USANA Amphitheatre

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  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE play AFTER THE STORM at your show in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  2. jakegarrett says:

     Anyone know the promotion code for spotify?

  3. Cristy_Wooten says:

    I was only able to purchase 300’s and Lawn.

  4. patrickhspencer says:

    @Stephen_Grobstein @JRussell I don’t think many close seats were offered because Usana removes section 100 seats to make way for GA Pit. Section 200 is small so once that’s gone it’s 300 and lawn. 

  5. Kamilla_Tadje says:

    I already got mine in 303 but just tried again for kicks and there are GA tickets open!

  6. Stephen_Grobstein says:

    @JRussell  There were close up seats but I think they either were not that many offered or they were bought instantly.  I am very disappointed with the way this presale went down.  I wanted close up seats.  Bad form Mumford and Sons, Bad Form!!!

  7. Courtney_LaZalere says:

    I couldn’t select GA as an option but at least it allowed me to buy four seat tickets. Tricky finding it!

  8. JRussell says:

    @Geena_Bennett I agree…not the best choices for the fans?! 

  9. JRussell says:

    disappointed in the seat selection – nothing in the front areas offered at all.

  10. Geena_Bennett says:

    Keep trying guys… just got GA Pit! :)

  11. marybrosnahan8 says:

    @patrickhspencer @marybrosnahan8 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  12. marybrosnahan8 says:

    I’m in and could get 4 for lawn. Better than nothing!

  13. Geena_Bennett says:

    section 300s or lawn is only available now? sad day but better then no tickets :(

  14. caseycpatton says:

    @Courtney_LaZalere Scroll down and  click on “Fan Presale” You can type in “forever” when it asks for the code.

  15. Courtney_LaZalere says:

    Honestly Im not sure how I got to the page since ive been clicking around all morning? It says tickets go on sale June 10 @ 10:00am

  16. Tara_Trane says:

    @patrickhspencer I am dying that you can get through!  I keep refreshing and it says they aren’t on sale yet!  

  17. JRussell says:

    @Courtney_LaZalere whats the link…I’m on their site now and cant’ find it?

  18. marybrosnahan8 says:

    @patrickhspencer What promo code did you use?  Mine is saying “restricted?

  19. Courtney_LaZalere says:

    I just found a link on smithtix that says tickets go on sale this Friday.

  20. patrickhspencer says:

    Wow. tried it again and got my second on a separate order! So excited but that was stressful. Good luck – keep trying even if it says none available!

  21. caseycpatton says:

    I’m in. I’m was able to buy two tickets.

  22. Kamilla_Tadje says:

    @JRussell @Kamilla_Tadje No been on hold for 8 min! Grr!!! 

  23. patrickhspencer says:

    I found it through smithstix. Found the event, down at the bottom was fan presale. Typed forever. Wouldn’t let me buy 2 but let me buy one in GA. I’ll have to find a second aftermarket. 

  24. JRussell says:

    @Kamilla_Tadje any luck getting through to smithstix?

  25. nandra001 says:

    I don’t think they can honestly have sold out in one minute, not when so many people have been waiting for a link to be posted. It must still not have opened up for some reason.

  26. Geena_Bennett says:

    @Stephen_Grobstein Not yet and been on hold with Smithtix forever. :(

  27. Kolten_King says:

    Any updates?

  28. utahnonmo says:

    I’ve been refreshing since 9:50 am this is frustrating.

  29. JRussell says:

    I tried the other sites as well, they are showing only the sale that starts on Friday not the presale. This is really frustrating…

  30. utahnonmo says:

    @Katana_Biehn I thought the “you can only buy 4 tickets” would take care of that! :-(  (There are 5 people in my family and we all want to go!)

  31. Stephen_Grobstein says:

    anyone found a way in?

  32. Kamilla_Tadje says:

    @Katana_Biehn seriously?! That SUCKS BAWLS!! I hope that didn’t happen this time!! :(

  33. nandra001 says:

    @Kamilla_Tadjegreat idea, please let us know what you find out!

  34. Geena_Bennett says:

    @utahnonmo Smithtix

  35. Worthy_Glover says:

    This is discouraging.  It seems there should be an active link here like the other shows on this tour page.

  36. utahnonmo says:

    did you have to go through smiths tix or the website.  the link from mumford & sons linked to their website?  which is is??? I’m sad.

  37. Natalie_Kovach says:

    I was on at 1001 and it said no tickets available.

  38. Kamilla_Tadje says:

    I’m on the phone on hold to talk to someone at Smithstix

  39. Geena_Bennett says:

    So disappointing… no tickets available?  Ive been on since before 10

  40. Katana_Biehn says:

     this happened the last time I tried to do a pre-sale for Mumford and Sons and a big ticket company bought all the pre sale tickets and sold them for 5 times more than they were selling originally 

  41. Kamilla_Tadje says:

    They wouldn’t be all sold out in 8 minutes would they? I found the link at 10:03 and it says there were none available :(

  42. Cristy_Wooten says:

    Smithtix ….. No tickets

  43. Stephen_Grobstein says:

    whoever is in charge of this is dropping the ball big time.

  44. Kamilla_Tadje says:

    You can enter the promo code on smithstix but it’s saying that no tickets are available :(

  45. Austan_Sorensen says:

    @JRussell @utahnonmo so where do we get the tickets then?

  46. JRussell says:

    @utahnonmo No, nothing to link to

  47. utahnonmo says:

    Has anyone found the link?

  48. Katana_Biehn says:

    Has anyone been able to buy tickets?

  49. Stephen_Grobstein says:

    ummmmm  where do we buy tickets…………………………..

  50. Dustin_Allman says:

    Nick Ozuna has an eye problem.

  51. Katana_Biehn says:

    @Stephen_Grobstein I think there will be a link posted here at 10:00. 

  52. Stephen_Grobstein says:

    Where do we buy pre-sale tickets?  SmithsTix?  Here?

  53. coachshane says:


  54. Angie_Kerr_Rasmussen says:

    Was hoping I’d receive presale code via email by now…!