Sprint Center

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  1. Iowa_Weasel says:

    @meganrkrebs @deedeeshelton  I was looking last night, before the presale even started, and the secondary sites were already listing tickets for $500 and up

  2. rcriedel says:

    @meganrkrebs I got the same and i was on at 10 as soon as it would let me click on tickets to buy

  3. Stacey_Perry says:

    @deedeeshelton I saw them available on those sites more than an hour before the presale started.  Bummed.  Here’s to hoping I can get a legitimate ticket Friday.  Too bad they didn’t set up tickets like they did for the old Sandstone a few years ago.  I got my tickets just fine then.  I bet Omaha and St. Louis are having the same problems so it may  not be worth traveling outside of KC either.

  4. BaileeAdele says:

    @krheier23  I was able to purchase 2 tickets at 10 am. I assume the presale is either sold out or their site is having problems.

  5. Cheyenne_Salyer says:

    @meganrkrebs @krheier23 what time did you purchase your tickets?

  6. meganrkrebs says:

    @krheier23 I bought two separate tickets

  7. meganrkrebs says:

    @deedeeshelton Probably because they had computers automatically buy them all up. 

  8. katied412 says:

    @mumfordandsons_ can you help us out?  :)  Lots of fans wanting to come see you!  Don’t want to get robbed by brokers, just want to enjoy your music

  9. deedeeshelton says:

    This is craziness.  Why are so many tickets already available on secondary sites?  

  10. ginty777 says:

    Where is the password located?

  11. krheier23 says:

    @Harvey_Kutschka you can purchase tickets tomorrow (11/12) with a password provided in an email if you are signed up

  12. Elisa_Machonga says:

    @krheier23 @Elisa_Machonga you can already purchase with the link and the password, but you ant get two tickets together right now. 

  13. Elisa_Machonga says:

    @Jesicha look below for the link

  14. krheier23 says:

    @Elisa_Machonga tomorrow at 10 am you can purchase tickets

  15. Elisa_Machonga says:

    @krheier23 Thats not true.  there is a link and a password already available.  There are other presales tomorrow also. 

  16. krheier23 says:

    They don’t go on sale until tomorrow (November 12).  I finally talked to a human who told me that.  You also have to have a password to purchase tomorrow.  No tickets have been sold yet.

  17. Jesicha says:

    I can’t even find where to start looking to buy tickets

  18. Melanie_Sc says:

    @cody19s @Cheyenne_Salyer Well, I guess I’ll try Friday. What a joke. Damn ticket brokers…

  19. pugsly7 says:

    @Melanie_Sc @pugsly7 @skrljac2010 Ditto.  Sounds like the brokers may have scavenged them off the ticketing site already.  That sucks if this is so…  Criminals!

  20. pugsly7 says:

    @katied412 All the ticket brokers are….  that is a shame if they have the bulk of the tickets again.

  21. Elisa_Machonga says:

    I can get 1 ticket to pop up for me to purchse, but i need 2…..

  22. katied412 says:

    tickets are all over stub hub at triple the price..those people are crooks

  23. cody19s says:

    @Cheyenne_Salyer there’s a limited number of tickets for presale, and I assume it’s sold out. 

  24. Melanie_Sc says:

    @pugsly7 @skrljac2010 Not enough of any level. WTF?

  25. Cheyenne_Salyer says:

    There’s no way they sold out the Sprint Center in 21 minutes. Sprint Center hasn’t even started selling them!

  26. Elisa_Machonga says:

    @pugsly7 @Elisa_Machonga Thanks…..says currently not enough tickets to fulfil my request of 2…..lol

  27. jdarty says:

    @pugsly7 @Elisa_Machonga I never recieved a promo code??

  28. pugsly7 says:

    @Elisa_Machonga http://mumfordandsons.shop.ticketstoday.com/basket.aspx?Action=AddTickets&eventId=168817  But the site is having troubles or overloaded with requests.  Good Luck!

  29. pugsly7 says:

    @skrljac2010 No, just “At this moment there are not enough tickets available to fulfill your request. Please try again using a lower quantity of tickets or choosing a different ticket type.

    • Currently there are not enough Lower tickets to fulfill your request.”
  30. Elisa_Machonga says:

    Where do you go to buy the presale???? Ist not live on Sprint Center’s website!!!!! HELP!!!!!

  31. skrljac2010 says:


  32. deedeeshelton says:

    @BaileeAdele Any hints??

  33. BaileeAdele says:

    I was able to buy 2 tickets at 10am.

  34. meganrkrebs says:

    @pugsly7 Me too. 

  35. Harvey_Kutschka says:

    No luck I called sprint center and they don’t have anything to do with the ticket presale and this is the site you have to use but it don’t work

  36. pugsly7 says:

    It has to be a server load problem.  I started at 10:00AM sharp and getting the same message for the last 14 minutes.

  37. deedeeshelton says:

    It won’t let me purchase!!!  Anyone having any luck?

  38. katied412 says:

    @Andrew_Legler1 @katied412 I did too, but my friend forwarded the email to me.  I’ve been on since 10 and have gotten the same message over and over, even when selecting 1 ticket in the nosebleed.  what’s your email I’ll forward it to you

  39. meganrkrebs says:

    @cody19s I looked in two other cities near here as well. The same message in all of them. 

  40. cody19s says:

    Must be sold out.

  41. katied412 says:

    Getting same message, that tickets are not available…has anyone had any luck purchasing?

  42. meganrkrebs says:

    Is it saying that there any enough tickets for anyone else?

    I clicked over at 10:02.

  43. Britt_G says:

    Not seeing a link for presale. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 

  44. Malonda says:

    Will a link show up here? 

  45. rrusconi says:

    What time for tickets?

  46. webb_mandajo914 says:

    Tickets go on sale when!!?? So freaking excited!!

  47. Ciarai_Nic_Muiris says:

    When can we get tickets?

  48. Shalee_SummersEuston says:

    When do tickets go on sale? I’m going for front row! Just saw you guys in Salida Colorado and I want more more more!

  49. Lisa61 says:

    Yea!!!! Need to know when tickets go on sale please. Thanks Banjo Gal from GOTR Salida and Waverly.

  50. cjobrock says:

    When do tickets go on sale? Have to be ready for this!!

  51. Mike_Schneider says:

    It’s about damn time