Saratoga Performing Arts Center

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  1. sesncaw says:

    I have waited 5 years for you guys to come close to my hometown.  I’ve traveled to Maine & Massachusetts to see you and had a fantastic experience both times. I stalked Woodstock when you played the Midnight Ramble just hoping to run into you guys.  HUGE fan here.  That being said, last night was just a huge disappointment.  Not your fault,  you guys were great, to bad I couldn’t stay for the entire show because it was like a war zone out on the lawn.  I intentionally got to the show before the gates opened so that I could get a decent seat, which was fine until the thousands of other lawn seat ticket holders barreled in just before the show started.    Why didn’t I purchase inside seats you ask?  Because they were all sold out within a minute of the pre sale only to be posted on Stub Hub at outrageous prices.  I hope you will come back to our area some day, because this lifelong fan can’t wait to see you perform again, just not on the lawn.

  2. orithfarm says:

    Venue was a complete rip off. Stage was completely blocked from 90% of the lawn. If the lawn is that small then Live Nation over sold by thousends of tickets. Couldn’t see the stage or the tiny video screens. We drove 4 hours and got the same experience as if we had stayed home and sat in our yard with a stack of CD’s. I can’t wait to see you in concert where we can actually see you. Darien Lake or Ralph Wilson Stadium (NY) 2017!!!!!!

    Mumford and Sons was great just wish we could have seen somethin

  3. runningmad75 says:

    Any word on the opening act in Saratoga ?

  4. americanpolice says:

    who is opening on june 15 at saratoga?

  5. littleton_CO says:

    I have three (3) GA pit tickets available for next week. Please email if interested. I’m asking $200 per – OBO. 

    I also live in Colorado, so I’ll need to send the tickets to you. The actual physical ticket finally got delivered to me today.

  6. Michella_Batts says:

    I also wish ya’ll had more tour stops in the US. I live in Vermont and Saratoga was going to be the closest to me. Your music has helped me through so much in my life. I hope one day I will see you perform live and maybe even meet you all. You’re my favorite band and I wish you all the best and safe journeys throughout the year

    Much love


    P. S. (sorry about NC. As a native I can say we aren’t all like that. Thank you for showing your support to my LGBTQ friends)

  7. Gabi_Cassidy says:

    Goto the ticket exchange… Tour link the pick which show and choose ticket exchange. I just got two ga tix for queens

  8. valeriechristyneprindle says:

     I really wish you guys had more U.S. locations on this tour. I live in Erie PA and the Saratoga Springs and Queens, NY venues would have been the closest to me (a 7 hour drive minimum). And I had friends all up for the road trip to NYC, but I guess all the NYS shows are sold out because scalpers snatched the tickets before anyone else could. My little sister and I have been in love with your band for years and it really breaks my heart that I have to tell her we can’t go now. I just really hate to see your fans being taken advantage of like that. Please come to the U.S. more often, with a more complete tour! :(

  9. Travis_Briggs says:

    stub hub bought all of the tickets and increased the price by $50 so now I cannot attend. It is the day after my birthday in my hometown…

  10. jmpshoot says:

    This will be my 10 year old daughter’s first concert! She adores M & S and she’s just a stellar little human, so we’re traveling up from Philadelphia. She’s already packed her bags…

  11. Linda_Iannone says:

    Hate the scalpers

  12. akellett says:

    Do you all know the email you sent out today says this show is in CA?!

  13. marciapaterson says:

    I also tried to get pre-sale tickets through the fan club and was shut out. I went to the venue directly and stood in line to get them in person. I was fifth in one of two lines and those behind me were told all inside seating was sold out. I suspect LiveNation is not a reliable or reputable ticket agent. Any pre-sale site I visited only had lawn seats available. Tickets were being sold on Craigslist before they were on sale to the public for many times the going rate. Shame on the way tickets are dispensed.

  14. daniela920 says:


  15. Susan_Acuna says:

    The whole thing is sad… for fans who put aside time to sit by the computer, fingers shaking readybto put in their info like they are ready to diffuse a bomb to be so dissapointed that places like vivid seats and stub hub have robbed us once again. I wish somehow sights like those could ceas to exist.

  16. ChaseJ says:

    Those were the pre-sale tickets through Mumford and Sons I’m assuming. Just like everybody else I was on refreshing every second and was able to get a set of 4 the second it turned 10am. I’m sure pretty much the whole Northeast was trying to buy tickets at the same time for this show, meaning a lot of people weren’t able to get any :( However, I checked stub hub and noticed that for every section, none of the
    tickets for sale are before row F…meaning maybe for Livenations
    Pre-sales and general public sales, those will be possible to obtain.

  17. Vanessa_DebernardiGillman says:

    I think they were all bought and now sold on other sites. I managed to buy 4 from I just hope they are legit. The prices are really high too :(

  18. Mikkel_Finsen says:

    Been trying to get tickets since 10am, when they were made available – but ‘sold out’ pretty much instantly, if that’s even possible,  How many tickets went on sale?  5?

    I would highly recommend a second show for NY, and perhaps look at Bethelwoods (old Woodstock).  Have not been able to get tickets to NY gigs for their concerts in the past, to take my wife out, but no luck.  Oh well, have to enjoy the CD then!

  19. Blovall says:

    @Vanessa_DebernardiGillman me too! i went on right at 10am and they were already sold out unless something is wrong with the website???

  20. Vanessa_DebernardiGillman says:

    how is it possible that I just tried buying tix for Saratoga and they are all sold out?!  Please add another date to Saratoga!!!!!!

  21. Blovall says:

    @chelseaCAZ that happened to me too and i can’t even get any tickets !!

  22. Blovall says:

    I went on right at 10am to get tickets and none of the seatings were available! Anyone know why???

  23. racheldragan says:

    whats gonna happen when general ticket sales happen?? this isnt fair omg

  24. racheldragan says:

    how is it already sold out

  25. chelseaCAZ says:

    Also, how does seating work at Saratoga? Is it all general admission for each section?

  26. daniela920 says:


  27. chelseaCAZ says:

    @bianolan There must have been super limited tickets. Or someone somehow bought them all to sell online.

  28. bianolan says:

    @chelseaCAZ No luck on my end. Someone did post that they got them though, somehow.

  29. Angie_Gannon says:

    @sgendron they were not in my newsletter:(

  30. chelseaCAZ says:

    So no luck? I’m going to keep trying throughout the day to see if there was just a mistake

  31. chelseaCAZ says:

    @sansari943 The link i got when I signed up for them through the newsletter.

  32. jsegs01 says:

    @chelseaCAZ I think their behind the pit might be box seats

  33. sansari943 says:

    @chelseaCAZ which link ae you using to get the tickets? 

  34. chelseaCAZ says:

    What are reserved tickets? Are they handicapped?

  35. VictoriaLynn419 says:

    I signed up for the pre sale but didn’t even get an email for the promo code. how is that possible? 

  36. rain327 says:

    ya know… I miss the old days of waiting out over nite… in a line you could see…this on line robbery drives me crazy. 

  37. Susan_Santa says:

    @bianolan just not right!

  38. Susan_Santa says:

    so disapointed!  Saratoga is lovely

  39. bianolan says:

    There are already tickets on Stubhub! How is it possible that someone bought and is already reselling them? This is so unbelievable. 

  40. kanthony80 says:

    I went on right at 10 am and nothing, not event 1 was available in lawn, reserved , or pit. I event called the ticket provider, (I had the same problem with Zac Brown Band presale tickets through the same company) and the person was able to get me tickets. Tried that again, and he basically said sorry keep checking the website. No idea how they could sell out in 10 seconds since I got on there right at 10!

  41. katiehenry93 says:

    for the live nation app, will we still need to use the promo code?

  42. mee8807 says:

    @jsegs01 I am seeing the same thing. So confused

  43. sgendron says:

    link to tickets and promo code were in the email newsletter

  44. jsegs01 says:

    On the live nation page if you down load the app you can purchase them tomorrow.

  45. kraver81 says:

    I cant even see where the tickets were ever available!!

  46. jsegs01 says:

    @mee8807 Try using Arrow I believe thats the code they gave for saratoga

  47. snscheetz says:

    Friends, they sold out so incredibly quick but it’s okay because general sale is going out soon and theres going to be tons more on sale. :)

  48. sgendron says:

    i’ve been trying since 10am, nothing avalible

  49. kyousif2 says:

    I don’t even see a code to put in.  I tried the email, but don’t see anything.  What am I not seeing?

  50. mee8807 says:

    Where is everyone getting the pre sale code? I signed up for the newsletter but only got a confirmation of being on the mailing list

  51. chelseaCAZ says:

    I just started over and the Pit ticket spot is completely gone now. That’s not even an option.

  52. sgendron says:

    i’m getting the same message

  53. snscheetz says:

    @sansari943 @snscheetz  All the way at the bottom of the email it says “your exclusive presale promo code is: ____” it should have been sent as soon as you signed up.

  54. jsegs01 says:
    • Currently there are not enough Reserved tickets to fulfill your request. …..thats the only message that I get when I try to get tickets The pit isn’t even an option any more
  55. Eoliver017 says:

    Are they sold out already?

  56. sansari943 says:

    @snscheetz i dont recall getting a code? was it with the confirmation of the account? 

  57. chelseaCAZ says:

    I also just got a spam email (I think) from someone to another email about Mumford tickets. Weird. 

  58. chelseaCAZ says:

    There can’t be many of us doing that promo code. There’s gotta be a mistake in the system. 

  59. bianolan says:

    I was on the page, refreshing every 5 seconds since 9:50, and as soon as I was able to put the promo code in — they were gone.

  60. snscheetz says:

    You were supposed to go in through the email they sent you the other day and use the code given. I’ve been on since exactly 10:00, though, they were sold out within minutes.

  61. jsegs01 says:

    Yeah looks like they sold out real quick I only need 2 Tickets

  62. tuckershanley says:

    Yeah, I don’t get it

  63. cprog211 says:

    i’ve been wondering the same thing

  64. tuckershanley says:

    Anyone know how to buy them? I thought I signed up for the pre-sale!

  65. karstensteph says:

    Cannot wait!!! 3rd time’s a charm!!! Love you guys!!!

  66. tylerkauth says:

    Yes!!! Back to NY! Definitely taking this 4 hour car ride up to see my boys!