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  1. harrypottermusicbox says:

    I always love to listen to music whenever I have stress. It will make me stress-free and keep us relaxed.
    Music Box

  2. Chef_Bryan13 says:


    I saw you for the first time back on June 02, 2013 that I spent with my best friends and it was one of the best days of my life. I have since 2012 been a die-hard fan of your music. I saw you twice this summer, once at Bonnaroo and again in my hometown of LA, you guys know how to have fun! I respect your style and outlook on the music industry. I know for a fact that i will be listening and supporting you guys until the end. You guys keep rocking out and I’ll be there. 

    Stay excellent. 

    Bryan Fultz, future chef/restaurant owner (you guys forever eat free at my restaurant)

  3. b3_m3 says:

    We are super excited to see you guys!!! We came from Houston, TX just for y’all.

  4. Peter_Orta says:

    Dear Mumford and Sons,

    I know its a long shot with you guys reading this but its worth a try. On Monday August 17th my friend Airaka Siples and I will be attending your show and it would be amazing to see you perform “Hopeless Wanderer” together. I saw you guys perform at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino a few years back and it was amazing during your performance I called my best friend right when the song came on and we shared a special moment with each other as we cried hearing the song live. She lived in Nevada and I lived in California. Now I live with her and we share a house together in Nevada and came here just to see you guys. It would be a dream to see you perform the song so she can hear it live too. We’ve been through some tough times together these past few years and we could not have made it without you guys. Also I’m taking my youngest sister Isabelle and this is her first real concert and it wouldn’t be any better unless you guys were there performing. I’m glad she’s becoming a Hopeless Wanderer with us. It’s going to be an amazing concert and we can’t wait to see you!

    Love you guys,

    Peter Orta, Airaka Siples, and Isabelle

  5. Adam_Parr says:


    I’m not sure if you, or anyone that is part of your team, will actually read this, but I’m going to write it anyway.  My fiancee and I are getting married on October 17th, and we’re incredibly excited.  We’ve been dating for over 2 years, and although we don’t agree on many musical artists, we share a deep love for all of your music.  Along with our faith, your music has been one of the things that has brought us closer together, and it has allowed for us to connect on a level deeper than we’d ever known before.  Although we feel truly blessed to be getting married in October, we are a struggling couple – she is an opera singer, actress, and painter, while I have a small fitness company..  We are paying for our wedding ourselves, so we are only able to afford to rent a small theatre for the afternoon, to host our wedding reception.  Due to that, we are not yet sure if we will be able to have the space to share our traditional “first dance”.  Our song, which perfectly captures how we feel about each other, is your song, “Not With Haste”.  It make us cry, every time we listen to it together.  If any of you are able to actually read this, would it be possible to play, “Not With Haste” at your Los Angeles show on August 17th, at the Forum?  We will literally be seated in the very last row, as that’s all we could afford.  It would mean the world to us, if you could play our song, so that we had the opportunity to share our “first dance”, while we look on from afar.  If you are not able to, then I understand, and we will still have the time of our lives at your show.  Thank you so much for all the joy that your music has brought into our lives, and we’re both looking forward to seeing you next Monday.  All the best,

    -Adam Parr & Natalia Ferreiro

  6. Adrija_Skapare says:

    Please come to LATVIA!!

  7. Emilia_Chile says:

    Can’t wait!!! I’m travelling from Chile only for this show! ♥

  8. Emilia_Chile says:

    ♥ Please come to chile 

  9. Tiffany Atkinson says:

    Plllleeeeaaassseee come to San Diego :(