Middle East WFNX AMES Session – SOLD OUT

14 May 2010 • Cambridge, USA

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  1. cderosa33 says:

    AWESOME SHOW!!! I loved the new songs. Thanks for coming to Cambridge/BOSTON. And thanks for correcting me on the correct pronounciation of Boston C(K)eltics :0

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe I may have two tiks available for the Middle East show…..contact me @ bobmyers95@yahoo.com if interested…(apologies if this is a violation of the “forum decorum”)…I’ll never do it again…

    Be prepared ….that you will be ask to sing a verse or two :)


  3. meganteti says:

    I agree with everyone else there needs to be more boston shows!!!! House of Blues is a great venue, the new england show was sold out before i even had a chance to buy tickets. i know a ton of people who would snatch up those tickets if there was a way to stay another night.

  4. ea_robbins says:

    Yes, please. More Boston dates.

  5. Daern says:

    More New England shows, guys! Win-win proposition!

  6. aacook says:

    Move the show to the House of Blues! Bigger venue = more tickets = more happy fans! There is no show on the 14th of May @ the House of Blues. Other venues use the House of Blues as upgrades often. Maybe it’s possible.

  7. mandolin317 says:

    so.. i was so stoked to see you in MA….. then i realized i would be in NE that week…. what are the odds… so yes, i firmly agree NEEDS MORE BOSTON/Southern NH DATES!!!!!!


  8. alannacall says:

    Please do another show in the Boston Area, it sold out before I knew it was happeneing let alone purchase tickets. I will bake you cookies if you do!!

  9. Remedy1154 says:

    More Dates for us Beantowners!

  10. lostjuly12 says:

    YEEAHH! Hampton Beach Casino! And please don’t like scalpers buy them out if you do :(

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the other posts, more shows in New England please!! Come and play the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom in Hampton, NH!

  12. lostjuly12 says:

    P.S. If anyones willing to sell them, I’d be willing to pay for them!

  13. lostjuly12 says:

    I’m incredibly depressed that my new favorite band is coming to the area and its totally sold it! It would have been the perfect 23rd birthday present :( Please come back soon…

  14. acme401 says:

    You MUST add shows to the Boston date!!! You are sold out! Totally unfair!

  15. ortenzia says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this til now… anyone know of a way to get tickets??

    There’s probably no chance they’re playing with Laura Marling at her gig on the 12th either.


  16. joabinde says:

    Fitting your first show in the US is in Cambridge… We just saw you at the Junction, which is what I thought youd call your new unnamed song. Have you named it? Trying to get tickets in NY as we will be there for our honeymoon! LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES! XOXOXXX

  17. 100wordsorless says:

    Please please schedule another show. I missed the chance to see you in London on NYE….and I am sad that tickets have been snatched up for the show is Boston. I don’t want to miss you again! I have an extra large apartment with 3 beds and 3 couches…I will give you a place to sleep Mumford & Sons so that you can play another night in Boston. If anyone reading this has 2 extra tickets, I will gladly take them off of your hands. Let me know!

  18. lehane says:

    Ah tabarnak. And here I thought I solved my no gig in MTL problem. Was going to road trip this. darn darn darn…where to then? Really want to see these guys live.

  19. ACHTUNG says:

    Yes, if management is reading these, please try to schedule more dates in Boston. You have the demand in this area! I’m crossing my fingers.

  20. willfly4food172 says:

    I can’t pretend to be a seasoned fan but I heard Little Lion Man on the radio yesterday and I haven’t stopped listening. I’m near Boston but will definitely take the trip to NY for tickets. Incredible!

  21. flirteeni says:

    HEY…. can you guys do another show in Cambridge, its sold out way too fast!!!

  22. laurelk says:

    I am so bummed – went to buy tickets today and this show just sold out yesterday! If anyone has extras, please let me know. I HAVE to see these guys live!

  23. beekeeperboy says:

    Would love to go, but It is 18 plus. You should have played at the famous club Passim. Maybe another time

  24. wrollend says:

    Can’t wait to have you guys state side! Looking forward to the gig!

  25. Gaz says:

    Can’t wait!! Destined to be gig of the year…