Susquehanna Bank Center

16 February 2013 • Camden, NJ

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  1. Jody Logan says:

    Is the bluegrass fiddler playing and does he know Tex Logan bluegrass fiddler…wanted to get tots to bring my kids sold out…maybe next time…comealongjody

  2. tgmarie says:

    you guys are asking the strangest questions…how do they know how to seat yeah’s and get you tickets…are u serious?…they’re not babysitting you?…u all are funny!

  3. andresg77 says:

    And who is opening?

  4. andresg77 says:

    I can’t wait for the show..what is everyone doing after? We got a room in the city..

  5. alejandra.garcianarvaez says:

    my email is I cann’t express in words how much I would appreciate the opportunity to make his dreams come true

  6. alejandra.garcianarvaez says:

    Please tell me someone know a way I can buy two tickets?! I want to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday! It would mean the world to us

  7. courtsrose says:

    anyone else only able to purchase single tickets ? if so how do we go about seating if you have two tickets in two different places. i was so confused when speaking to the livenation rep about this.

  8. kayberk says:

    Can’t wait for this concert! The Head and the Heart should open for this!

  9. patythegreat says:

    please please please add another new york city date on this weekend! D:

  10. jennyfromdablock says:

    wahoooo can’t wait!!!!

  11. Agreed “Tallchick”. IT was virtually impossible to purchase tickets, and now it’s impossible to afford the tickets with the prices that are posted on other sites. Supposedly, they were supposed to cancel any orders that were to be resold, but I guess not. Have to wait for another tour, yet again, because this is the second time that this has happened. Keep coming back to the States – we love you!

  12. tallchick1129 says:

    So so very disappointed… :-( My 30th birthday is this month, and I wanted to do something big! Since I was pregnant, and knew a party (where I was the only sober one amongst a bunch of drunks) wouldn’t be the best plan, I thought that going to see Mumford & Sons would be a great way to celebrate! They weren’t playing in the US though, so I had to think of something else. Well, I just had a miscarriage a week and a half ago, and have been incredibly down since then. When I saw the Facebook post for the dates in Camden I was the happiest I have been since I lost my baby. But then trying to get tickets when StubHub bought them out and is selling them for astronomical prices was just such a let-down. I don’t know how they are allowed to do that! I hope and pray that you guys will come back to the States soon! I love your music so much, and it truly lifts my spirits in this difficult time of my life. Please come back!!!

  13. they put a 2nd date for the 17th!

  14. dmastro527 says:

    Come to Hershey, PA!!

  15. dmastro527 says:

    Sorry, but I have to give a thumbs down to Live Nation…the site was unresponsive at 10:00, and by the time I was able to get the page up (10:03 maybe?) tickets were gone. There were presales on Thursday, with absolutely no info…I’m on Live Nation and Radio 104.5 mailing lists and got nothing. Disappointing…there’s got to be an easier way to buy tickets.

  16. dklap15 says:

    Got into Live Nation seconds after they went on sale, had no wait time, and still came up with nothing. Where did they all go in 10 seconds?

  17. dmbpig4041 says:

    I hope they add a 2nd show!

  18. lecou says:

    10:00am on the dot and nothing :(

  19. justcallmestray says:

    Keep trying. On my third try, I got seats (not GA)!

  20. dszumla says:

    extremely disappointed not to be able to get tickets as well… just like everyone on here… crazy that there was nothing available

  21. itsnubs says:

    I’ve had the absolute worst week after suffering slightly from ptsd after helping victims of sandy and the passing of two close relatives. And now I couldn’t freaking order tickets for this show?! Seriously I’m furious. Mumford is the only thing that makes me feel better regardless of the mood I’m in and now I can’t even go see them because of the horribleness of Livenation and terrible pre-sales to radio stations I don’t get around my area. Prices on stubhub are absurd. I’m extremely disappointed to say the least.

  22. meghan4 says:

    Super bummed that there seems to be no tickets available! Anything I can do to get tickets to the Camden show?

  23. miker5809 says:

    For Mumford & Sons shows I have never had issues purchasing tickets via pre-sale before. I’ve purchased; Gentleman of the Road Tour tickets, Railroad Revival Tour tickets, and tickets to a show in Baltimore all fine and without issue. However, I could not get tickets in either pre-sale (mumford and sons, or LiveNation). Both sold out in seconds!!!!! (how does that happen). I am very bummed.

  24. mokadude1 says:

    Then use what instead

  25. AlexStiles58 says:

    Yeah…you guys should probably stop using Ticketmaster/LiveNation…

  26. aubkeenan says:

    apparently sold out in seconds. anyone know our chances of getting tickets tomorrow when they’re released to the general public?

  27. mokadude1 says:

    how the hell is this sold out already

  28. haileyv37 says:

    does anyone know if their is a presale password?

  29. mokadude1 says:

    omfg cant wait!!!!!!

  30. adrianna says:

    I can’t wait ! Even though it is going to be freezing ! :)
    I will be ordering my tickets tomorrow !

  31. arg271 says:

    I cant find the pre-sale!?! Help!

  32. Me and my friends might be coming to this concert. Expect some noise coming from Westtown School!