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  1. Ok … I went back and got them today… Just my Citi Card # unlocked the $100 tickets !! FINALLY!! :-)

  2. julesnu says:

    I have two extra tickets for this show…Orchestra level, mid-theater separate seats but just 1 row apart. We upgraded our seats when more went on sale, so I need to sell originals. I want to sell to a fan at face value ($154.10 after fees) because I support the band’s anti-scalping stance.

  3. Please god play Hopeless Wanderer, saw you guys in Camden and Forest Hills and it was 2 of the best concerts I’ve ever been too. Third time seeing you guys and that the one song I’m dying to hear live.

  4. mawsons09 says:

    KARA_INGIBERGSDOTTIR – you can buy from someone else. They will not ask for your card at the venue.

  5. mawsons09 says:

    We have 2 extra tickets – bought for friends that can’t make it. Orchestra $150/each. Selling for face value. Please contact mawson@live.com if interested.

  6. lindsey311204 lindsey311204 says:

    I leave NYC for Europe that day … you have no idea how close I came to changing my flight!

  7. LoveRisa says:

    Claudine & Joia – The fan code is the first 6 digits of your Citi Card . That’s how the site determined you had a valid Citi Card. $100 tickets and $150 tickets sold out very early on.

  8. Soooooo Frustrated!!!! Have a Citi Card … and the only tickets I can buy are for $299 ??!! I can see the $100 tickets.. don’t have a “Fan Code”.. Why frustrate your fans!

  9. What is the Fan Code?!

  10. Does anyone know if its possible to get tickets without having a CIti Credit Card?
    Like would it work if I bought my tickets on resale or would I have to show my card at the venue? :)