Scottrade Center

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  1. Sarah_Zwick says:

    Is the GA seating general admission or is it assigned seating?

  2. KNIGHTS15 says:

    Can someone explain how the General Admission tickets work?? I see on the seating chart that’s what the floor is, but then there isn’t an option to buy them…Are they all already sold out?

  3. naomiquigg says:


  4. ThisIsAllIEverWas says:

    There is another Pre-sale today through Ticketmaster. Make sure you check out their website because it starts at 10 am. DON’T BUY THE TICKETS FROM STUBHUB. They are grossly overpriced and there is a chance that they don’t even have any tickets. Keep trying for the pre-sale today, you don’t want to miss this!

  5. Char_Schindler says:

    What happens is big ticket warehouse companies buy up all the tickets at the base price.  Then they resell them through places like StubHub for double, triple or more the original cost.  They make a huge profit that way & the public has to buy tickets at inflated prices.  Mumford & Sons may have the best intentions but they can’t do anything about these ticket warehouse companies.  That’s why everywhere the concerts are sold out.

  6. Michael_Donnelly says:

    Where are the tix?!?!

  7. Masonjax says:

    I tried 2 locations right away and they were already gone! Must not have been many….disappointing!

  8. ssingler04 says:

    there must have been like 50 pre-presale tickets!!

  9. Diane_Romeo says:

    I had the code. The code worked. I clicked on the buy ticket icon at exactly 8:00 AM There were no available tickets for general admission nor reserved seating. How can that be? I was on the site with my code plugged in at exactly the moment they went on sale yet no tickets were available Absolutely frustrating! I requested three. Yes three tickets yet there were none available.

  10. ssingler04 says:

    Not happy you cant get presale all day. Thats just nuts. 

  11. Chewbecca88 says:

    @deedeeshelton How did you get access to it? I didn’t receive any email. Is the pre-sale already sold out? There was never even an option to buy for me.

  12. jdub3b says:

    How do you buy tickets?

  13. Chewbecca88 says:

    Anyone actually receive the code? I’ve been signed up but didn’t get anything….

  14. deedeeshelton says:

    This presale is crazy!!

  15. Chad_Sweazea says:

     I was recently turned on to you guys (since then I have purchased your entire catalog) and needless to say there is no chance I will miss this show!!! Welcome back to St. Louis!!! Would love to hear Thistle and weeds just an FYI!!!

  16. vosstm72yahoocom says:

    It’s Rediculousness how excited I am your coming to The Lou again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  17. ana_ad_marem says: