Cabaret du Musee Juste Pour Rire – SOLD OUT

13 May 2010 • Montreal, Canada

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mumford fans! My friends and I are roadtripping into Montreal from
    TO for the concert tomorrow and can’t bloody wait! Our group has gone from 5 to 3 so if you’re interested in buying 2 tickets, drop me a line at

  2. bfreeman says:

    Hello Fans,

    I bought tickets and unfortunately cannot make it. If you are interested in buying two tickets to the Montreal show, please shoot me an e-mail at

  3. johanne says:

    Yes!!!! Please, please add another show in Montreal. Or I will even travel to Ottawa. I will buy tickets for my whole family and bring them as well. Please.

  4. novembercold08 says:

    sometimes there are some scalpers out front…….never know but the show is sold out.

  5. hmcnally says:

    How about 2 shows in Toronto or Ottawa!!

  6. kkelseyy says:

    Been trying to get tickets for ages! Saw that there’s a lot of Ottawa fans. Would be amazing if you guys could come here!
    Last minute show?

  7. steady84 says:

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of anyway to get tickets for the Montreal Show?!? Me and my Girlfriend are from England but we are in ottawa for a few months (so we don’t have many contacts out here)and would love to get to this show!! Do they usually have ticket touts outside the venue for small gigs like this?


  8. Drea.D says:

    please please please come to Vancouver!! or Victoria!! we would love to welcome you to this part of Canada!! you are by far my favorite band!!!

  9. lolododo9 says:

    I tried everything to get tickets in Montreal, but in vain…. And it seems like I’m far from alone in that situation, You guys should do 2 nights in the city, or come back soon, it would be marvellous!

  10. jametcalfe says:

    I agree, an Ottawa show is definitely needed before Mumford & Sons head to Montreal in May!!!! I tried calling for the Mntl show, but they were all sold out. Ottawa would greatly appreciate a show!!

  11. ElizabethAndreaCampbell says:

    Yes Ottawa would deffinitely welcome you! I couldn’t go to the Montreal show because of the age restriction, which was the stupidest thing ever :( come to Ottawa please! It’s so close and we loooooooove Mumford and sons!

  12. sophia.pacheco says:

    Could not get tickets in time for the Montreal show :( Completely sold out! Why don’t you guys come to Ottawa??! It is close to Montreal and there are a ton of intimate venues…there is also a definite fan base here too!

    Come to Ottawa, please!

  13. bes48 says:

    Looking for at least one ticket to the Montreal show. Too bad it’s already sold out… :(
    I’ve tried online and have called the box office. Other tips?

    Anyone have spare tickets?

  14. MauraAnastasia says:

    @ Fred_Moro – just called for two tickets by phone, they say the show is sold out. Anyone know if that’s for sure?

  15. Fred_Moro says:

    @ MauraAnastasia

    For online purchase go to and in person they are on sale at all the Admission outlet in the province.

  16. MauraAnastasia says:

    Tickets are impossible to find. This is getting stressful – my friend’s coming home from Warwick and our hearts are set on seeing this show…

  17. sparkle says:

    PLEASE COME BACK TO TORONTO! I’ll try and make it to Montreal but if you can squeeze another Toronto gig in, we would be most grateful. ta.

  18. Fred_Moro says:

    Here’s a link to buy the tickets online
    Can’t wait to see you guys live.

  19. tasmith13 says:

    To all the people having trouble getting the tickets, it seems hard to buy them online, but you can purchase the tickets on the phone. You get the number through their contacts on the Just for laughs website.

  20. mchappy317 says:

    How can we purchase tickets for this show? Does anyone have tickets left?

  21. gkembel says:

    Saw the Toronto show and decided once wasn’t enough!!!! Montreal will be epic!!!!

  22. ElizabethAndreaCampbell says:

    I hope this is legit, and that the tickets will be on sale soon. I’ll be the first one there. :)

  23. MauraAnastasia says:

    I hope the Banjolin Song makes it onto the set list…

  24. lehane says:

    Ah bin de la marde! Cambridge is 5 hours away. :P Road trip!

  25. bridgette says:

    I tried to buy tickets too. I’m pretty sure they’re not selling them yet. Probably in a few weeks.

  26. lehane says:

    Hmmmm…weird. Went on tickets master and can’t find Mumford in Montreal anywhere. Has it not been confirmed yet? Come on guys, MTL will LOVE you :)

  27. Lehane says:

    Just discovered these guys too (Thanks CraigyFerg)! I can count on one hand the number of Bands I’ve enjoyed every single song they’ve produced. Mumford – ‘Sigh No More’, now that compilation is exceptional! Definitely going to see them. Just wish it was a smaller venue. : / But hey! It’s close to home. Maybe next time I’ll travel farther for the small venue.

  28. whatacuriousnotion says:

    i can’t find where to get tickets on the link provided.. help please?!?! i NEED to go to this show.. despite living 6 hours away from montreal…


  29. havok says:

    Just discovered these guys, I am there..

  30. kbblack says:

    stoked! I wish sophie was coming, eh MarieM!

  31. cheshire_jen says:

    I am giving up doing a summer course to come see this. I’m so effing excited!

  32. MarieM says:

    This is so great

  33. billou says:

    I’m so excited to see you guys. I love your music and I will enjoy the show.