O2 Arena (2)

10 December 2015 • O2 Arena

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  1. lodgie73 says:

    you can get tickets via Viagogo (currently 575) or Getmein (currently 375) for £100 for standing, plus service charge = £230 for 2, not £92 – a joke, not Mumford’s fault, but the industry has to do something about this, as genuine fans can’t beat the algorithims that the touts use. there has to be a better way, as 1000 real fans now have the choice of paying way over the odds or not going. still gutted. 

  2. Monkeyboy57 says:

    1200 presale tickets for sale on Seatwave for 8x face value when Us real fans go without or being forced to pay ridiculous prices… Truly heartbroken that I won’t get to see the guys in London after such an amazing time at Reading. When will promoters put true fans first instead of lining the pockets of greedy touts ??

  3. lodgie73 says:

    Been online since 0850, got through to buy tickets at 0915 – no standing or level 1 tickets left for either gig already – gutted.

  4. Jade_Inwood says:

    No standing? I thought that there would be considering the website says no under 15’s in the standing area. Can anyone enlighten me?

  5. fjfionajonesbiz says:

    If you with O2 & have the O2 Priority app – they have a pre sale too. Worth a try and I did see tickets for 10th December. I got some about an hour ago – been in the queue since 8.50am. Don’t give up! Good luck!

  6. Jeremycorneybtinternetcom says:

    Please can you help I have trying since 0900 to get tickets for the 02 on the 10 dec and have not been able to access the link from the notification email

  7. liviacruz says:

    Pre-sale code anyone?? I’ve got nothing!! It’s 09:01 =(