Legacy Arena at the BJCC

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  1. Christine_Norris says:

    Amazing show!!

  2. Leslie_Burrow says:

    Anyone opening for the Sons? 

  3. Rachelpparker says:

    I purchased 2 tickets through here on the morning they went on pre-sale. I never received an email or any other kind of confirmation and I am not sure how to go about getting my tickets or know if they are being mailed? Can anymore help?

  4. scarycal says:


  5. lcreswell says:

    Will there be any backstage passes or meet and greet passes available for this concert? And if so, How do you obtain one?


  6. thenameispless says:

    @Wolnek There is a pre sale tomorrow through Ticketmaster, and Friday they go on sale to the general public. Idk how long the tickets will last though.

  7. brittney254 says:

    I just checked again & it says Fan Club pre sale tickets are no longer available through the online site. Not cool that it didn’t work for those provided with the link & code.

  8. Wolnek says:

    So, can we buy tickets or not?

  9. thenameispless says:

    It looks like we all had the same problem.

  10. brittney254 says:

    Same here

  11. Marc_Johnson says:

    @brittney254 The problem is I cant view the email they sent me with the access code due to an invalid date. Its just a blank email.

  12. Marc_Johnson says:

    The website said that presale was this morning at 10am and the only way to access it was by signing up for the newsletter so I got up at 10 and nothing has worked for me all morning.

  13. brittney254 says:

    My code worked but it told me everytime there werent enough tickets. Try another selection or less tickets. I was only trying for 2 & tried both options.

  14. brittney254 says:

    What? That’s insane! I was on their website & ready at 9:59am & it didn’t work a single time. Ticket master says presale starts tomorrow & the price is less, we shall see.

  15. Marc_Johnson says:

    My newsletter didn’t work. it told me there was an invalid date so I cant access it to get to the presale.

  16. redeeminglove01 says:

    Finally got mine off the presale today.  They aren’t the best seats, but I’m still stoked I get to be there!!  Last time they were here I got 5th row with the invitation and it was by far the BEST show.  Stayed on a Mumford high for days!!  Need two more tickets for some friends, so will be trying the livenation pre-sale tomorrow! 

  17. mjwgreene1 says:

    There are no longer any tickets available for presale

  18. mjwgreene1 says:

    Ticket brokers have already bought all of the tickets.  Really sucks, prices have doubled and tripled.  

  19. brittney254 says:

    Newsletter said pre-sale was this morning at 10am, gave me a code and all..it hasn’t worked the entire time. Tells me there aren’t enough tickets & now the GA Pit choice is gone & reserved is the only option, but it’s giving me the same error. When is the actual presale?

  20. CalebOn_Smith says:

    Yay bama!!!!

  21. Brianna_Robertson says:

    Cannot wait! My mom is going to be so jealous.

  22. Eliz14law says:

    So excited! Glad you guys are making a stop in Alabama!

  23. jndichiara says:


  24. Joy_Souder says:


  25. gracemarie884 says:

    do I have to apply to get tickets like last time?