KeyBank Pavilion

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  1. Does anyone know if they will sell more of their tour posters online? I know they only had a limited amount at the venue and they sold out fast.

  2. jwdickins says:

    The opening act for the Keybank Pavilion venue will be Kevin Garett. Mumford will be onstage at approx 8:45. Source Keybank Pavilion information line. Just for all of those wanting to know!!!! Can’t wait ….

  3. I have 1 ticket for tonight! Section 3, Row J, you’ll have to meet me at the gate to get in, due to credit card entry only. please email me if you’re interested!!

  4. brentonjakiel103 says:

    I noticed better tickets are now released. I purchased my tickets with the fan club presale, is there any way of upgrading?

  5. mharriswv says:

    It sucks I have to work. A Wednesday night ????? Whats it take to get a weekend performance in the burg?

  6. juppdee says:

    Looking for a ride from Weirton to Key Bank tomorrow night for me and my sis….. Sooooo excited but apparently taxi situation sucks. Anyone heading that way?

  7. johnson1616 says:

    Bought tickets through the fan club presale back in January. Just looked at Ticketmaster now and they have much better seats available for the same price!? I called Ticketmaster and asked to be moved up and they said they could not do this because my tickets were part of the fan club sale?! Why is it real fans get worse seats than a random person who decides last minute they want to go?! Why weren’t these better seats available to fan club members back in January?! Is there anything that can be done to upgrade the fan club members seats. I’m driving 4 hours for this show and having to take off of work. Very disappointing!

  8. Hi guys! Is there an opening band for this show? At the last show I was at in Niagara on the Lake, I first heard the Maccabees and I love them now too!

  9. Not real Happy ,,, Bought tickets ( months ago) with pre-sale code by being a M & S follower and fan member of Band Site. Now live nation has better Seats ( much better seats) available at Cheap price. Where is the justice in this ? :(

  10. dourip44msncom says:

    I’ve got 4 tickets, but I can’t go to the show… I’m gutted. But the bad story get’s worse – it looks like I can’t sell the tickets. I have to be the one to pick them up. I thought there was a “no scalper” Mumford ticket exchange. Anyone know anything?

  11. _britt says:

    Selling two tickets for Burgettstown on May 24. $65 each, ($15 below face value). If you’re interested email me at

  12. ahood013 says:

    I’ll be traveling from Michigan, last saw them here in 2015 and at Bonnaroo 2015. It was incredible. Never had PIT TICKETS like this time though, I’m soooooo excited!

  13. rgraves18 rgraves18 says:

    Oh my goshhhhh! I’ve known about this concert since like the day they before they started being sold! This concert is literally ON my birthday, and tickets to this concert is the only thing I want! It’s MEANT to happen for me, and I wanna go with all of my heartttt. I’ve been telling everyone I know, “Just get me a ticket to Mumford & Sons on my birthday. ” God, I love this band so dearly.

  14. kaleonberg says:

    So excited for May 24th! Question… I was able to get PIT2 seating but cannot find any information regarding these seats! Any information is appreciated! Again, they are in “PIT2” listed with a row and 4 seats… Help please! :)

  15. brittanyblythe25 says:

    I got a presale code and have been trying to get tickets ALL day but they keep saying unavailable request even though my code works???

  16. TC_Clark says:

    @BRENTONJAKIEL You had to register before 3:00 pm yesterday on this site as a verified presale fan. Everyone who did was texted a unique code this morning that will only work for that individual.

  17. Does anyone have the presale code?

  18. jesoart says:

    Going on a road trip!! Snagged Pit! SOOOO excited!!!

  19. TC_Clark says:

    Was hoping you would give me a reason for a road trip to Red Rocks but seeing you in the crappy venue in my backyard is the next best thing. Got my tickets at 10:02 am this morning and ready to party with Mumford & Sons!

  20. Josh_Seth says:

    Pit Seats……I got Pit Seats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Fawna_Wilcox says:

    I can not waitttttt! It’s going to be my 40th birthday present to myself!

  22. Mandapanda1308 says:

    I am absolutely beside myself that Mumford is coming back to PA! My husband proposed to me at the last one on August 29, 2013! Most magical night ever! Got married in Jamaica a year later and Mumford has been the soundtrack of our relationship! We love you guys! Welcome back!

  23. I’m soooo excited and can’t wait! This was on my bucket list!!!!

  24. Conner81395 Conner81395 says:


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  26. squidneeruth17 says:

    I am sitting in one of my college classes right now trying not to cry because I am so excited. You guys are my absolute favorite group. I’m planning my wedding right now and all of the music during the ceremony is Mumford. I love you all and I cannot wait to come see you!!!

  27. beckalyn13centurylinknet says:

    OMG! Can’t wait to see you again! Thought I would not survive last year when none of your shows were close enough! So excited! This will get me through the winter having you guys to look forward to!