Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

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  1. Shane_Hersics says:

    Does anyone know who opened for Mumford?

  2. Petra_Kodeda says:

    What time does Mumford go on?

    Who’s opening?

  3. Andy_McMurdo says:

    Looking forward to great night with my 14 year old daughter at the show on Monday.  All she ever listens to is Mumford and Sons and has been talking about the concert for months.  Had to bite the bullet and get pricey Stub Hub tix, but wouldn`t have missed it. We went last time you were in Toronto and it was a fantastic experience.  Thanks for making beautiful music!! WOO HOO!!!!

  4. allansage says:

    Sure would like to be able to buy tickets , with out getting jammed by the scalpers , 

  5. SRMenecola says:

    Just over a month away and we cannot wait. Your albums helped keep our minds balanced three years ago following the death of my old man while were expecting our daughter. Now I get to bring my family back to my hometown to see a show where I actually used to work….very excited, we don’t get a chance to see today’s better bands come through St. John’s.

  6. LaliMichelsen says:

    P L E A S E   A D D   A   S E C O N D   S H O W,  The robots got all the tickets. I tried for over an hour to get tickets exactly at 10am and it was IMPOSSIBLE. How is it possible that in this day and age, there isn’t a way to stop the scalpers!? They are reselling the tickets on Stub Hub and similar sites for 5x face value in some cases. INSANE. I wanted GOOD tickets, was willing to pay. But I can’t spend almost 1,000 for two tickets.

    H E L P    U S    L A D S  !!!!  H E L P  the GOOD fans.  S T O P   T H E   R O B O T S !!!! 

  7. leahhawkins5 says:

    Please have a second show in Toronto!!!!!!!

  8. Genevieve_Giroux says:

    Can’t get a ticket outside the resellers… Incredibly upsetting!!! I need 3 tickets to celebrate my birthday with my child and husband… Resellers are ripping people off and make prices incredibly high!! So sad!!!

  9. Maryl_Laurane says:

    and in USD

  10. Maryl_Laurane says:


  11. Maryl_Laurane says:

    yeah it makes no sense at all how I was online to buy right away and there was nothing at Ticketmaster but Stub Hub miraculously had 1000 tickets on sale 15 mins later with all the prices jacked

  12. Kim_Hutchinson says:

    @Kylie_Boyd Agreed! This should be illegal. There’s no chance for us. 

  13. Kim_Hutchinson says:

    Stub hub etc. should be illegal, and bands should mobilize for their fans in this regard. It’s scalping, plain and simple, fans lose out and the band doesn’t see the profits that the robots do.

    I was willing to pay a high price through ticketmaster,  and I was on time to buy– but there were no tickets – I didn’t need the best seats, I just wanted the experience to see my favourite band live on my birthday. I can’t afford to spend 500 a piece to do so… 

    For those of you who were successful, have fun.

  14. Jim_Olson says:

    I can’t wait to for this show!! Great band at an excellent venue!

  15. neumair says:

    Heart broken that i see tickets on other sites already at double and triple the price. it seemed from the second Ticketmaster went online at 10am getting in was impossible. I tried directly via ticket master and even used the link from this website but no luck not even lawns. Its so true that its not the bands fault. I did like the pre sales and lottery from previous shows. We love this band and they put on an amazing show. So sad we won’t be there to hear them this year.  The tour schedule looks so tight so I can’t even look forward to the thought tat they might add an additional date. Regardless we still LOVE Mumford and Sons!!

  16. Eric_Summers says:

    Not the bands fault just the leeches on their back

  17. Eric_Summers says:

    nice to see the ticket prices have tripled. would of liked to be there but I would rather pay the mortgage for a month.

  18. Rfleminglovesu says:

    Im sad as well.  Guess I shouldn’t complain though. Have seen them perform 3 times already….but this longtime fan really wants to see them again!!! I was able to get tickets to the previous shows with presale codes, and the lottery system. 

  19. _britt says:

    @Kylie_Boyd Agreed.  So bummed, had two computers going to get tickets, wanted Floor GA got Lawn GA.  Guess I should be thankful I got tickets, but was really hoping for the floor.  

  20. Kylie_Boyd says:

    SO Bummed!  Was on-line before the tickets went on-sale.  Sold out in less then 20 mins, never got through.  Now there are hundreds of tickets on sale for twice the price on Stub Hub.  I think you should go back to the email lottery system.  At least then fans had a chance.