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  1. Vicky1988 says:

    Hey you’re coming in Quebec city in 5days..I have a special demand to ask.. Would it be possible for me and my girlfriend to come on stage so I can do my marriage proposal to the girl of my dream.. My name is kevin.. Please answer me.. This would be a dream come true for her and Me :-)

  2. gjsouth42 says:

    Hi. My name is Garrett. I am 18 years old. This July, me and my girlfriend, Kaity (Both Huge Fans), are spending huge chunks of our savings so that we can travel from CA to London for your concert at Hyde Park. This is supposed to be the trip of our lives. I know it is very unlikely anyone will actually see this or acknowledge it but I figured it’s worth a shot. I would like to request that you play Hot Gates at your concert. This song means a lot to me and it would mean the world to the two of us. Thank you

  3. Jockey says:

    Please come back to South Africa!!!!!! Love you soo much!!!!!!

  4. nickihdot says:

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to thank you for the great gig in Praha. I enjoyed every single minute of the concert and I’m still overwhelmed.

    For the next tour it would be amazing, if you could come to Dresden or at least Leipzig (Germany).

    Have a nice summer, 

    Nicole :-)

  5. Angela_Massa says:

    Hello guys,

    I’m Angela. I live in Italy and today is my 27 birthday. 
    I’m a lucky woman: I have a great family, beautiful friends, a lovely boyfriend, successful career… stuff like them. Nothing to complain about. So, it’s not a sad story :) 
    The only wish I have is to meet you again all times I can do. Don’t worry, I will be in Milan next July (I suggest you to look at the girl with the Italian flag at the first lines near the stage…) ;) But today, I need to thank you for your music, your performance and yourself. You are amazing! Since 2008 I’ve never been tired to listen to your sounds and I wish it never happens… for the rest of my life, at least. 
    Please, let’s raise your glass and enjoy my birthday ;) 
    See you soon! 

  6. Micheline_Blomme says:

    This evening will be very special at your concert in Antwerpen! In 2013 we came to your other concert together with our 4 children. It was amazing! Sadly enough in that year our daughter Femke died in an accident, she stays forever 18 years, our beautiful. Sparkling girl!

    At the funeral her friends played your song ‘After the storm ‘.

    This evening whe and many of her friends shall be overwhelmed by emotions but feel her presence in our hearts.

    Maybe you will feel the vibes ass well if you should play her song.

    Have a great time and much success!

    Greetings, Micheline, mammy of Femke

  7. benjamin_golliot says:

    Thank you so much for yesterday, I ve seen 9 of your show in Europe and that was for me an unforgettable concert !!!

    L Olympia was great but yesterday you looked so tired and ” you gave us all ” thanks

    Good luck for the rest of the tour


  8. Nat_Pasini says:

    Marcus, I’m from Brazil, my dream is to know you, to give you a big hug for his talent, by his voice, his simple way ,,, you are the greatest of the decade!

  9. khannazim812 says:


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  10. Jens_Werner says:

    Great gig in Duesseldorf yesterday. Try the Esprit Arena next time you perform in Duesseldorf as the acoustics seem to be a bit better there. You are a fantastic live band and deserve the best sound possible.

  11. Jii_krobak says:

     Hi guys, 

    I am just a regular everyday normal guy, but…
    I have two yunger brothers. One of them (Paul) is your f*cking bigest fan. We are going to yours Prague gag.
     It would mean the world for me and mainly him, to take a photo with you. all. 

    If this wish will became a truth, we wiil can die happily. 

    With love, George

  12. susola says:

    Thanks for an amazing show in Gothenburg! It was the first time we saw you! Great show! Maybe we will see you in Bråvalla as well!

  13. Stacy_Jesse says:

    We attended the concert in Indy this past Sunday and I must say it was amazing! I  Loved having the opportunity to hear you guys live! Well worth the weekend away and even the change in date. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything! Until next time fellas!!!

  14. Elise_Barrett says:

    Looking forward to the concert in Indy tomorrow night. Wanted to let you know that I wrote a kind of public thank-you note to you guys via my blog…In 2013, my husband had a bone marrow transplant, and Babel mattered a great deal during the aftermath. Kept me sane, kept me praying. Husband died this February, but he had bought me these tickets for Christmas. Planning to sing, dance, and love life big tomorrow night. Thanks for your music. Here’s the blog post:
    peace and all goodness, Elise

  15. Lisa61 says:

    Yes how about a GOTR stopover again?

  16. Lisa61 says:

    Great time in KC with you guys! You never disappoint!

  17. Jesstork says:

    Amazing.. Amazing.. Amazing show in St. Paul tonight!!! Left me wanting more! I will be seeing you all again Mumford and Sons!❤️❤️❤️

  18. Mary_Streblow says:

    Disappointed there were only 2 tshirts that were XXL

  19. lyssi610 says:

     hey guys!!! i love, love love your music!!!!!!! I am from a small country town in Western Australia, and have been listening to your music for as long as I can remember. At every party I go to, your music is the standard jam, and my friends and I would love to see you perform live. So please, please come do an Australian Tour, and don’t forget to stop off in Perth!!!!! xoxoxo

  20. margiem says:

    took myself on a date in STL to see you guys…best date ever!


  21. monitrejo13 says:

    Please come back to Mexico.

  22. GingersWorld says:

    @lord_gunners @GingersWorld @MumfordandSons Looks like it’s Sunday

  23. tigerlilly132hotmailcom says:

    How does one get ahold of your band to ask a question?

  24. Jockey says:

    Marcus, you are amazing, I will love you always & forever.  Hopefully you guys will think about coming to South Africa again!!!!!!!!!!

  25. lord_gunners says:

    @GingersWorld @MumfordandSons Really hoping that they confirm the date soon. We want Saturday. Who wants to wait until Sunday?

  26. elizabeth_ann says:

    Amazing show in New Orleans! Drove from central Florida to see you and it was so worth it.  New Orleans is a great city with much to love, you guys just made my trip that much sweeter, thank you.  Also loved that you covered The Boss and did The House of the Rising Sun!! I’ve been waiting five years to see you and can’t wait for your next tour! Xoxoxo

  27. GingersWorld says:

    @MumfordandSons  Tailgate at Bankers Life Fieldhouse!!! Itching for a GOTR Stopover throwdown! 

  28. Jaymes_Hinkle says:

    Mumford and Sons at Zephyr Field is the first live concert I’ve seen since Bruce Springsteen in Los Angeles 1988. You guys put on an Awesome show, except that the audience around me, COULDN’T SHUT UP. I love your music, the music that inspired your music and inspires others. 

    It was a joy to see you live, I’m just sorry that I couldn’t enjoy your songs as they’re meant to be heard. 

  29. Manderson says:

    @MumfordandSons….WOW!!! Just left the first ever concert at Zephyr Field in New Orleans. What a treat!!! So excited to be part of an amazing night!

    This was the first ever Mumford and Sons show for my husband and I and we couldn’t get enough!

    We LOVE you!!!!!!!!!! You guys rocked The Rising Sun!

  30. JoeyGhanem says:

    @MumfordAndSons I have been desperately trying to find some sort of email or contact information on which to get in touch with you guys. My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up and she is one hardcore fan of yours. I initially wanted to get her a plane ticket and concert ticket to one of your performances but we unfortunately cannot make it anytime soon. Which is why i thought of another idea.

    I know that a hand-written letter or a few seconds video of you guys wishing her a happy birthday would be one of the best gifts she’s ever had. If this is possible in any way, please send me an email so we can discuss this further !

    Keep up the great work ! :)

  31. Micah_James says:

    My husband and I went to the Tulsa concert last night and we both agree, it was the best concert of our lives! The energy that the band emanated to the crowd was one of the truly exciting parts; never have I been to a concert where, as one, the fans fill the whole stadium with singing! The members have great talent and contagious passion! My husband usually listens to rap but I’m standing in the kitchen tonight hearing his radio in the other room as he listens to Mumford and Sons and remodels our bathroom. Congrats guys, you’ve gained another fan! I’ve been a fan since the first CD and I can’t wait for more!! 

  32. Deidre_LeaverDunn says:

    My son turns 8 this weekend and his ONLY gift request was to go to a
    Mumford & Sons concert.  Can’t wait to see the look on his face
    when we see y’all in Birmingham this Sunday! #tayteturns8

  33. dayoung1502 says:

    I have been the biggest fan of Mumford and Sons since the beginnng. I was so excited they were coming to Houston back in 2013. Unfortunately, Ted Dwane had health incident with his clot in the brain so the concert was cancelled – obviously – which was disappointing but clearly understandeable so my husband and I just prayed he would get better and we would get to see them when they were touring again. An announcement is made that Mumford and Sons is coming back to Houston on April 3rd 2016 and this announcement is made in 2015. As soon as the announcement was made of when the tickets would go on sale we set a calendar reminder, alarm clock, you name it, so we could buy the tickets to finally see our favorite band. We manage to purchase tickets through Stubhub at $150 a piece –  not cheap compared to many other artists but obviously it is because it is through Stubhub but we hadn’t had incidents with their tickets so we decide to purchase even though they are a bit outside our price rance; after all, they are our favorite band so we wanted to be closer so lawn tickets would’nt do. We get to the Woodlands – an hour long drive and about $5 in tolls each way – psyched to finally see out favorite band. We make the line to get in with tickets in hand, they do the security check, we give them our printed tickets an they tell us they are not taking Stubhub printouts and we need to go to will call. We make the new line for will call and the lady there tells us that they are not taking printed copies and that we need to call Stubhub and get a QR code or else we can’t get in. We call Stubhub and we ask them to give us a QR code they are super confused saying they don’t have one an that they should be scanning the printed copy. We go back to will call and relay the message and the people at the booth tell us they told Stubhub they changed their system and wouldn’t be accepting print outs but that they needed to mail the printed tickets out. We are panicking trying to figure out what is going on. On one hand we have Stubhub saying Cynthia Mitchell Pavillion never told them anything and on the other hand we have Cynthia Mitchell Pavillion saying they told them… All along I am asking Cynthia Mitchell Pavillion why they didn’t issue a notice on their Facebook page or send a mass email to everyone on their mailing list to warn them of this and they tell me it is not our problem it is Stubhub’s problem. I get it, Stubhub screwed up and did some sort of sketchy thing but are you kidding me? This is your venue, anyone selling your tickets IS your problem. So upset at the situation and the fact that we paid $5 in tolls and drove an hour a way for nothing, we try buying new tickets because in the end our goal was to see Mumford and Sons no matter what.. Nope, no lawn seats, NOTHING. Our seats, the ones we purchased for a total of $300 are probably empty and we can’t get in because the venue and those who sold tickets for the event at their venue can’t communicate with customers on time or get their shit together. We left as the concert started.. we were able to hear Little Lion Man on our walk back to our car which sounded beautiful but made it even more disheartening. I am not sure when you guys will come back but I ask that you please come soon. I know you have been on a battle with ticket vendors who someone legally overprice your tickets but now they are hurting your fans not only financially but depriving us from the experience of seeing you. My husband and I are still so upset about this and how neither the venue nor the ticket vendors were able to do anything to accomodate us or any of the several other people who had the issue –  we saw at least a couple dozen more… In any case, I thought you should know…

  34. Zinia_Mend says:

    When will Mumford & Sons be back in Colorado, USA? We miss you guys! Don’t worry, all of the snow has melted :)

  35. Roxann_Corona says:

    Thank you for being in Houston! Totally on my bucket list but would love to get a chance to see you guys again! love your lyrics and your band is awesome!

  36. Caroshaw says:

    April 12th will be my second time seeing you! And my son, Harrison’s 1st ever concert. We are surprising him for his 15th birthday! You gentlemen are the best! You have inspired Harrison to play guitar and love music. We love you and all that you have done for music. See you in Atlanta

  37. jennystapley32 says:

    I love your music! I wish you would come to phoenix arizona. I would love to see you live. 

  38. kenedy121 says:

    href=”http://christmaspartyvenuesthings.tumblr.com“>venue for

  39. Bumo_Mgabe says:

    @Mumnut They only stuck with the east coast this time. Last time they came to Edmonton and Calgary. 

  40. Bumo_Mgabe says:

     Please please perform in England late August please. I saw you in Edmonton and started crying like a baby. I would love to see you in your home country. Please Please 

  41. trmfreire says:


    And the Brazil tour?????????

    We love you!!!!!


  42. krystle0625 says:

    If y’all offer a meet and greet, please let me know. I saw you in August at Outside Lands, and loved every minute. I live in San Antonio, TX, the closest place is Woodlands to us. Keep up the amazing work!!! Love y’all!

  43. AverysDad says:

    Fellas, I know it’s a long shot and we’re a ways out from the date, but I am taking my daughter, who will be 10 yrs old on the day of your show in Dallas (4/4), to her very first Rock n Roll show that night. It would be MIND BLOWING if she could get a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out from the stage. I know you guys get pummeled with stuff like this, but this girl deserves the whole World, just thought I would put it to the universe and see what comes back!! She is AVERY and I am her dad, and your music is a sincere part of our lives. Thanks so much for what you do! See ya’ll in Texas!!

  44. Fabian_Villota says:

    I couldn’t make Bogota, Colombia but i will be there on the 9th in New Orleans, LA. Wilder Mind is a master piece!  Definitely makes my life that much more understandable. Cheers Gents!!! 

  45. Patricia_Assumpcao says:

    I was in your show yesterday in São Paulo. You were amazing! ! I hope you have enjoyed your fans in Brazil. And please comeback soon. We’ll wait for you! ;-)

  46. maryfranj says:
    •  Any chance you will all play in Seattle this tour?
  47. tru3shorty says:

    I bought my tickets from the mumford fun club presale from ticketstoday.com I have yet to receive them and the show is 1 month away!! Please tell me I didn’t get scammed. I followed the link to sign up from your facebook…

  48. Mumnut says:

    YAY CANADA!!!!!!Awesome!!!!see ya in Quebec!!!

  49. Quebec Fan says:

    @Chooka finalement la pre vente est seulement pour les gens qui sont abonnes a “j’ai ma place”. Si tu connais quelqu’un, tu pourras achteter des billets avant la mise en vente

  50. Quebec Fan says:

    @Chooka @Quebec Fan Merci Chooka…premier qui trouve ;-)

  51. Chooka says:

    @Quebec Fan Je cherche la même chose. Je continue mes recherches et te tiendrai informé si je trouve quelque chose.

  52. Quebec Fan says:

    As a fan, I would have appreciated having information
    about Quebec Pre-sale started March 9th. No mail, nothing, no one can tell us
    for whom that pre-sale was intended. The only information I have got, is that
    it was requested by the band. If someone
    has a clue on how we can access the presale, please share.

  53. Diana_Garcia_Bermudez says:

    Hola chicos.. no podre verlos en el Estero Picnic en Bogota pero siempre los escucho  y mi esposo tambien… uds son lo maximo y su musica nos encanta.. espero verlos algun dia en Medellin Colombia… un abrazo gigante y saludos a todos!!

  54. nya280826 says:

    Do we need code to access at the pre-sale?

  55. jbootsy37 says:

    Is there a pre-sale for Ottawa??

  56. Mica_Dolgonos says:

    Can’t wait, so excited to attend your show in Cordoba!!! Been hearing m&s for years you guys!! I would love to meet you!! Will there be a “meet and greet”? Thank youuu

  57. FelipeM says:

    Hey, guys.

    I’m a huge fan of yours, but I wont be able to see you here in Brazil.
    Unfortunatly, the tickects are a little far from my economic reality.
    I hope you’ll return soon, and I really hope I’ll be able to see you in a next show.
    I can’t die before watch you rock it all!

    I will wait for you…. in a next time.

  58. Brendavh says:

    I went to the Pretoria show on Sunday 7th February, this is truelly a dream that came true, I have been waiting for 3 years to see you live and to hear the absolute sublime voice of Marcus Mumford.  I am completely in love with Marcus!!!! This was a show the exceeded my expectation and more!!!!! I WILL TREASURE THIS MEMORY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!! I hope that you will come back and grace us with your presence again!!!! I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER xxxxxxxxxx

  59. Nicole_Jacobs says:

    Thank you for a life changing show last night in Pretoria! By far the best concert I’ve ever attended. I’ve waited for you guys to come to South Africa for so long and your talent exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for sharing your creativity, soul and talents with us! Best night of my life! Your music does something to my soul. PLEASE COME TO SOUTH AFRICA SOON AGAIN. PETER & ALL THE REST OF US LOVE YOU!! 

  60. janellejade93 says:

    Hey gents!

    Thanks so much for such an amazing show –
    Durban South Africa! loved every second of it, you guys are
    exceptional! keep creating such incredible music, your music touches
    many souls. 

    Hope you enjoyed your visit to SA, and please please come again!!

  61. Danilo_Vinicius says:

    Hope you read this!

    My name is Danilo and I consider myself a big fan of yours… listening to your music, on the day by day, and on special ocasions made my Fiance a fan to!

    I’m writing because I believe would be special to you to know: We will ger married soon! Feb 20th, here in Brazil… and basically, the soundtrack of our wedding will be “The Wedding Band” songs!

    I’ll walk in, with my mother, with “the thumper”, we will thank the best man, and family with “I take your hand”, and we’ll close de cerimony with “She said yes” – it fits perfectly!

    On august I did a backpack in Europe.. I included Reading so I could see your gig (with a friend of mine).

    Now, let’s see if we “met” again on Lollapalooza!

    Anyway.. thank you for making greatsongs, and you are invited for the wedding! We will have a great party.. Mr Jack Daniels and Tanqueray will help with that!


  62. Connery_Flanagan says:

    Anyone know the promo code for Forest Hills Stadium??  I am dying to go!  

  63. Mumnut says:

    Guys Iam begging you just like many other Canadians!!!PLEASE COME BACK TO CANADA!

  64. rudibotharb says:

    Last night in Cape Town was epic! Thanks Mumford & Sons!

  65. wendelsvanzyl says:

    Good Morning, hope you guys are having an awesome time in South Africa, and I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome night last night. the concert was awesome and was sooo much fun, would have been awesome to meet you guys. Thank you for being an inspiration with you music and touching a person soul, and thank you for coming to south Africa

  66. yinamaciasm says:

    Hi guys, I read somewhere that you are in my country Colombia this March 10, you know my birthday is on March 16

  67. rachelwesley says:

    Is there any way I can legitimately buy the drum score for Tompkins Square Park ? At 43 I’m learning the drums and would love to learn this

  68. Mumnut says:

    Come back to Canada guys please please please!!!!:(

  69. Rita_Cahill says:

    Hey can someone explain the hot gates I have someone with PTSD and chronic depression caught from the line of duty the hot gates really resonates with him, just a quick lne or two

  70. Marie_Bronder says:

    I have some concerns regarding the tickets we purchased for the Madison, WI concert in April 2016. We could only buy two sets of two; a total of four tickets. We did not receive any seat numbers. From reading other posts is seems that fans had a choice of seats so now I am really worried as my husband and I are travelling from Colorado to Madison for the concert. My sister in-law is coming in from Massachusetts and my daughter will be joining us for the concert. She lives in Wisconsin. When should we expect our tickets and will we have assigned seats? My daughter, my husband and I were at your concert in Salida, Colorado this past summer. We had such a fantastic time. We will be devastated if our tickets don’t arrive for the concert in Madison. How can I verify our ticket status?

  71. tashamkoval says:

    Forgive me if this has been answered someplace already, but why aren’t the Mumford sets from 2015 Bonnaroo posted on YouTube?  I’ve been looking for them on and off since the event with no luck :(

  72. Mike_Levy says:

    hi guys. if you need the use of our rehearsal space and studio while you are in cape town, our space is directly across the road from the parade , where you are playing. Our band are huge fans and it would be an honor to accommodate you guys. Our band, The Rudimentals, has had a no1 and no2 hit in this country this year with Soundboy Killa and Bubbling. Regards, Doc Mike

  73. Jockey says:

    Only 31 days to go before I see the most amazing band with the most amazing lead vocals ever!!!!!!!! Love Brenda xxxxxxxx 

  74. ahnasimonds says:

    we would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you came to see us up here in Alaska—how about it???

  75. Leslie466 says:

    Can you guys please have a show in Los Angeles California or somewhere near here? :(