Ziggo Dome

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  1. simrankinger92 says:

    I was supposed to be here and watch them along with thousand other people a dream i had been dreaming for years. Unfortunately my flight got cancelled due to some issue and I can’t make it and all I’m left with is a ticket. I cannot wait for the next tour or the opportunity to see them again! Keep making the beautiful music y’all make it touches the soul like no other. You’ll are the very best in the world! Good luck and have a great concert. I’m going to go back to dreaming and hoping to see y’all very soon

  2. Gabriel_Savini says:

    Please please please, let me know you in Amsterdam!!!!! Your music is Life!!:)

  3. HarmMedema says:

    Who is doin the supportact?

  4. Peter_Marafioti says:

    does anyone know how to get tickets for the floor for this show? 

  5. Stanley_Road says:

    It looks like a staggered sale to me.  There are no tix but its not sold out. check back frequently

  6. marko_vujnovic says:

    Are there any tickets left?

  7. Stanley_Road says:

    Olease dont  let this be a ticketmaster sale