KFC Yum Center

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  1. danaskelly2014 says:

    We just arrived at the Louisville show with our 13 year old daughter! Sitting in the clouds at the Yum Center, and super excited to be here!

  2. I am so upset! I am a huge fan, bought the tickets in January. I am from Louisville, but live in chicago. I had an emergency come up and could not fly in. I went to send the tickets to my friends going, and I CAN’T! I have called ticket master and the yum center ticket office. No one is helping me and just keeps stating, you have to have your ID and credit card. Well I cannot do that since I’m in another state. No one has shown empathy or gone out of their way to help me. I have volunteered to FaceTime and show everything they need, I just physically cannot get there. So on top of my emergency I’m dealing with, I have to let my friends down because it just so happens I’m the one who paid up front for the tickets. However, they did tell me that my friends can still buy more tickets, which makes complete sense. So sad the lack of customer service and help. Beyond dissapointing and upsetting.

  3. matt_12 says:

    Ticketmaster is selling GA Floor seats for Yum Center…

  4. I am looking for one GA ticket. Driving from NE Indiana.

  5. BFTS86 says:

    I have two tickets to Louisville but I can’t go, and because presale, it won’t let me sell or relist through Mumford site. Have to show ID ( I live 8 hrs away)…so upset I can’t go but there should be some option to at least be able to release tickets through Mumford site – I did try their relisting agent and it wouldn’t accept. I wish at least someone could have them!!!!

  6. matt_12 says:

    Have 2 GA Floor seats I want to sell. I can not meet at the show, so have to transfer them thru Lyte. I would like them to go to use. https://uselyte.com/mumfordandsons/KFC-Yum-Center-870/



  9. I have 2 pair of tickets available for the Louisville show that I am just looking to get my money back on which was $72 a ticket. 1 pair in section 310 row B the other which I would have to walk in with you for is 115 row F

  10. I have 2 pair of tickets available for the Louisville show. I am just looking to get back what I paid which was $72 a ticket. 1 pair is section 115 row F the other 310 row B

  11. I have 2 pair of tickets available for face, paid $72 each. 1 pair lower level 115 row F with crecit card admission the other 310 row B

  12. Brian_Ewing says:

    I received an email from the venue stating the doors open at 6pm

  13. jfeliciano says:

    I have three extra tickets for tomorrow concerts I need to sale. You can buy 1, 2, or all 3. Price is negotiable

  14. mmetheny says:

    Are there any backstage passes available for this concert?

  15. stewarthanks says:

    What time do doors open and concert starts? Our tickets just say 7pm, no label. Thanks.

  16. Brandon_Fox1 says:

    Gregsthay! I am interested in those tickets!

  17. Have 2 tickets together in the upper level – face value or best offer!

  18. gregsthay says:

    I have two tickets available on the floor/General Admission. Selling for face value as a pair at $140 for the pair. The tickets were bought as credit card entry only so will have to meet prior to the show before entering venue.

  19. Katie says:

    I have 2 tickets available. Sec 115, EE. Selling at face. Will have to meet prior to show.

  20. Brian_Adams1 says:

    Anyone have an extra ticket for sale?

  21. hi_bl says:

    I have 1 ticket for sale-my ticket buddy ditched me.

  22. jonangarcia3 says:

    Will the band sell the posters for the event? That would be amazing!!

  23. Is anybody playing with mumford and sons or are they touring alone at this concert?

  24. NancyRyles says:

    Hey guys, why not stop in Cincinnati before Louisviile?
    Just a thought from a loyal fan.

  25. Ana_Cohen says:

    I’m looking for 1 pit ticket :) Just for me. I’m hoping to keep my streak alive seeing these guys for the 6th time. Thank you :) Watching their new DVD now….awesome! It’s almost like I’m there….almost…

  26. jkinnervizions says:

    Judy here, I am so excited to see Mumford and Sons!

  27. jkinnervizions says:

    How does one get a presale code?

  28. I got my code at 6am and my tickets at 10:01am. SO excited. Haven’t been able to get near these guys since GOTR, Bristol.

  29. Cperry_1 says:

    I’m super excited I finally got my code thank you so much see you in May

  30. bahloo2000 says:

    We didn’t get a code either. Even if you get a text saying “sorry, you can’t buy tickets’, etc — but to get nothing, it’s confusing — to know if there is a problem, or if you didn’t get chosen. I’m confused….but, no dice. Ugh!

  31. clynnhodges says:

    Any one get the presale code? Trying to get this locked down, lol

  32. Cperry_1 says:

    Did anybody get a code yet I sure didn’t my little disappointed.

  33. leatherneck862nd says:

    Can’t wait!

  34. When do the tickets go on sale to the public? I will definitely be there!

  35. invisible_undead says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE Mumford and Sons is back in the states! It’s been years since I first heard you on the radio and I wanted to go ever since, but now there’s a show close to home!!!

  36. LinseyMLaValley says:

    best live concert hands down. saw you in Detroit and cannot wait to see you in Louisville!

  37. bmiller0187 says:

    I am so excited! Saw you guys in Nashville last year and it was the best experience, absolutely amazing show. No way I’m missing this one! I’ve been watching and waiting for you to come back near home. Can’t wait to see you guys in Louisville!! ♡♡♡♡

  38. Seeing you guys in concert is DEFINITELY on my bucket list. I have been following your tour dates for some time. Finally one close to home!! I would do anything for these tickets to your Louisville concert!! I am hoping for the pre sale SO much!! You guys are the best

  39. Angela_Lone says:

    I will have tickets!!!! So excited for you to be coming back to Louisville!! Was amazing last time you were here and will be even better this time. I am taking my son who has been waiting literally years since I promised him that “next time” he would come with me :)