SSE Hydo

13 December 2015 • SSE Hydro

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  1. Justine_Bone says:

    this would be a good way to spend the weekend

  2. AllyMac says:

    @elaineshawaolcom I did the same!!! Got decent seats and as I was about to pay BAM, error. So rushed back and got slightly worse seats at the back. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much trouble getting tickets in my life. I didn’t get the pre-sale and get cut off by bad tech and ticket touts. RAGE!!!! 

  3. clarkedale says:


  4. elaineshawaolcom says:

    I couldn’t get through on presale then when I tried ticketmaster at 9am I got 2 tickets at the back when I went to pay an error message came up and when I tried again it seems there are none available.

    Funnily enough there are lots of tickets on other sites already FOR SALE AT 3 TIMES THE PRICE…..TOTAL JOKE!!!!

  5. clarkedale says:

    Are you serious – no standing tickets available at 9am – I did not buy pre sale as there was no standing – what is jhappening?

  6. sarah3678 says:

    Anyone else getting this message: 


    You don’t have permission to access /mumford-sons-glasgow-13-12-2015/event/36004F1B8B6D3B7F on this server.

    Cannot seem to get onto Glasgow ticket site? 

  7. Oakley1984 says:

    Get any just ask if anyone got pre sale tickets on wed, was it through music glue?

  8. Laura_Sherlock says:

    not received confirmation email but bought tickets as accepted card details etc and told me email would be sent.

  9. dawahar says:

    Waited in the queue for 50 minutes before getting access, then try and get tickets for seating block 203

    only to then be told none are available after showing availability?

  10. greenstewart1 says:

    Not working for me either, same problem redirected to ticketmaster where they say pre sale 03/09/15

  11. Alisonchughes says:

    What’s going on with the Glasgow pre-sale?? It’s not happening. Agree with commenter below that it’s going to Ticketmaster who have no pre-sale tickets. Is it tomorrow? Another email from the SECC says it’s tomorrow. What’s going on? :(

  12. GPCGPC says:

    Hi – tried for 25 mins for presale tickets & the link provided keeps defaulting to ticket master who have no presale tickets. Can you help?

  13. Oakley1984 says:

    Anyone else not get presale tickets to work???

  14. laheatherwick says:

    I thought presale tickets were going on sale at 9?  How on earth do you buy them?  I haven’t received an email!!!

  15. Pamela_Sinclair says:

    Cannot wait to hear mumford and sons in my home town Glasgow