Time Warner Cable Arena

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  1. Margaret_Ioanna says:

    It is disappointing for me, but  I have 2 tickets for the Charlotte show -I’m not able to attend because my Mother died and need to go to her funeral.  I purchased the tickets through ticketmaster, so they’re electronic.  Does anyone want these tickets? I would be happy to sell them face value!  Contact me at MargaretIoanna@gmail.com or 404-587-0138

  2. jenniferewicks says:

    Will anyone be opening for the show?  Or will Mumford begin at 7:30?

  3. Carolina2016 says:

    @carv1107 @Carolina2016 I got mine on March 3

  4. carv1107 says:

    @Carolina2016 May I ask when more tickets went on sale? I’ve been watching for them to open up and I’m just wondering if that time has passed. 

  5. Carolina2016 says:

    Hey! I have two extra tickets for the Charlotte concert. I bought them
    the first day they went on sale but then more seats opened up so I
    bought better ones. The ones I’m selling are Section 229, Row B, Seat 14-13. And I’m asking EXACTLY the same price I paid for them (with taxes, service fee, etc): 

    Let me know if you’re interested and I give you my contact.

  6. lonetree1120gmailcom says:

    We’re going to Charlotte……

  7. lonetree1120gmailcom says:

    We’re going to Charlotte…..

  8. Sarah_Nicholas1 says:

    Got my tix on live nation app at 9pm! So pumped!

  9. Sydneyfreda says:

    TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE ON TICKETMASTER!! I got mine this morning but just checked and they still have them available!! Same price as ticketstoday. Use the presale code “TRACKS”. Hope it works for you guys! Good luck! :)

  10. Heather_Hicks says:

    So sad was on at 10 and kept saying not enough tickets available….

  11. Tresolutek says:

    Whats the deal with live nation app, do you need a link/PW to buy resale?

  12. Dcarey81Deborah says:

    Can’t wait to see them again.  Mumford & Sons are the greatest.