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  1. littlewolf says:

    Hi guys I hope you can do a tour in the UK soon I’m dying to see you live you guys and your music has got me through many thing in my life and helped me a great deal, I can listen to you 24/7 if I could even my 3 year old daughter loves you x

  2. Carrie_Edwards says:

    Come to Ottawa, Canada, we love you here in the nations capital!  Cheers 

  3. JhossBarona says:

    Hey guys, hope you can come to Ecuador, that will be amazing. you are amazing, and of course your songs. your music is the kind of felling that you can explain why, but you want to keep it inside of you all the time. So the thing is that, you are really cool, and have you in my country wil be and amazing experience, not only for me but all the people here. Thanks guys for your music.

  4. Sadie491 says:

    Help! Ive been trying to get my hands on the free downloads, i know Sister was the most recent and there was one before. Cant seem to get them from this web site. Any suggestions? Please help

  5. roxls says:

    Hi Guys

    First of
    all let me tell you, you guys are awesome, I have no words to describe how much
    I love your music and what it makes me feel everytime I listen to your albums.
    I’m a fan from Nicaragua, a very small country in central America, my best
    friend introduced to your first album and I immediately fell in love with the
    lyrics as well as the sounds. I was going through a very hard time, I was just
    diagnosed with breast cancer at age 23. But you guys with your music, made me feel
    better in spite of everything going wrong, your music gave me peace, it made me
    believe it was going to be better, and thank God it did, I really really really
    would like to thank for making music from your heart. Timshel and After the
    Storm are my absolute favorite. In august I will have the opportunity to make a
    dream come true, and travel to los angeles to be on your concert. It would mean
    the world to me if I could meet you for just two minutes, to hug you and thank
    you, becauseyour  music does changes
    lives, your songs gave me hope and strength. THANK  YOU SO MUCH!!! 

  6. AEUser109397 says:

    Hey guys! We are waiting for you here in Buenos Aires, is there a chance you come to Argentina to play?? Please!  We love you around here and we are missing the best part of you which is seeing you live. A lot of love from Argentina, Paz

  7. Bren_Macias says:

    You are great, I hope you come to Mexico soon!!!!!

  8. Ed_Zumstein says:

    My girlfriend and I are devoted fans of yours for sometime now. She has already seen 10 of your shows, and we have tickets to two of your shows next month (in CA and CO). I am also about to propose to my girlfriend, and would love to incorporate M&S’s, as your music is one of the first things that connected on, and played a part of our relationship throughout the last year and a half +. Can you please reach out and discuss if this is possible? Thank you!

  9. Upto11 says:

    Two words greatly overused but totally appropriate: “Awesome” and “Legends”.

    I went to see you in London 2 years ago but was called away during Vampire Weekend, and have been itching to see you ever since.  I was there right at the front with my son on Friday in Bilbao.  Still buzzing now and it´s Monday.  Even got a sweaty hug from Marcus as he came into the crowd.  I need to start acting my age ;-)

  10. Jim_Adlington says:

    Hi Guy’s and I alone in being now totally unable to listen to anything you have done anymore – your dramatic change of style  leads me to see how shallow your artistic depth is. I know people slagged you off for being so samey, but the Coldplayesque new music only reinforces your lack of creativity. I hope you find your true musical direction sometime soon. I know the biz has you very tight in its grasp currently and this will not make the blog

  11. Tara_Wijker says:

    MumFord & sons you were awesome in the Goffertpark in Nijmegen! I really love you guyd and your music!

    -xxx- Tara (14 years old, the netherlands).

  12. Miranda_Dousi says:

    It was great. Please stay as you are

  13. AEUser105172 says:

    Dear gentlemen,

    I just wanted to let you know that your performance at the Goffertpark in Nijmegen was awesome!

    Thank you for this great experience. :-)

    Kind regards, Carlijn

  14. Mumnut says:

    Hi guys!jonny here from St. John’s Newfoundland Canada:)PLEASE COME HERE!!PLEASE!!!;)I gotta say I flew from our beautiful province to Niagara on the lake just for you guys:)and it was absolutely amazing!!i arrived at the commons butlers barracks site at 6am to get my front row and center and it was incredible!way worth it,I’d totally do it again and plan to:)words can’t even describe how good it was!!it changed my life just like your music has since you guys started out:)the day after the show I felt like I missed you guys and wanted more lol!PLEASE COME TO NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA FOR 2016!!:)or back to Niagara on the lake cause you gotta admit it was pretty awesome!:)Marcus you even said it was better than bonnaroo lol;)I also wanted to say I take back what I said about the new album on my last post not that it was anything totally bad,I just wanted to say I love it now!not that I didn’t before it just needed some gettin used to for me,and now that i am,all your lyrics mean a lot to me!just like your past:)I love you guys I really hope you guys see these posts,a reply would be great at somepoint:)p.s.COME TO NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA FOR 2016:)you’d love it here:)cheers:)

  15. Monica_Panichi says:

    Hi guys! Yesterday I was to see you in Pistoia

    I just wanted to say thank you, from a 24 year old girl surrounded by a huge crowd of people.

    Last night next to me there was a person who did not feel long . Lorenzo. He died last year of a drug overdose .

     He played guitar and sang songs of other artists; it was his way of expressing all that he had in his heart.

    I remember that when he heard your songs he said: “They are good!”

    Last night it was as if he were dancing with me, with a smile that had disappeared the last time that was lived. You made me the best gift I could receive.

    Thank you!! Monica

  16. Fabio_Magalhaes says:

    Hello guys!

    Im a big fan of yours since you showed up on with your very first single!

    Im going to see you next week at NOS Alive’15 in Lisbon, Portugal, and I’ve been checking on your last setlists and just noticed it misses my favourite song there, a song that means a lot to me and helped me go through some hard times in my life. Could you guys please add ‘Broken Crown’ to NOS Alive’s setlist next week, 10th of July?

    I would love to see you guys perform ‘Broken Crown’ live next week, that song is really powerful and meaningful!

    Thanks guys and keep up the excellent job!

  17. Roxana_Solis says:

    Hi Guys 

    is there an email i can write to? Please let me know

  18. Cecile_Hillen says:

    Hi guys when you have your concert at the 4e of July in the Netherlands my youngest son  gets 26 years old that day. He is a great fan from your music and style  and of course he is there that day. What would it be a nice surprise when he is getting a little bit in the spotlights that day. His mum……

  19. Jockey says:

    Please come to South Africa.  Love xxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Leonardo_Mariano says:

    Hello Guys, I really love your songs, but I’m pretty far from your. Any idea or any chance that you guys come to Brazil anytime? 

    I’ll make my best trying to see you guy out in US or Europe. Listening Tompkins Square Park right now. 

  21. Ann Stupple says:

    Hi guys, well I travelled from England to Waverley to see you guys, and what a show you put on. Thought if I couldn’t get to see you guys in England than The States it is (does help I have friends that live here in Waverley) Loved the show. Apparently all the Union Jacks in town were for you and not me. :(

    Great show andI cannot wait to see you again in England sometime.

  22. John M Fortner says:

    I planned a trip from Dallas to Chicago with my daughter specifically to go see Mumford and Sons.  The reason i planned the trip was that it was a way for me to connect with my daughter.  She is 15 and there are fewer and fewer opportunities to connect so this was an exciting time.  Unfortunately the show was cancelled and we had to miss the show.  To add insult to injury i found out from the ticket broker i could not get a refund from them so i contacted etix for a refund.  They said b/c it was not my name on the ticket i could not get a refund.  My daughter’s heart was broken as she had built this up and of course telling everyone how her dad was going to take her to see her favorite band.  I wish there was something this band would do however small.  But i’m sure now that they have received mega status they are far removed from the everyday challenges.

    The spiritual nature of the music is what we connected with and have had many meaningful conversations about the issues she deals with.  My only request would be to allow us to see another concert in CO or CA some time in the future.  

    I know it was my mistake buying the tickets through a broker and i hope they find a way to cut those weasels out of the process.

  23. marykatie says:

    Marcus, I have had tickets to two shows that have been cancelled.  The first one was on June 17, 2013 in Bonner Springs, KS and the second was just this past Wed. in Chicago.  I live in New York and have planned both trips to coordinate with your shows.  Both cancellations were huge disappointments.  I was unable to attend your Coney Island show on June 2nd.  Is there another show in New York  City that Mumford will be performing this year?  I am just so upset and now cannot even bring myself to listen to your music.  A response is greatly appreciated.

  24. Lisa61 says:

    Nice thought to meet him, but I’d like to think he’s a true gentleman and takes his vows seriously.

  25. Lisa61 says:

    Fantastic show at Waverly. Weather didn’t stop your fans from hanging out, not only for MAS, but for ALL the bands that made it the best festival. Who can say over 200 tents actually weathered the storm early Saturday morning? Thought they’d all be gone with high winds and rain. People packed a lot of tents up but those that traveled to Iowa weathered the storm from the most hospitable people of Waverly. Many thanks to those that warmly opened their homes, churches, etc.

  26. Lisa61 says:

    Winston can kill that banjo like no other. Keep it in your line up with your older songs and switch up with the guitar with your new album. MAS I’m sure can work it with any music they bring to the table.

  27. Jutta Reinicke-Brückelmann says:

    Please, i Need the pianonotes from your Song “Cold Arms”. So you have it for me. My son want to Play it in Piano.

  28. TaylorDempsey says:

    You guys… you HAVE to check out my brother’s JAW-DROPPING cover of “Believe”!!! It is seriously astonishing. 


  29. dangortler says:

    When???? Montréal, quebec, Canada?????????????????????

  30. Youngstown Harbor says:

    Turn it up… we can hear you directly across the Niagara River in historic Youngstown, NY  Sounds great

    http://www.facebook.com/youngstownny     http://www.pyrba.org

  31. David Diemert says:

    My wife and I are attending the performance on Monday at Niagara on the lake before we leave on our honeymoon. Not with haste was our wedding song, hopefully they play it. Maybe even a shout out to kierra and David?

  32. morrish13 says:

    I saw you in concert last night in Raleigh, NC.  It was by far the best live performance I have ever seen.  Thank you for being such amazing and passionate musicians.  I was in the pit and I could not have had a more enjoyable experience! Please come back to NC soon!

    “When you look across the room and see someone and say to yourself, ‘I would like to either meet them or have sex with them'”–Marcus

  33. Katya Revecca says:

    Your music changed my life too! I love your poetry… It is so magnificent. The concert in Mansfield was unforgettable.

    Thank you!

  34. Ciera Fry says:

     Your music has changed my life. Love isn’t a strong enough word.

  35. szkutakvr says:

    6/3 was my 33rd birthday. I do not generally care about my birthdays however this year I gto to see my favorite band play in NYC. It was epic! some musicians are not as good live however if you can imagine Mumford and Sons sounded even better live! they were raw, funny, charismatic…..a moment I will never forget. Thank you for that

  36. LUVINGthatMELODY says:

    @Roslyn The banjo certainly has not been ditched.  at Seaside Heights they did not hold back on playing their old music.  I just hope album No. 4 has some banjo!

  37. LUVINGthatMELODY says:

    I have now been to two of their concerts including Queens, NY 2013 and Seaside Heights, 2015.  For 5 months in 2013, honestly all I listened to was their two albums. I love their third album too.  Mumford, I revere the spiritual journey and existential heights you portray in your music.  Our church plays your music while we walk in the doors, especially I Will Wait, Lover of the Light, and Awake My Soul.  Thank you very much!

  38. Mamma sass says:

    @Daniel Diethrich  Beautiful!!

  39. Kelly Lang says:

    I just wanted my favorite band Mumford & Sons to know how upset I am with Front Row and the ticket purchasing for Gentlemen of the Road Seaside Stopover. The moment I heard they were playing in my home, I ordered tickets immediately. I order two tickets, 1 for myself and 1 for my boyfriend. Front Row upped the tickets to 4 after my ordered was processed. Then they claimed I could not get a refund for the tickets. Only I could not sell the extra tickets because tickets were always for sale. What a rip off. It makes me never want to go to a concert hosted by Front Row or Mumford & Sons again. The camping was never detailed about how to purchase camping tickets. Did anyone else have an equally awful experience with Front Row?

  40. Heidi Carpenter says:

    If you are reading this, my brother has a band that I love, not just because he is my brother I honestly love his music. I love music and I love yours, would you look at his band? Maybe talk to them, help them get better? The bands name is Edward & Jane, they are really good and I believe you would like them too. They have a facebook, website, and are on youtube. Please just check them out that would be awesome. Love your music and would loveee to come see you sometime!

  41. fizzywig says:

    Love your music…..Plan on seeing you in Salida Colorado in August. Can’t wait!!!! Maybe I can get my guitar signed by you all… wink wink :o)

  42. Sydney Eddy says:

     I am from Nashville and plan on studying in the Czech next fall.  I am leaving early to travel through Europe and to see y’all at Reading Festival. I tried to purchase my tickets today, but ran into a bit of an issue.  The tickets are 73 euros, which would equal 79.63 American dollars. However, companies are not required to charge the exact exchange rate, meaning that even though I should be paying $79.63, the company is permitted to charge me whatever fee they feel necessary.  Therefore, instead of paying according to the exchange rate, I would end up paying $112.  I have to wait to get the tickets, as I only have $80 in my account at the moment.  Not sure what y’all could do about this (or if this message will even be seen), but I find it a bit unfair! I love you boys so, so much, and my whole trip across Europe is being planned out to be in Reading to see y’all.

  43. Daniel Diethrich says:

    Made a piano arrangement of “Believe” by Mumford and Sons!

    Its such a pretty song I had to cover it.

    ~Daniel D.

  44. Hutchy50 says:

    Just listening to your album and have fallen in love with your band.   When are you coming ‘down under’ (Australia), you have a big fan base here!   We will even put a shrimp on the barbie…..  Please come to Australia soon…

  45. Brendavh says:

    Marcus has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard.  I love it !!!!! Please come to South Africa. Love xxxxx 

  46. Bret Messer says:

    Big fan. This new song I’m told has a lot of your musical style. It’s about a friend’s son who recently lost his girlfriend to a heroin overdose yet he continues down that dusty road. Please consider recording this on your next album. Best wishes forl your continued success.


  47. Brendavh says:

    Please come to South Africa. Love xxxxxx

  48. Roslyn says:

    Absolutely loving the new album!! I do miss the banjo though…….hope it hasn’t been ditched. Can’t wait to see you In Aviemore!

  49. DylanCarty says:

    Hi I’m just wondering are there dates or time of the year that the UK and Ireland tour will be held

  50. kiwimumford says:

    Please come to Houston, Texas or anywhere near here!! Ever since I heard your music for the first time (which was right after you guys announced your break), I’ve wanted to see you guys live and it’s #1 on my bucketlist. Love the new album and hopefully see you guys in concert soon!

  51. Juan Erasmus says:

    Please come to South Africa, great country beautiful wildlife and millions of fans!

  52. Darby17 says:

    First and foremost, I’m a huge fan. And as a huge fan, I was wondering, when are you guys coming to Indianapolis, IN. The closest you guys come to hear is Chicago, IL. That about a four hours from hear. I would really love to see you guys live. Hope to see you guys rick by your faces off here soon!

  53. Jimena Polverari says:

    Please come to Argentina! Love you…

  54. Katya Revecca says:

    I will see you on June 8th in Mansfield, MA. I cannot believe my 9-year-old daughter and I will be at your concert! Thank you for sharing your beautiful songs with us.



  55. ErinAlbright says:

    Today I was driving in my car, windows down, sun on my face;
    it was a glorious May Day.  I was
    enjoying your recent live show from NY on SiriusXM and tears just started
    streaming down my cheeks – just pure, joyous, uninterrupted, happy, sobbing
    tears. It is like I entered this vortex and at that moment I have never felt
    more grateful for my sweet and simple life. Everything I was feeling was
    completely, awesomely raw and clear. Your music inspires so many as it does for
    me.  Lots of music inspires me
    daily- in another life, I am a musician :) – but I just love what it gives and the feeling it brings to me.  It’s completely personal yet so much
    goodness that comes from sharing it with others.  And for that I am so grateful for hearing you today on the
    road. It was a perfect moment in time. 
    Wilder Mind is really just fantastic – I love the new sound as much as
    before and the highlight of my summer will be sharing it with my friends/family in June at your Merriweather show in Columbia, MD.  May you have safe travels this summer
    and stumble upon sweet moments of gratitude on the road.



  56. jsummerford says:

    I have been a fan from day one when I first heard you guys playing on Irish radio. I immediately bought the first album and was so happy the first time I heard “Little Lion Man” on the radio in Dallas, Texas. I have seen you twice in concert and you are without a doubt my favorite musicians. I have now listened to “Wilder Mind” at least thirty times through and it just keeps getting better!!! Keep doing you and don’t listen to the people shocked by the change in style. Love you guys immensely! 

  57. Mumnut says:

    Hi guys iam from St. John’s Newfoundland Canada you guys need to come here!!!iam a long time listener your music touches my heart every time I listen I absolutely love your sound!its very similar to what all of us newfies love to hear!we like to have so called kitchen party’s aka ho downs lol where we play fiddles accordions,and acoustic guitars and sing and dance:)But now it breaks my heart that you guys have a new sound:(iam literally going to buy the new album just cause of the respect of the music,but I truly do believe you guys need to come back on your 4th album with the original sounds which made you guys unique and people truly love.it really does break my heart to pieces to say this but I feel like you guys took ten steps back with the new album,now it seems like you guys are just doing what everybody else is doing:(I have tickets bought For Niagara on the lake!!iam so exited but also very nervous..please don’t forget about all your older true songs the real talent you guys have.Marcus your the most talented artist on stage to this day being able to sing,play acustic guitar,bass kick drum and tanberine kick..please please please play some!!iam really looking forward to it! iam traveling just to see you guys just like many others don’t forget about lovers eyes,roll your stone away,below my feet,sigh no more,awake my soul,and many more:)they touch everybody’s hearts your lyrics are chilling I love you guys and I hope you see my message can’t wait to see you in Niagara:) p.s tell Winston not to forget his banjo;)

  58. KasbaLake says:

    Please, Please bring back the banjo. You have the best sound in the world, don’t mess with it.

  59. Katya Revecca says:

    Hi guys,

    My two daughters (9 and 7) and I love the new album, as well as the previous ones.  W e cannot stop listening to it. The music and lyrics are beautiful. I got the CD right away, but was slightly disappointed that there were no lyrics in it…

    We would like to send you the drawing of your band my daughter made when you 2nd album came out (when she was 7). How can we do that?

    All the best! We’ll see you at the concert when you get closer to us (Longmeadow, MA).

  60. Winter Squash says:

    Me and my wife liked your music because it sounded Celtic. She after seeing the clean shaved face of most of you says a record company had taken hold of you now and you are now just like any other band. I don’t think we will buy your new album.

  61. flying56eagle says:

    Going to the seaside in jersey but going to be rough for my wife who is a big fan. And is unable to bear the heat to long on the beach i do plan on renting a rv to give hea a place to cool off. We just found out she needs a double lung transplant and is down to only 22% lung capacity. Would love to be able to suprize her with a chance to meet the band or I would even love to have lunch and chat a few minutes *I of course would pay for lunch. How in the world could I make this possible for her? Is the a P.R person that could help me make this happen

    . Thanks for the music and your time. Ron

  62. Julie Julsen says:

    Hello! I just found out on my birthday that there were still tickets for the show in berlin in july. I bought them immediately and can’t wait to see you there! That was the greatest birthday present ever :) ! Looking forward to hear Lover’s eyes live! :) 
    Your music makes me so happy! Lots of love from Germany

  63. hannahstevens_WM says:

    New album is fab, you’re alll fab.  Nice to see nothing has changed

  64. Marianoc says:

    Please visit Argentina!!! 

  65. Kirrawee says:

    Sydney is beautiful in Summer ;)

  66. Emma Ericson says:

    Hello! Weren’t you suppose to release Wilder Mind on May 4th? It’s already on spotify (at least here in Sweden) and I’m listening to it right now. I LOVE IT! Lots of love!!! 

  67. Manuel Mir says:

    @Bruno Raposo Barros I agree with you sir

  68. DylanCarty says:

    Hi guys just wondering when do you think your will be hitting Ireland ?

  69. Anthea Shanmugam says:

    Praying for you guys as individuals and as a band. New beginnings breeds new challenges , yet keep living for the audience of 1!

  70. Brendavh says:

    Hi, I cannot wait for the release of the new CD. Please consider coming to South Africa. Love Brenda xxx 

  71. Melissa DelaTorre Fordon says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play Below My Feet when you come to Chicago!  I am bringing my sons, (9, 11 and 11) and that is our FAVORITE.  They belt it out in the car and would love to hear it live!!

  72. Valeria Trapletti Amoretti says:

    Hi!!! Could you come in Lugano (Ticino, Switzerland)? WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!

  73. Agnetha Nirling says:

    You have a lot of fans in Sweden, and plans to come over here soon?! ❤❤❤

  74. Bruno Raposo Barros says:

    What have you done with the gentlemen on the road?

    I’m a big fan. Went from Brazil to UK just to attend a concert. So, I’m saying this with pain…

    The first 3 tracks released are far from good. Before you were THE new thing happening. With this first 3 songs you are becoming just another band. Regular, average…

    Please please may the rest of the album save you and save us fans from another regular band on the road…