Lollapalooza Berlin

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  1. osraminator says:

    Thank you for coming to Berlin/Lollapalooza. It was a great show, it causes some “Gänsehautmomente” (German for “goose bumps moment”?). I relly hope that aou will visit our lovely city more often than every 2 years. Pleeeeease !!

  2. Please come back to Brazil. We loved your last concert.!!!!!!!

  3. Please come to Russia, theres a lot of your fans, a loooot. We are waiting soo long

  4. Tomas_Dvorak says:

    Definitely Prague! Interesting people, who appreciate good music., great city.

  5. fachrisiddik says:

    would u consider to go to indonesia…

  6. Is there better place for your concert than Poland? Come to us! Good food, beautiful girls and Vodka! POLAND POLAND POLAND!

  7. Alice_Abreu says:

    You should really consider Portugal, it’s not like I adore you (cough), but you could eat and drink really well

  8. Baltics_Calling says:

    Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are waiting for mumford and sons! Please come to one of these countries!

  9. Italy, Italy, Italy, please!