a question though, will you guys ever come to Canada again? Maybe Ottawa! I swear if I ever see you guys in concert I think I might just ball my eyes out. Haha! I think going to Ottawa would be pretty amazing!

  39. Ivo_Wright says:

    Christmas song like you guys with a Christmas song would be on point I mean Coldplay-Christmas lights yeah alright but a proper Christmas almighty song would be awesome!


  40. I feel like if you guys made a Christmas album it would be awesome i would listen to that shit all fucking year cause you rock and if you mixed your new electric style with your old folk maybe a couple songs of each i bet it would be a hit from over here in the U.S later

  41. na_va_am says:

    Hello, I’m from Spain and I LOVE Munford and sons and next year I Will get married and I want to put many songs of this band included in The religious ceremony. Please can you help me and gime me ideas????Thanks

  42. Sandi_T says:

    I found my rhythm again because of you guys! I am in a wheelchair but I so wish I could see you guys live. Rock on!

  43. I love your band! Please come to Chile again!

  44. Hi hopefully I can get some help I’m looking for assistance on getting a letter from the band my daughter got married on Saturday 5th Nov and for there first dance they had She said Yes this isn’t available in the uk but would love to get a copy for them to keep as we are all massive fans of the group. We have a video of it and would love to share. Help if you can thankyou xx

  45. MJDenmark says:

    Hi M&S

    First of all, thanks for some great music. It is so inspirational and always leaves me in a better mood.
    It was my girlfriend who introduced me to your music for a couple of years ago – she has been a huge fan of your music almost since your started making music.
    Last year I invited her on her birthday (29th november) to Sheffield, UK, so we could se your concert at the Arena (an amazing concert). Our first live M&S concert.
    When you earlier this year performed in me and my girlfriends hometown, Aarhus, in Denmark we of course were in the front.
    The reason why I write to you, is that I was hoping you might could find the time to make a short video birthday greeting to my girlfriend? It would mean a World to her!
    I have no idea if you do this kind of request from your fans, and I fully understand if you don’t have the time to do this.
    No matter what, I hope I get the chance to see you performe again some where in the World.

    Once again, thanks for some great music.

    Best regards


    (Sorry for the incorrect grammar :) )

  46. You guys are my rock. I’ve gone through probably the worst couple of months in my life recently and I’ve always turned towards your music. What makes it better is watching your videos online teaching myself to play your songs on my guitar. Your words in your songs have such a deep meaning that it gives me hope and helps me see past the hard times and look towards the bright future. If you guys are ever in Nebraska I would love to see you guys even meeting you would be a dream come true. Keep on keepin on fellas! Much love!

  47. Julianfunk1988 says:

    Would you play at our wedding shower or wedding day? This will be on 2nd october and 7th october 2017. Drinks and Snacks are for free and we have a Place to sleep.

  48. Please come to Portland oregon I’ve been waiting years to see you. My fiance and I would love to see you guys. My fiance lives you guys so much she had your lyrics tattooed on her

  49. charlesmerrifield says:

    i cannot get to a cinema are you planning to release a dvd of live from south africa please and if so when?

  50. Julie_Orchid says:

    PLEASE SHOW in AUSTIN! You were AMAZING at ACL 2 nights ago!!!! HEARTS…….

  51. Ollie_Smith says:

    Your band as a whole is the most well-constructed and harmonised collection I’ve ever come across. Hopeless wanderer is probably the reason why I still have a smile on my face and positive thoughts in my head. Ever since your Melbourne Australia concert in 2015 I have been completely drawn into your music as it has connected and comforted me through times of sadness and happiness. Not only a guidance but your music has inspired and motivated me within my own music to let expression and feeling take hold.
    Thank you so much for excisting is all i can say.
    Peace and love.

  52. Ollie_Smith says:

    Your band as a whole and espcially your music is the most well-constructed and harmonised collection I’ve ever come across. Hopeless wanderer is probably the reason i still have a smile on my face and positive thoughts in my head. Nothing but positive emotion enters myself when i hear you music as it did last year at your 2015 Melbourne Australia concert.
    I congratulate your group for all your succeses and acomplishments as i can only imagine wasnt easy at all.
    Peace and love.

  53. I missed seeing you in Kansas City in 2013 (I was VERY pregnant), but truly LOVED seeing you here this past April! Your music is honest, true, and I adore how it evolves from each place you visit. The show in April jump-started a soul searching summer for me – It opened me up to new music, possibilities, and philosophies. I will see you guys at the end of the month in Denver – I CAN’T WAIT! It’s my first-ever solo adventure and I couldn’t think of a better experience! Cheers to you and future success!

  54. Kunal25 says:

    Hey Guys. When will you be touring South Africa again?

  55. Beast1963 says:

    How do I contact you guys seen you in concert a few times with some special friends and they get married next year I want to make it a special day for them can you guys help out in any way open to ideas kind regards Trevor

  56. Alinayanchuk022 says:

    Hi guys!! My name is Alina and I’m from Portugal. I have become your fan in the past year and now you are my favorite band !! I follow you almost daily and watch your concerts on youtube. Please, come to Portugal and make my dream come true! We love you here

  57. Any chance you guys will be coming to connecticut any time? Love your music!

  58. Laura_Hargis says:

    Loved seeing y’all in Bethlehem . !!!!

  59. Laura_Hargis says:

    Hi guys ! Marcus and Winston so glad you came to the Bethlehem Festival !! Awesome to see you and have your support ! Love you guys !!!

  60. Tershbango says:

    @marcus – srsly crazy shit going on w my my devices and and music. I’m launching a a charity campaign in honor of of my 40th bday soon and so far, every random song that has played without me me touching the phone lately has sent me me to COOL PEEPS who are are willing to retweet something in in my honor.

    There’s a particular line that that played.on my phone of a a song of yrs and if if u r compelled, u can reach me thru FB, Twitter or IG. Just just Google Tershbango.

    Many blessings regardless of.of whether u see and/or respond. I’ve always loved yr yr music even prior to to this. :)

  61. Hi¡ sorry for my English but I a pure Spanish boy¡ just crazy with you men…. after a hard day nothing like listen you ans watch some videos. My dream is see you some day in person, enjoy your party and chage my life¡¡¡ some day I hope… baby is coming… no room to travel to the States¡ please came to Spain, at least to Europe… many people like me wants to join you party, enjoy and forget all the day problems… you are amazing… thanks for your music…. some times the best moment in the day.

  62. mike204 says:

    We’re going through a tough time here in the US and I just came upon there will be time. I’m sure you know what I mean. I’ve loved the music and the members from the get go but I’m not imersed. Funny I just found it.
    I have two fantastic daughters and a dream wife of 30 years this December and I’m distraught at all the crap going on.
    What I get from Mumford and Sons is real fulfilment on many levels and now hope.

    God Bless Us All

  63. gemmamarieroyall says:

    Seeing you at Hyde Park on Friday was one of my favourite ever nights of my life too. Your music comes from the heart and enters our souls. Keep on doing what you do, you’re all amazing and lovely down to earth guys. Big Love, Gem x

  64. Linda_Taylor says:

    Hello! Not sure you all will even get this, but it is worth a try. My daughter is getting married Next April 29, 2017. Her only wish is that you all would play at her wedding. I doubt I could even begin to pay you what you would need to do this, but I am asking anyway. I want this day to be perfect for her in every way (what parent doesn’t want that), but I really am trying to do what I can. So, what do I need to do to get you to come and play at her wedding? My whole family loves your music and has been to see you all in concert, and love how you stand up to what your beliefs are! Have I sucked up enough? LOL! Anyhow, I will hopefully hear from you all, and give my daughter the one thing that I want to, a Perfect day on her wedding! Thank you!

  65. lynchdani04 says:

    Completely amazed by all of you as musicians. Was able to see you in Saratoga Springs this year and it was by far the best experience of my life. To sing is one thing but to perform and have that much emotion and be able to infuse it into the crowd is another. You are all beautiful souls, keep creating and writing the beauty that is your music. I BELIEVE!!

  66. Parabéns!! Ótima banda! Adoro!! Beijos!!

  67. jinoosr says:

    Hi, Im and Iranian fan of yours, my wedding is in two weeks and I wished I could not have a wedding but instead attend your concert but unfortunatelly I can’t.I will only play your songs, love you guys so much your songs brings the memories from when I used to live in Glasgow.

  68. Have you guys ever thought of collaborating with Bankie Banx from
    Anguilla? Highly recommend it–think it would be amazing…anyways keep making the best music around

  69. Kim123 says:

     ‘Johannesburg’ truly carries the essence of South Africa and was amazingly executed. I think its great that you guys are open to new types of music. After all, “variety is the spice in life!” Living in the city neighbouring Johannesburg, the new “Johannesburg’ album is very close to home for me and conjures up memories that I hold very near to my heart.

    Well done guys!


  70. Sandra_Forsberg says:

    Hey! My name is Sandra and I want to thank you guys for creating such amazing music. My friend Erika and I saw your concert in Sydney last year. The rain was pouring down but it didn’t matter, your music kept us singing and dancing from beginning to end. We can’t get enough of your music so we decided to buy new tickets for your concert in Denmark (Aarhus) next week. We’re both extremely excited and hope that you will play “Below my feet” cause we never got the chance to hear it in Sydney.

    And also, I can’t describe how good “Johannesburg” is, you never disappoint us fans, you just keep surprising us. Take care and we’ll see you in Denmark!!

    //Sandra & Erika

  71. Gabriel_Savini says:

    04 July in Milan… as I’ve been asking for Amsterdam one month ago … Please
    Please Please! Let me meet you! Love your songs so much …. Playing them
    with whatever guitar banjo or drums is amazing …. Listen to them is
    pure Life!!!!

  72. Kim123 says:

    I am 16 years old and live in South Africa. I attended the concert at the Voortrekker Amphitheatre on the 7th of February this year. It was a life-changing experience and It is something that I will remember for as long as I live.
    The last song was The Wolf, my favourite of your songs. It was raining and I
    had never been happier. You guys are amazing, and are definitely one of those
    bands that come into peoples’ lives and leave them changed for the better. 

    Thanks again, we hope to see you in South Africa again soon.


  73. Claire_Brussee says:

    Holy sh..! I don’t expect you to ever read this. But by only the first sentence of the first song on Johannesburg I got tears in my eyes. You never disappoint me, jeez you’re just great. 

    A lot of love from NL 

  74. EpicEvasion says:

    How about an impromptu stop in Baltimore to play a concert benefiting the homeless children in our community? The venue would be a church on the outskirts of town with ample space outside, and a more intimate area inside. This is a lot to ask, but a harmless request that might at least be heard.

  75. Ross_MacFadyen says:

    @Vicky1988  Wow! I really hope they see this, that would be an incredible experience!! I wish you and your soon to be wife all the best!!! :D