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  1. adles5bigpondcom says:

    Hey Guys, Thank you for the show in Melbourne. Loved every moment, the sound mix was amazing and I particularly love the sense of humour as well. Keep the amazing music coming, stay level headed and don’t forget  your families. I love to appreciate amazing bands and their music but also appreciate the family members that are left behind so you can tour. The fame, the money and doing what you love is great, but your families are what keep you grounded. I’m also writing as i can’t seem to access the download the Red Rocks Audio Digitally  via the url provided. Has this been fixed as yet? Thanks guys, God Bless x

  2. Mumnut says:

    Hey Scotty123!man Iam totally with you on the Canadian dates we need to start protesting or something for Canada cause it doesn’t look like they are even looking at Canada this year:(I was at Niagara on the lake myself I came all the way from Newfoundland just to see them front row and center..it was awesome I want to do it again!iam so sad Iam really wanting to travel anywhere in Canada again:(we need to do something about this!!lol cheers

  3. Juliealick says:

    Marcus Mumford, you are perhaps the greatest song writer ever. I have to tell you I am new to Mumford and sons .. However fell in love (hard) with the wolf … Ran a 5 mile charity run (with the wolf on loop) got me through it and btw did phenomenally .. Now obsessed with you .. Just gotta say … Got a brand new kitten his name “Marcus. Mumford ” please come to philly ?! Trying to see you in Dover Delaware this summer :) Julie lick ( no jokes please )

  4. scotty123 says:

    Has anyone heard of Canadian dates? Please come back! Niagara was awesome, please do it again.

  5. Mike_Slifka says:


    I see you’re going to be in Saratoga Springs, NY and Dover, DE in late June.  If you wanted to stop by my wedding and perform a quick set let me know…. It is at MKJ Farm in Deansboro, NY.  Rustic Barn Setting Venue,  They’ve actually had The Band Perry perform there a few years back.  Well the weddings on June 24, 2016.  Let me know if you can make it…. Thanks


    Have a Great one!


  6. Mumnut says:

    Canada?????please come back!

  7. davehope80 says:

    Hi guys,

    I know this is a long shot we are coming to see you in Leeds, and would love it if you could dedicate little lion man or hopless wanderer to our late son Layton who loved both these songs, he sadly passed away in February from sepsis aged one year old, we would be very greatful if you could do this for us

    Dave and Nichol Boys-Hope

  8. nayomilozano22 says:

    Hey guys! I’m just gonna cut right to the chase cause you probably won’t read this anyway. *sigh* PLEASE PLAY “AFTER THE STORM” at FIREFLY music festival (2016). I literally beg of you. I’m from Puerto Rico and you probably won’t be playing there anytime soon so this is most likely my only chance to see you guys. Seriously, my life will be complete if you’re able to play this song. SERIOUSLY. Also, I love you guys and thanks for being such an amazing group of musicians. 

    With love, (and a bit of begging),


  9. Lucia_Mac_Partlin says:

    Hi Guys! I’m bringing my cousin holly to your gig on the 2nd of December in the 3 arena in Dublin as a surprise for her 18th birthday, which is that day! She’s had a really rough year, both her parents have passed away and she’s now moved in with my family and has started at a new school! She’s a huge fan and I know it would mean the world to her if you guys sang happy birthday to her at the gig or even just mentioned her! I know it’s a long shot but I know also that she would really appreciate it! Really looking forward to the gig! Lucia:)

  10. rebeccagreff says:

    This is a long shot, but I would love for you guys to play for a benefit to raise money for childhood cancer research. The event would be hosted in Houston, TX and I believe the event would raise lots of money. I hope you guys would be interested. Childhood cancer research only receives 3-4% of the government funding for cancer research, so they need all the help they can get.

  11. jacqueraga says:

    I agree with the girl from Portugal. Please come to south Europe, come to Spain, Madrid or Barcelona. We need good music!!

  12. Mumnut says:


    Iam sure I speak for many Canadians please please please do something in Canada!Niagara on the lake was amazing please let’s do it again!!

  13. SirKoda says:

    Please come to Portugal, I’m so sad to see that you wiil go to almost all the greatest countries in Europe, but not at my country.
    Please come I’m begging :'( 

  14. Julie_Vdd says:

    Thank you for thinking of us.

    The French people are in mourning.

    We are terrorized by what it takes place at the moment.

    All the supports of the world affect me, in particular yours!

  15. Monique_Beebe says:

    there is a error in the live nation web site, states june 15, Saratoga , California but it is Saratoga springs  NY.  just to let some one know

  16. Lloyd_Crom says:

    So frustrating… first due to some glitch with the bands presale site link, there was no option to purchase, and the bamds email notification I received stated the presale was on the 11th. Then ticket masters site stated the presale was on the 12th. I had no luck with either site. Then the general public ticket sale this morning was apparently sold out in minutes. Couldn’t get anyone on the phone at either the venue office of the office of ticket master and the site stated nothing was available… couldn’t even buy one ticket if I wanted to.

    So bummed…

  17. Ashley27 says:

    What a disappointing day!  I cant believe that we will not be going to the show.  How can both presales not have any good (lower level) tickets.  I cant believe we have tried for the past 3 days to get tickets with no luck.  Mumford how can you do this to us…we are your loyal fans.  I was so excited to take the kids to see you and now that will not be possible. 

  18. Cperry_1 says:

    Never been so disappointed. After I’ve stopped crying and maybe I can spend $250 for one freaking seat

  19. StaviVarlamos says:

    this blows

  20. Martin_Dowdall says:

    Such a shame that seconds after pre-sale opens all the better tickets are gone and already available on stubhub for 3 times the price… the industry should have figured this out by now

  21. aselvage says:

    Does anyone know if we need a code for the 2nd pre-sale through ticketmaster?

  22. jtstrehl says:

    One possible explanation is that the promoters sell large blocks of tickets to the ticket brokers before they open tickets to the public…. Doesn’t seem right.  I spoke to a representative at ticketstoday earlier and she said there were very few pre-sale tickets available today and that is why we couldn’t complete the transaction. 

  23. Ltriglia says:

    Stubhub you piece of shit

  24. Judy_Marie says:

    I will be trying Friday for tickets! I told my niece I would bring her to a show, so I hope it works out! I was on right at 10:00 am today with no luck.

  25. vwinslow1 says:

    I am angry, angry, angry.  The same thing happened to me last year when I tried to immediately purchase tickets with my “secret code”.  I don’t know how I could have reacted any faster when it said “buy”.  This is a slap in the face to Mumford and Sons fans.  It’s worse then not being acknowledged as a follower.  I think the only way the music industry will do more to take back control of their ticket sales (and listen to the fans frustration with scalping ) is for fans to refuse to buy from the scalpers, as much as that hurts.  Money talks and maybe then the bands listen when it hits them in the pocketbook.   Personally, I WILL NOT participate in getting screwed over like this from the scalpers and I WILL NOT buy from them.  I will use that money to buy music and play it as much and as loudly as I want.  If you want to do something about this, I suggest you do the same.  If you don’t like the way you are being treated then please join me to do something about it!

  26. daniel02 says:

    all these tickets for sale yesterday on stubhub and other sites with presale starting today at ten am and already soldout? i dont think this is what mundford and sons wanted for their loyal fans but i wish they could do something about brokers

  27. ronfrei says:

    My Daughter Medora is getting a dream come true for her Golden Birthday! She is turning 21 and going to Mumford in St. Paul!!!!!  Life is Good.

  28. parkbench13 says:

    This doesn’t mean the us tour is sold out right??? 

  29. jtstrehl says:

    There is something wrong with the system.  The show is not sold out in less than 5 minutes.  I wonder how OnlineTickets had seat available yesterday?????

  30. apointer165 says:

    Couldn’t get tickets for the Lou….so bummed:(

  31. pjwpjh says:

    VERY upset with the presale! Got on at 10:00 and could not get even one ticket!!! This WRONG. Your band should not allow scalping. How can this be a presale when you can buy tickets at a inflated price WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!

  32. jtstrehl says:

    Online tickets had tickets to the show yesterday, but at obscene prices.  How do they have tickets when the pre-sale has not even opened yet?

  33. jtstrehl says:

    Pre-sale code is not working for the Houston show……… Has anyone been able to get tickets for the Houston show?

  34. kcarsone78 says:

    Ticket pre-sale was a total bust…4 of us loyal fans online and tickets were sold out in less than a min. in less than 5 min Stubhub had over 300 tickets for $98-$500. Hoping to manage tickets on Friday. 

  35. jwjeffri says:

    this ticket pre-sale was total BS….had 4 people login right at 10 AM and no one got a ticket

  36. Mumnut says:

    Hey guys me yet again!:)just noticed more tour dates but no Canada festivals yet:(please please please!!do some of Canada!iam praying you guys are just putting it off till the warmer months like June or July or even August:)please come back!:I flew all the way from Newfoundland Canada to Niagara on the lake at butlers barracks the commons in June 2015 and I want to do it again it was the best thing ever! please make this possible!!!:)please please please come to Canada again.

  37. noelhmiller says:

    Any chance of booking a stopover show, between Atlanta and Charlotte, in Athens Georgia? It happens to be one of the more historically relevant and vibrant musical towns in the Southeast w/ several intimate music venues (The Georgia Theatre and 40 Watt) It is also a super fun college town smack dap in between Atlanta and Charlotte. Almost too easy:). It would be a great treat toAthens to be able to see a band like Mumford & Sons in smaller venue.

    If you decide to take me up on my idea please set aside two tickets for me:)

  38. Pipmal says:

    Regards recent concert at River stage in Brisbane, Australia 09/11/2015. Flew to Brisbane from Melbourne to see the concert, standing in the back blocks of River stage. I am sure half the crowd heard the show (that would be the ones closest to the stage). I can assure you that the acoustics up our end of town were the worst i have ever heard at a concert. so bad we left after the second song. Very poor planning indeed, the amount of money they charge for a ticket, maybe a little more of that should go into logistics. Disappointed to say the least. P.S. Walking away from our disappointment about 300 Mtrs away acoustics were fantastic, go figure !!!

  39. Claire_Brussee says:

     Like; is there a sadder thing, than seeing that there was coming a Europe tour and being way too happy, because of thinking you could get tickets easily. Well Holland was sold out way to quick and right now I’m that loser that was waiting, waiting and waiting for you guys to come and I don’t even have tickets. So let’s all stand me by well I’m watching the video’s on YouTube, instead of feeling the vibe. 

    Greats me; the sad girl who’s being way too sad. 

  40. Mumnut says:


  41. Nadavgross2812 says:

    I’m from Israel here in Australia and want to come to your show in Brisbane but it’s sold out. Please help if you can

  42. Tripmeow says:

    You guys are coming to South Florida for the okeechobee festival and it looks like they’re only selling three days worth of tickets as oppose to single day tickets. I really really wanna see you guys will you please perform solo in South florida ?? The other artists at okeechobee are blah and 300$plus is super expensive for me and I’ve never seen you guys perform and it would just make me beyond happy to see you guys!

  43. sadfan says:

     Hi guys 

    You are coming over to Melbourne in November;  that is great news but I won’t be able to go and see u performing;  as well as hundreds of others who cannot afford to pay more then 200 aussie dollars to sit on grass… this price is simply ridiculous..how can u charge such amounts of money for grass?!   shame on u guys that’s so disappointing… it’s called greed I suppose

  44. AceLord1316 says:

    You guy totally need to come to Cairns!!! It may not be as big as Melbourne or Sydney, but we do have some great stuff here to look forward to. Besides, all of my family (Include extended) are Superbig fans of you guys and we would love and appreciate it if you guys could make an exception to Cairns and come perform for us. If you do, Thank you soooooooooooo much. If you don’t, I understand. I have never seen you guys perform before and would really love to, My dad has been before when you came to Cairns, and he said that it was amazing and he wished that he had taken all us kids (that is me and my brothers.) and that we would’ve loved it as much as they did (Which is a lot and we still do anyways). I didn’t write this actually expecting you to come to Cairns, or to even reply to my message, but i just want to say that you guys are so amazing and everyone loves you. :) smiley faces and laughs all around.


  45. Jockey says:

    Another 123 days before my dream comes true!!!!!! I cannot wait to see you in Pretoria SA.  Love Brenda xxxxx

  46. emmaericsn says:

    First of all I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for helping me through tough times, thank you for making me even more happy when I’m happy, thank you for describing my feelings. I live in Sweden and I’ve seen you three times. I went to Berlin this summer only to see you and I’ve travelled for many hours both times you were here in Sweden. There’s only one thing, I’ve never heard After the storm.

    Me and my mother are going to see you in London on the 9th of December. After the storm means so much to us I can’t even describe. Actually I got a tattoo with “After the storm”. We sat crying our hearts out to that song when my grandpa died. Because even though it was really hard at that time and it felt like I could never be happy again, I knew that everything’s going to be alright. When my ex broke my heart I listened to the song and I knew that “there will come a time you’ll see, with no more tears and love will not break your heart”.

    After the storm has helped me through so many hard times in life and what I’m asking for is, can you please perform After the storm in London on the 9th of December? I understand that you gets lots of these questions but you have no idea how much this would mean to me.

    I love you guys! / Emma

  47. adles5bigpondcom says:

    Dear Mumford and Sons,

    My son and I can’t wait to see you guys in Melbourne, Australia on 12th November. We live in Cairns and are heading to our home town to see the show.

    I also wanted to say thank you in such a BIG way! Since my son discovered he loved your music, he now plays a Matin, Banjo, Mandolin and is waiting on in Fender to arrive! Currently, he is on the piano playing by ear, your songs. I love the passion he has discovered for guitar (music in general) and he spends hours, listening, learning researching, self teaching and taking lessons. He is very skilled. My son Liam, is a dedicated fan and completely admires the talent each of you have. We do go to church and when he has the opportunity to play a solo during the service, a little Mumford song is played! I love it. As the old ABBA song summed it up so well all those years ago ‘thank you’ for the music. We love it all and can wait to be part of the crowd on the 12th. Bless you guys!

  48. IsaEstrada1 says:

    Guys, please  come to Mexico City!!! You are great and you deserve to have an amazing welcoming and enthusiastic public.

  49. AEUser131941450 says:

     Dear Mumford & Sons, speaking from the depths of an Irish & Scottish heart to which still runs through my American blood. Please, Please do not stop the bluegrass that gave us this country. There are many days and nights that I lie awake drinking, listening to our old country’s  bluegrass roots that I no longer know. Please don’t go modern. I grew up in my middle age in Duluth. I watched Trampled by Turtles become famous before they were. And I’m not trying to compare you to them but, don’t lose the banjo and stick to your roots please. We’re sick of the modern here, we need the old country music. We have enough modernity.

  50. Jockey says:

    Thank you sooooo much for adding another date for Pretoria.  I was able to get a ticket for the 7th February 2016.  Finally after 3 years of absolutely adoring you guys and especially Marcus and his sublime voice I am going to see you live.  See you next year!!!!! I cannot wait. Lots of love. Brenda xxxxxxxx

  51. yazzponder says:

    Are tickets from music glue legit?

  52. Harry_Ponce says:

    Hello everyone. Greetings from Mexico. Please consider to Mexico in one of his dates. It is a beautiful and great country. I promise, you will not want to go of Mexico.

  53. amandabarrett669gmailcom says:

    We had problems getting connected on the pre sale too, so we rang the arena direct and are now the proud owners of 2 tickets. Even got them already….see you in Manchester Mumford….it’s been a while xxxx

  54. Bobpott says:

    publicity stunt or not! Dublin just added another day, does anyone know how I can get these pre- sale ticket before the go on sale at 3pm and are sold out??

  55. BangKapow says:

    Same Joke! Ticketmaster soldout at 10 seconds past 9am for Cardiff, but available on Get me In website straight away? corruption! not fair on the proper fans who have been waiting for this for 2 years since last proper tour!

  56. Bobpott says:

    I have been same on Comp since 8:45 trying to buy Dublin and nothing available at any price. Ticket master are a joke.

  57. Tolch40 says:

    I have been sat on computer since 8.55am already to purchase tickets for Cardiff, not even a standing ticket, but I can buy them on GET ME IN for a ridiculous price……….

  58. Sandra_Kennedy says:

    as Clarkedale just posted they are a joke

  59. Sandra_Kennedy says:

    I have had to admit defeat, pre sale code nothing, registered everywhere nothing and Ticketmaster? Well

  60. clarkedale says:

    I see ticket tout tickemaster is at it again – all tickets availabel on get me in before it went on sale and now no standing at 9am WTF

  61. Jockey says:

    Me again, please consider adding another date for Pretoria.  Please, please, please.!!!!!!! Love Brenda xxx

  62. Dean_Baker says:

    Hi band and organizational peeps… seriously, bigger venue in Johannesburg or extra 3 sessions in Johannesburg… it will sell! …we are about 20 folks (in our small group alone) who missed out on ticket sales today… we are broken shattered peeps! Please bigger venue or more shows please!!! be “Large Lion Men”…. just this once….

  63. Daniella_Sabino says:

    Pls come to Brazil!!!!

  64. Simone_Visser says:

    Please change to a bigger venue in Cape Town. Tickets were sold out in 3 minutes. My heart is broken!!! I missed you guys once in the UK; I don’t want to miss you again. Pleaaaaaaaassseeeeeeeee

  65. IngeFan says:

    The Tickets are sold out in South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed all my morning meetings praying that my ticket sale goes through in Pretoria! My heart is broken. Please Please do more shows. I even tried to book for Durban and Cape Town. I would have flown to see your show! Please Please give us more shows.

    Broken Sad Inge

  66. Jockey says:

    The tickets for the South African tickets are sold out and my heart is absolutely broken because even trying from when the tickets has been released I was not able to get one.  Please, please add a date for Pretoria. It has been my dream for 3 years to see you guys and I will be absolutely floored if I don’t see you.   Love Brenda xxx

  67. Wianmarais69 says:

     SOOO Stoked!!! Going to all three shows in SA!!! hahahah, might never reach you fella’s, but I want to just throw this out there! Would love to take you on a 5 Day Safari to some of SA’s best hidden spots (Bush, beach, mountains everything!!). We run authentic adventure tours in SA and would be ecstatic if I could take you (all expenses paid! ) Check out Moya Tribe Adventures to get a picture of what we do!! Lakkkkkka!!!! 

  68. AEUser128196 says:

    Please please please consider another show in Cape Town. I have waited soooo long for you guys to come to South-Africa just to stand in the Q and find out the tickets were sold out :(. If that wasn’t bad enough, then came in a car accident on my way home.

  69. Jockey says:

    Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally you are coming to South Africa.  I am soooo excited to see Marcus Mumford and to hear his sublime voice live.

    My dream has come true.  I have waited 3 years for this to happen.  I cannot wait for next year!!!!! See you there. Love Brenda xxxxxxxxxx

  70. Angusmaclean says:

    I posted some comments and you guys seem to screen for your benefit. I did not see a benefit when I got screwed over at your show when you encouraged rude behaviour of screwing the guy behind you and stand up and these were your words Mr Mumford . Where is the concert etiquette we had where everyone who went could enjoy the show.

  71. Angusmaclean says:

    Curious why everything seems to be pending . Can’t. Handle constructive criticism !

  72. AEUser118080 says:

    I have loved Mumford and Sons since Sigh no More came out. I fell in love with the music all over again when I saw them in Taos NM. I am over the moon with excitement for the up coming Stop Over in Salida Colorado!!! If there is anyway to request that the band plays Feel The Tide or if any of the members of the band read this? Please, please, please take into consideration playing Feel the Tide. The song holds sentimental  memories for me. My biggest wish to hear it played live. I love Mumford and Sons and ALL their songs! See you all in 12 days!!! 

  73. Pat_Murphy1 says:

    I have a 10 acre farm 6 miles North of Salida off hwy 291.  Anyone interested in camping.  I have tons of space for campers, tents, RV (no hook ups)  I will have Porta Potties.  $50-$75 for the weekend.  It should be a great show.  Shuttle provided to and from the concert.

    patnsunny@msn.com  719-207-2997

  74. Christa41 says:

    Would be great if you could come to cleveland, theQ, blossom. The new album ROCKS! Believe is my favorite. Im a chemical dependency nurse and that song is awesome!!!!! Touches home with me because of personal experience!! You guys are awesome.

  75. suziesim77 says:

    Aviemore was superb. Even the rain could not dampen the atmosphere. I would like t know who two of the photographers were at the festival. I offered both of them the chance to be in one of their photos, one took me up on the offer, great photo.. the other did me the honour of taking a photo of my daughter. i’d love to know where these photos are, any ideas? 

  76. AEUser113636 says:


    Please stop in for tour! Home to Furman University, Clemson University, and stop in to my hometown of Travelers Rest (Top 10 coolest small town in the U.S.). Looking forward to it! Keep up the amazing sound!!!