Palacio De Los Deportes

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  1. lizacifuentes says:

    Please come back soon! I’m from Guatemala but went to Mexico just to see you guys. You were so powerful and wonderful on stage. I love you so very much xx

  2. Arturo_Fernandez_Garcia says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks so much for this marvellous experience!!, I WILL WAIT for you to come back!!

  3. AdiegoGV says:

    Great show!!!

    We love u, come back soon!

  4. hermoneymagnect says:

    …and I will wait I will wait for you…  see you tomorrow!!!

  5. landa9229gmailcom says:

    Can not wait!

  6. pander89hotmailcom says:

    we are all very excited about your first show here in Mexico City, .. please consider to play more of the old albums on this first visit…

  7. Jomi_de_Leon says:

    I know you’re mainly playing the new album in this tour, but please… PLEASE we want to hear HOPELESS WANDERER and many other songs from the old albums too!   It’s the first time you come to us, so we’ll promise to be the best crowd ever!! 

  8. Memo_Parra says:

    I can’t wait!!!!! 

  9. Jeziel_Molina says:

    Hey yo, come to Monterrey Mex. We promise we’ll be kewl and we´ll sing loud and clear in a perfect english accent.

  10. Carlos_Hoil_Gutierrez says:

    Mérida Yucatán por favor :c

  11. Ari_Gil says:

    Yeiii so so soooo happy! Got my tickets in the pre-sale. I was already plannin a trip to Europe to see your show but then I found out you were comming :D thanks!!! Love you guys 

  12. Gaby_Laborin1 says:

    I just bought tickets, super excited!!! Yay!!!!

  13. GabrielaNava12 says:

    Finally one of the best bands… Mexico City is ready for singing.

  14. namrediaS says:

    Thanks for this schedule. Mexico city is ready!!!. We will see you soon… yeah!!!

  15. Giovana_Mora says:

    This is amazing! But it would be incredibly awesome if you would be able to open up a date for Monterrey, you have so many fans here, including myself!

  16. irabu87 says:

    Just to tell you that I am very grateful for your
    next visit to Mexico. Just like question, the possibility of opening a new date
    but in the city of Monterrey, Mexico?

    We are many
    fans in Monterrey we want to see them live and we would be very happy to visit
    our city to the mountains. Greetings and see you soon in March!