Music Hall of Williamsburg – SOLD OUT

17 May 2010 • Brooklyn, USA

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  1. VSawicki says:

    Strange- when you click on the link to buy tickets it doesn’t take you to the right site. Is it sold out?? I believe I have the final session of my grad class this night but I am willing to ditch if I can catch the show!

  2. joabinde says:

    I have to buy tickets that have been marked up to see a band I paid 8 pounds to see in Norwich-remember the Center for the Arts on St Benedicts? I still have my button! Im proud of you guys. Release more NY Tickets! XOXOXXX

  3. mchappy317 says:

    it’s sold out- check May 17th.

  4. mchappy317 says:

    is this show sold out?

  5. tannibell says:

    is this show sold out? I can’t seem to but tickets online.

  6. vibratinglens says:

    Oh yeah, can’t believe I already have my tickets. See everyone there. Pre-game perhaps?