The Greek Theatre

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  1. I know north Carolina is small but it was a awesome show. you ran into the crowd and literally touch me and my wife witch was amazing. will you be coming back

  2. Teri_Coffey says:

    I ordered tickets at 10am on the dot and only section B tickets were available. Are section A tickets reserved for Friday??

  3. Teddy_Sweazey says:

    got our tix.  will be a great show!!

  4. Teddy_Sweazey says:

    checking past presales for this tour…most of the presale codes have been “forever”, without the quotes.  :)

  5. Teddy_Sweazey says:

    will the presale code be sent via twitter?

  6. DanniBoston says:

    @ellexemme I haven’t received anything either. Try logging in tomorrow a.m. to see if there is a link.

  7. ellexemme says:

    do we get a presale code? Have they sent any or will they send tomorrow?