Wexner Center – SOLD OUT

22 May 2010 • Columbus, USA

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow. this was really the right place, right time kinda feel. music at its best

  2. yeaahhman says:

    holy shit. this was the best concert of my life. no joke. it was amazing.

  3. cmac72002 says:

    I know this is posted 100 times already…but I NEED TIX PLZZZ. You can contact me on the celly (937) 209-7262. I am willing to meet you and pay more than face if necessary. thanks…clinton

  4. augustwest says:

    looking for 1 ticket to the show at the wexner!

    please let me know if you have any extras!

  5. jweston says:

    to yeaahhman: I will take you up on those tix if theyre still available!!! How can I contact you?

  6. yeaahhman says:

    I’m so pumped for this show! Driving from Louisville, KY! Planning on being in the front. I have 1 to 2 extra tickets. I’ll sell em at the show for anyone who wants ’em!

  7. hawk says:

    I work my tail off to pay my bills and have some coin left over to see great bands live. Unfortunately this show sold out before I could score tickets. You’re on my list of must see bands, so please hurry back to Columbus.

  8. OSU585 says:

    looking all over for tickets, can’t find any anywhere. man this sucks.

  9. holden147 says:

    I can’t find tickets anywhere for this concert. I was going to go to the one in Cleveland but my internship is in Columbus. Please add a second show or something!

  10. slong14 says:

    i’m driving 7.5 hours! from Tennessee. which is ironic because you’re going to be 15 mintues from my house at bonnaroo.. but I’ll be gone, and i must see you so this is the only other option. oh man. so excited. and i’m seeing laura just days before this!!

  11. se4nh4rt says:

    ughh, I need two tickets. Somebody help me out!

  12. Gin says:


  13. kimberlywestdvm says:

    its sold out or at least that is the rumor. Looked everywhere for tickets. Headed to Cleveland. There are 5 tickets left for that show

  14. TnHillbillyChick says:

    I’m driving from Knoxville, TN to the show. Can’t wait!

  15. noisemaker_ says:

    so when it says general public, am i lead to believe that it’s all ages? i hope so! does anyone know?

  16. amaeconrad says:

    I’m driving up from Nashville to see this… cannot wait!!

  17. tragicallyohio says:

    Go to Wexner Center and buy it from the Box Office! I am spreading your good name among the masses.

  18. Anonymous says:

    any idea how I can get tickets? not seeing it on ticketmaster…..

  19. kateyrose says:

    just wonderful.

  20. mattmac says:

    My face lit up when I saw you are coming to Columbus!!!! Thanks!!!!! You have quite a few fans here — looking forward to a great show!