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  1. I went to your guy’s concert last year in Louisville, KY and I swear that I saw Marcus on a motorcycle and the tattoo was the same but I just wanna be sure that it was. It’s been bugging me ever since

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  4. Please come to SPAIN!!! My boyfriend and I could be very happy!! :)
    You’re the best!!!!

  5. Donmasca says:

    Concert at Budapest is on 8 august or in 11 august?

  6. New England loves mumford!!! Come to the Yale Bowl so Connecticut can show their love. If not, we will continue to follow you around the world and back.


  7. Hiiii guys! came to spain to do the best concert ever!!
    It ´s time to show spaniard, how is a great concert! ;)
    It´s a fantastic country, we are waiting you!!!
    Good luck!

  8. brendavh94gmailcom says:

    Hi Marcus, Happy Valentines day!! Love Brenda xxxx

  9. I know you have thousands of people who write to you everyday and I am just considered an “ant” in your world, but that does not deter me from writing you this message because Marcus and Mumford and Sons have saved my life. I love all of your music, beyond explanation, but your song ‘Ghosts That We Knew’ literally saved my life. I did not want to live, and at times I still struggle with this today but your music instantly changes my mood and my heart. Your music and your talent is extremely special and no one has ever touched me the way you guys have touched me. Your talent, again, is one of a kind and something so rare and special. Your lyrics, “And the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view, and we’ll live a long life” are my next tattoo. Not to mention, that song, if I could, would be tatted on my body if I could afford it.

    I was suppose to move to Costa Mesa, CA in April, but plans did not work out until June. It was meant to be because when I found out in January that my plans were pushed back..the first thing that came to mind was Mumford and Sons in Philly in May 2017 in Camden, NJ. I said to all my family, pitch in to get me the best possible seats for your concert. My father pulled through and although it still wasn’t close enough…he got us pretty damn close.

    I apologize for a rant that you may never see or reply to, but let me say thank you. You speak to my heart and my soul, you have saved my life, you are all so talented and beautiful, and please never ever stop the music. You touch so many lives that can’t even reach out to you.

    Much love,
    Karlie S. Barnes

  10. I’m not exactly sure where to write this, but it’s the only place I’ve found a prompt. I lost a really good friend a couple months back and the last time we hung out was listening to your music. It’s always been my dream to see you guys in concert, but more so now that it makes me think of him every time I listen to it. Your music moves me more every time and even though I’m upset, it lifts me up. I hope you guys play a show soon in the states. I’m done saying I will see you guys and putting it off. I NEED to, and I will. Please keep on with the amazing, uplifting music!

  11. Nellobello says:

    Happy Birthday Macus !! Enjoy !

  12. brendavh94gmailcom says:

    Dear Marcus, Happy Birthday !!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and may you have many many more.

  13. Kyle_Tibbett says:

    Hey guys. My wife and I are coming down to Inglewood to see your concert on Friday, and we could not be more excited. Ever since we heard the likes of Sigh No More, you guys have been our absolute favorite, and I don’t see that changing. Seeing you perform live is an absolute dream come true for both of us, but especially for her. Your music really resonates with her, and it has honestly changed both of our lives for the better. To top it off, January 19th is actually her birthday! The only thing that would make it better was if you could give some kind of birthday shout out some time during your show on Friday the 19th: Her name is Hannah Tibbett. She would honestly faint if she received a shout out from you! It would be a wonderful birthday surprise, and something she would never forget. I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate it if you could do that for her, and regardless, we cannot wait to see you guys live!

  14. Hi guys. My sister is a huge fan of yours, she is getting married on the 24th of February, and she is using one of your new songs with Babba as their first dance song. I was wondering if there is any way that I could get a video of you wishing her well on her special day and her marriage. I know that this would be the best surprise in the world and make her day even better.

  15. Sarah_Gyle says:


    This is weird, a little, but I’m going to do it anyway.
    I think, of all the favorite bands I have had in the past, days when I thought I would never feel for anyone else’s music what I felt for the Spice Girls, then Simple Plan, then My Chemical Romance, then The Band, none has resonated with me more than Mumford and Sons.
    White Blank Page came on my Manchester Orchestra channel on Pandora when I was 17, and I swear I’ve never been quite the same.
    I am now 24, and I have still never seen Mumford and Sons live, which is almost poetic. Petrarch never met Laura, right?
    But I just want each of you to know that Mumford and Sons holds a special place in my heart. Even hearing a past cover of Come Thou Fount on YouTube left a lasting enough impression on me that I now have a line from the hymn tattooed on my person.
    I hope you never stop sharing this special thing you have with the world – at least in some way, shape, or form. Your music has found me in some of my darkest times, and it’s stirred something there.
    I just played “Unfinished Business” for the fourth time in a row tonight, and felt the overwhelming need to say thanks.

    So: I don’t really know how much a stranger’s thanks means, but thank you. For everything. Truly.

  16. If you could please view Pa line on You tube They remind me so much of you. They are working hard and deserve a break They are form Lancaster NY outside of Buffalo and would be an amazing opening act for you. You make beautiful music and I so enjoy hearing you. Thank you for listening Please email me for more details Enjoy their show

  17. Please!! Came back to Argentina!!

  18. KristinaChytra says:

    The Prague show last year was the best I’vd ever been to. Miss you like hell, please come again soon…yoh promised to, after all. Luv what you do. Regards, Kristina

  19. jdurr832 says:

    Please come CRASH our prom and play a session at our prom! This would be super awesome for the seniors’ special night AND great PR for your band… also, we live on a beautiful island in NE FL that would give your families and crew a nice little relaxing break…please don’t rule this out… just talk it over and get back to US! AND …. WE will wait… WE will wait for YOU!

  20. LinaMV says:

    Hi guys!! I’m Lina Mendieta from Mexico, I just want to tell you that I love your songs and I have all your albums, so I want to thank you because your songs helped me overcome a depression that I go through, do not stop doing what you do !! I love you and I look forward to your new album !!

  21. rspain7216 says:

    To Mumford and Sons,

    Hi! My name is Rachel Henderson Spain. My sister, Allie, and I love your music. I have so many memories of us taking car rides with your songs blaring and the two of us singing together, from the time I started to drive and she was riding with me, to when she started driving and I took to the passenger seat. Your songs made us laugh, sing, and share sweet time together. We hoped that one day we would be able to see you in concert. Unfortunately, we were never able to have that memory.

    My sister, Allie, passed away a few months ago on March 21, 2017 in a car accident with her friend, Mason. She was 1 month shy of turning 17 years old. I can’t describe to you the pain of losing her, and the yearning that I have to be with her again. Despite death, I have a hope and joy even in this tragedy because I know that one day we will be together in Heaven, and there will be no more goodbyes, tears, sadness, or loss. It will be the most beautiful of happy endings, that will never ever end. She trusted her life to Jesus Christ. Her choice to believe and accept the incredible love of her Creator gave her assurance of life beyond death. My beautiful, brave little sister has taken on death and is experiencing the great, glorious, and incredible Unknown. She is safe and she is Home. Her story has helped others, her story has helped me, to see that life is short, time is precious, and nothing is more important than giving your life to the One who breathed it into existence. We miss her every moment of every day, but I have to be thankful that she was loved, that she lived, and in knowing that she is still out there. She exists and she is. She is as beautiful and strong and whole as ever. I thank God that this life is not the end, and that He promises hope, redemption, and reunion for those that love Him.
    I want to thank you for your songs. When I hear them, I am reminded of being in high school, of falling in love with my now wonderful husband, spending times with friends and family, enduring the pain and confusion of divorce, and taking those special rides with my sister, and now, through grieving over the loss of her in my life. It is incredible how music can be such a huge part of our life moments, old and new. One song can carry with it so many memories. And those memories become so precious when they are all you have left of someone on this earth. It is a special gift, and I am thankful that you have given that to me, and to my sister. She is experiencing the most wonderful and beautiful music and color and life and love imaginable, I know. But, I like to think that maybe when I listen to our favorite songs, she can hear them and maybe sing-a-long just for a moment with me.
    We started a fund in her honor and memory, The Allie Grace Henderson Memorial Scholarship Fund. With the love and generosity of wonderful friends and family, her fund has over $25,000. We plan to use it for ministry, missions, and school scholarships. We want her life and legacy to continue to live on, inspire, encourage, and support others.
    I have had this crazy idea to organize a Friends with Benefit Concert Series. (I have to admit, I completely stole that title from One Tree Hill…) I thought it would be great to bring together some of our favorite artists to our small but special hometown, Lexington, TN, and share some of our favorite songs with people that she loved and that loved her. I have reached out to The Lumineers, The Oh Hellos, and The Head and the Heart with no response yet. I have a list of artists that I plan to contact to see if they could be a part of this benefit concert in her memory. I would love to have your music and story introduced to our hometown: to celebrate life, to celebrate the hope that can be found even in death through Christ, and the joy that music can bring to our lives. I know you probably get emails and requests all of the time, and I know you are incredibly busy and traveling all over the world. But, I have learned that beautiful moments can be made, sometimes we just don’t have the courage to ask, to facilitate them. My sister has helped to give me the courage to make my life as full and beautiful as I can, not just for myself, but for her memory, for my family and friends, for community, and all to glorify Christ with the beautiful gifts and blessings that He has given. One of those gifts is your talent and the opportunity to share your music.
    I am asking that you consider performing in our hometown in memory of Allie Grace, to raise money for her fund that will be used to help others, to bring people together with music, and create an experience that she would have absolutely loved.

    Thank you for your time. Thank you for your music.

    Rachel Henderson Spain

  22. We have seen you this summer at Pukkelpop (Hasselt, Belgium), It was amaaaaaaazing !!!
    We got married two weeks ago, our first dance was ‘There will be time’, so magical!
    Thank you so much!

  23. Please come back to Nashville

  24. jskvarek82 says:

    Please come to kansas city! ♡

  25. Xpaigemariex3 says:

    A show near the Detroit area would be greatly appreciated!!!

  26. LarissaBerlin says:

    Have been there seeing you on the Lollapalooza in Berlin jesterday, for the first time.
    Crazy me needed to leave your concert earlier, going home.. cuddling the kid’s.
    Your lyrics have been heart wrenching for me and hit me directly and deep.
    I will come again when you are near and see you presenting yourself through the end.

  27. Kaaber says:

    Hi, Mumford and Sons,. Just want you to know that you are my 10 year old autistic Grandson’s favorite band! He loves Wildermind and Sigh No More the best but also loves I Will Wait for You on the Babel album. We listen to the 3 albums in the car all the time and he likes to sit in the car until he’s heard all of them. He has been approved for music therapy and your music is approved for this therapy. He has a music room where he goes and plays his drum set and listens to your music. It is some of his happiest times. We are trying to find affordable the cites to Music Midtown in Atlanta. Any chance he could come back stage to meet you? Thank you for your music. And for making my sweet boy happy!!!!!!

  28. hugi60 says:


  29. melissapyck says:

    It was amayzing on pukkelpop so a graet schow

  30. GLORIA_vienna says:

    just listened to the “Live From South Africa: Dust And Thunder” CD (DVD has to wait until after I’m back in Vienna):
    love your music and and love you guys

  31. 29bogies says:

    Stupid auto correct. Not Milford….Mumford! Lol

  32. 29bogies says:

    Desperately need a live Milford fix in Detroit, Michigan! Come back to DTE Energy Amphitheater! Best show I’ve ever been to. (I’ve been to ALOT)
    Pretty please! ❤

  33. wenhaston_1957 says:

    Please please help?! My partner and I have tickets for Lattitude-a week a go she broke her back in a car crash- just out of Addenbrookes. No spinal cord damage but in wheelchair. Lattitude policy is we not classed as disabled. Amanda needs big thing to look forward to. We will not be able to see! Desperate to go. Any ideas anyone… Please

  34. Hi there to the GREATEST musicians out there! Absolutely love you guys! My sister (and best friend) is turning 21 on the 30th of July 2017, and her biggest wish is to get a birthday message (email or video preferably) from you! Could you help me make it happen??? Her name is Serena and she truly is such a massive fan! Her email address is bruniserenaf@gmail.com!
    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please :) and thank you! Xxx Gabi

  35. Mark_Diamond says:

    Just trying to find out if you guys are going to be coming back to the DC area anytime soon?