Lincoln Hall – SOLD OUT

24 May 2010 • Chicago, USA

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  1. rbanning says:

    Please, Please, Please play somewhere else in Chicago while you are here for Lollapalooza!!!! I am desperate to see you, and thought I would be there Sunday, but cannot afford the ticket. Anywhere else you play will be totally sold out, and Chicago freakin Loves you guys!! Please?

  2. knchild says:

    Since you guys will be back in town for lollapaloza, please consider a show or two while you are in town. Chicago loves you!

  3. bjw408h says:

    Please have a second show… we have missed you Marcus since SWLV days together when you were barely 11 and a lovely energetic drummer son of fantastic parents, and now live outside Chicago where my eldest is a huge fan. Pretty please?!

  4. knchild says:

    Please add a second show, even if you have to come back later in the year!

  5. tullyfreelancer says:

    Please add a second show,didnt get a chance to buy tickets,you would easily sell out again,or else come up to milwaukee for a gig

  6. darrylcolesilvestri says:


  7. chicagosteve says:

    Please add a 2nd show in Chicago!! You could easily sell that one out too!

  8. hsoltys says:

    To those who haven’t gotten tickets, I would keep checking with Lincoln Hall. I tried to buy one day online and was told it was Sold Out. I then checked back later and was able to buy tickets. Persistence is key! Also, call Lincoln Hall and go there the day of the concert. I’ve gotten into other venues this way.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sold out….No :(……I hope, I can find tickets somewhere……this show is on my birthday and I was so excited.

  10. bird says:

    I was so looking forward to seeing you live in chicago, and it just sold out. Is there anyway of getting tickets for this show. Sunday 23rd is still open for you for another gig. This is the best band i have heard in many years Nothing comes close. Please see what you could do. Next year the venue will be so big

  11. kstings says:

    Why must it be 21? Ahh I’m so bummed. Guess I’ll have to venture down to St. Louis. I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

  12. gael says:

    I was looking forward to your show in Chicago. Please think about adding a second show.

  13. subtle_sounds says:

    This show is now sold out!

  14. Jacqueline says:

    I will be road tripping 700 miles to see this show. ((begins to count down the days)) Much Love.

  15. cehcehceh says:

    So bummed this is 21+. Bring a 18+ show to Chicago soon!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey folks! I am SO excited that you are stopping in Chicago for your tour! If you haven’t been to Chicago, I think you’re really going to love our beautiful city! Lincoln Hall is one of the best venues. My friend recently played the Lincoln with his soul band, and it was a spectacular show. It helps that the bar has some of the best lagers on tap. Haha.

    But the best thing about it, is that the venue is on my uni’s campus!! You are all over DePaul’s campus now.

    Have a great tour, guys! x