The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel

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  1. What time does band go on? Delayed flight in oc

  2. Third party will not be accepted ??

  3. jeffstokar says:

    I can’t make the show tonight and have two tickets for tonight’s show, section 402. I want someone to be able to enjoy it. Email me at

  4. mmviens says:

    Have tix for tonight’s show at the Joint! Seats are in the balcony section 403 Row J seats 14 & 15~ I’m here in Corona will sell cheap. 909 680 9877 text me if interested

  5. ehardy0 says:

    Just found out we will NOT be able to attend. Have listed our 2 tickets on stub hub, if anybody is interested.

  6. For those that are still looking for tix. If you go directly to The Joint’s page (via the Hard Rock Website) it shows that they have tickets available.

  7. ashleeneal says:

    I am still looking for two tickets if anyone has extra! Would really really appreciate it. My email is

  8. Egank4 says:

    We bought four floor tickets and two people backed out. We would like to sell two of the tickets at face value. If interested, please email me at Thanks!!

  9. Ana_Cohen says:

    Hi all! I have 1 GA Floor ticket available Asking $75 for it. I can meet you at the venue. Gonna be an amazing show :)

  10. I just found out I will be in Las Vegas next weekend and would really like to attend the show, please contact me if you have 2 tickets you need to sell.

  11. Andy_Schiesl says:

    I have 2 of the best seats in the house for sale. They are VIP tickets located in Section 303 Row A. This is the first balcony that overhangs the floor. 1 drink is included with each ticket as well. The face value for these tickets are $150 each. My wife and I bought 4 tickets thinking 2 of our friends would go but they just backed out. I can pick the tickets up at 6:00PM on Saturday before the show. Email me at if interested.

  12. I am devistated to say that I am no longer able to make it to the show, and have to sell my tickets (at face value). Let me know if you are interested.

  13. johnnymavrik says:

    In case anyone cares, Kevin Garrett is opening.

  14. johnnymavrik says:

    Some I guessing no opening act for Vegas? Does that mean they’ll play a double set? :)

  15. hocash says:

    Hey guys. My two brothers and I all bought 4 tickets each for the Las Vegas show. We are all real people who used different credit cards. All our tickets were cancelled. We have a family celebration that week (my brother is getting married) and we bought these tickets because so many family members love the band. Any way we can find a way to get these un cancelled? I understand you’re worried about scalping but that’s not what this is about. Thanks…John

  16. Did everyone get their tickets through AXS?

  17. johnnymavrik says:

    I’m assuming that since this is being billed as an intimate show, there won’t be an opening band? Or is Catfish still opening for them at the Joint?

  18. I’m on my knees and out of luck. If anyone is selling 2 tix for the show at The Joint in Las Vegas, please consider selling them to me!

  19. I have two GA Floor tickets available. I cannot attend any longer. Original tickets. Not third-party. Email:

  20. lindsaydeleeuw says:

    Any chance this event will be added to the Lyte ticket exchange? Missed out on presale and general sale (no tickets available once I got in) and would like to get them legitimately.

  21. Luis_Fraire says:

    I want to know the answer to Justin’s question as well because i bought some tickets off of Seat Geek

  22. I contacted the Joint Box office and they said 3rd party tickets will be subject to cancellation. Does that mean any tickets bought on stub hub won’t be good?

  23. WiscoGirl says:

    How did you guys get tix? Dang it. I tried both the presale and this morning, and right away at the time of release I kept getting a “No seats were foudn for the selected number of tickets and price levels” – even when I changed all the criteria I was looking for.

  24. Luis_Fraire says:

    I tried to get some during the PRE Sale but it kept saying there wasnt anymore, anyone know if they are going to release a new batch for the general public today ?

  25. Jacob_Harvey says:

    I am selling them for face value exactly what I paid…. if interested my email is

  26. Jacob_Harvey says:

    I bought 4 Ga floor tickets and can not go. Is anyone looking for tickets?

  27. Is this concert for Wilder Mind album or basically a shuffle of all their songs????????

  28. Dextermorganlv says:

    Awe man… all presale are sold. Bummed I got the code an hour late…

  29. kim3schneidergmailcom says:

    I got a code in my email but it was in my promotions folder in my gmail. Got my tickets!

  30. Kellyselmer says:

    Code is “forever”, I just used it!!!

  31. stonyhex says:

    I just purchased tickets using the code ‘believe’ I clicked on the accessible presale option to buy offer. Didn’t charge me extra.

  32. I tried using the code “BELIEVE” and it did not work, keeps saying the event is not on sale yet…..what is the damn code!?

  33. Im at work waiting for the code.. any one have it yet? I keep refreshing my emails but nothing yet

  34. JackieHutto says:

    I used the code, logged in at 10 and after “waiting in line” no tickets were available. So frustrating!

  35. The Joint’s facebook page says it’s BELIEVE but it’s not working for me.

  36. Steve55 says:

    Is there a code ?

  37. Kellyselmer says:

    I’m looking for the code still. Anyone receive one?

  38. no code yet? so frustrated, usually not this bad!!!

  39. Matt_Finley says:

    Need the presale code??

  40. It’s past 10:00! What is the code!?

  41. dskremer says:


  42. Dextermorganlv says:

    What is the code?

  43. fourryders says:

    Any news on the presale code?

  44. travjorg1 says:

    Any news on the pre-sale codes?

  45. jamiehooven27 says:

    Where do I find the presale code?

  46. scottrst says:

    will the code be emailed?

  47. Should we have already received a presale code?

  48. Niki1111 says:

    Where do you sign up to get te pressle code???

  49. vindu42 says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a code? Or do we need to sign up somewhere else?

  50. the7es says:

    I want tickets! How do I buy them Monday?

  51. Kellyselmer says:

    Will I receive an email notifying me I can purchase presage tix to the Vegas show?

  52. How do we get tickets?

  53. Elly_Thomas says:

    Where do we get the presale code? Is it emailed?