Monument Amphitheatre

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  1. Samantha_Barnett says:

    You still got tickets?

  2. Michael_Bester says:

    I have Tickets, let me know if you need

  3. Michael_Bester says:

    I have tickets, inbox me for details.

  4. Michael_Bester says:

    I have tickets for sale for the Sunday

  5. Michael_Bester says:

    I have Tickets for sale for the Sunday.

  6. Michael_Louw says:

    Whos the opening act?

  7. Dean_Baker says:

    @bru_RSA  you and only about 500 others…. what about the thousands who wont have the privilege… lucky you.,..

  8. Dean_Baker says:

    We are broken peeps… larger venue or more shows please!

  9. Maritsa_Roos says:

    One of the few bands that I will actually go and brave the crowds for and you guys are sold out, on the day sales opened.  This is a very sad day indeed! 

  10. Bernice_Meyer says:

    So SO SOOOOOOOO HEARTBROKEN knowing that we won’t be able to see you guys!!!! This sucks sooooooo sooooooo much!!!! I’ve got a great IDEA move to the DOME where you will be able to HOST a larger, a much larger crowd and then we all will be happy again!! It is not fair to us all we really do like you guys a lot and was so excited when we heard that you guys are coming to SA. My Fiance and myself don’t like the same music really but you had us connected! so I really do think that you guys must move!!!!!! lol so jealous :’-(((

  11. bru_RSA says:

    Got my tickets!!! Super Stoked!!! See you then YEAH!!!

  12. hojoubert says:

    Tickets sold out in 1min 20sec in Pretoria!! CRAZY! Please have another show or bigger venue.

  13. Squishy27 says:

    Agreed!!! Please have another show in Pta. 

  14. MJRynders says:

    Got mine!! Hell yea!!!

  15. Stefano_r86 says:

     Sold out way too quickly. Please arrange for a show in Johannesburg. It’ll be worth it!

  16. DuMaureen says:

    Sold out in minutes. Lots of sad and disappointed people in SA.

  17. Dawie_Senekal says:

    South african Tickets all sold out. 10 min after ticket sales opened. All 3 shows.

    If possible schedule more shows. Please.

  18. Willie_Janse_van_Rensburg says:

    “Weep for yourself, my man,

    You’ll never be what is in your heart

    Weep, little lion man,

    You’re not as brave as you were at the start

    Rate yourself and rake yourself

    Take all the courage you have left

    And waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head”

    -Tickets done and dusted! Can’t wait any longer

  19. c_gals says:

    Was also hoping for presale tickets, to avoid computickets site crash, which happens for every major event.
    Think there are going to be a lot of disappointed people are tickets go on sale due to such a small venue ;-(

  20. Squishy27 says:

    oops typo – presale tickets today :)

  21. Squishy27 says:

    Just phoned Computicket – sales open tomorrow not today.  You would think they had resale tickets today to avoid the crash tomorrow :(

  22. BatmanDiver says:

    anychance of presale tickets , computicket usually crashes on big releases

  23. MJRynders says:

    Still nothing on Computicket…

  24. Marialet says:

    Will there be presale tickets going on sale today?

  25. Squishy27 says:

    Computicket has no Mumford & Sons listed???? 

  26. Johan_Grove says:

    If I click on the tickets link takes me to Computicket but no Mumford….

  27. Johan_Grove says:

    Where do we buy tickets?

  28. Johans says:

    Can’t wait – wonderful start to the new year

  29. Bearie says:

    We shall be there!!!

  30. PallookaJ says: