Monument Amphitheatre

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  1. Kyle_Buckley says:

    Mumford!!! As you guys are my favorite band, I held very high expectations for the concert held in Pretoria on Sunday night… Everyone was telling me that I was going to be disappointed because of the huge build up that I was creating for myself… I have watched the road to reds rocks over 20 times and your outside lands video about 8 times just to get a feel of your new music mixed with your old music, so I was more than prepared… My word was I blown away not only did you guys not disappoint but you surpassed my expectations with ease… I have never and probably will never feel that way again at a concert. I absolutely loved everything about the performance and the energy that you guys give off as a band. I hope to see you in the future either if you come back or I come and visit you on tour. Please please keep up the amazing work, and thanks again for the night of my life…


    Kyle Buckley

  2. dirkiejswanepoel says:

    Thank you Gentelmen for Rocking last night !! You guys are a world class act and we didn’t expect anything less ! We hope to see you soon. God bless.

  3. Sarah_Holder says:

    what time will the show start Today 7 Feb?

  4. Martin_Botha says:

    Check the band’s Facebook page, there’s a tour image of SA with bands for each city listed.

  5. Rowan_Golob says:

    Where can I find a list of the supporting bands for the show on the 7th Feb 2016

  6. jasonvandersandt says:

    @Martin_Botha where can I get the list of the supporting bands for THIS show ?

  7. Gina_Yuter says:

    Can I ask when we will actually be receiving the physical tickets? Thanks! 

  8. Martin_Botha says:

    Super stoked to be seeing you guys soon!

    Have to say though, I checked up on your supporting bands and they are all so far removed from what you do that it’s almost comical. I am definitely not interested in seeing any of them live.

  9. Alessandra_Magni says:

    What time does this concert start?

  10. ask_southafrica says:

    yeeeea!!! Thanks so much for the extra PTA concert! Got our tickets, can’t wait!