Iceland Airwaves Festival

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  1. Went to Iceland especially for this, to celebrate a milestone birthday. Iceland? That sounds like fun I thought….How right I was, all because of you… Sometimes the best laid plans are those made with our hearts, not our heads! What a band, what a place, memories for a lifetime made here :)

  2. Coincidently in Iceland for this concert. Long shot but looking for 1 MAS ticket if anyone is selling. Email me cheers

  3. Vimal_Kumar says:

    Looking for one ticket for MAS in iceland this weekend. Please email me @ if you are selling

  4. Looking for two tickets for mas in Iceland this weekend! Let me know if you’re selling them!

  5. Hi, I have 2 tickets for M&S to sell. Fran

  6. Tickets sold for mas in Reykjavík sun 5. nov. Thank you for your interest.

  7. Hi.
    I have two tickets for mas concert in Reykjavík sunday 5.november. If you are interested contact

  8. Hi everyone!
    Looking for 2 tickets for the concert in Reykjavik this sunday.
    Would be happy if someone has any for sale :)
    Please message me:

    Thank you!

  9. melburke4 says:

    Hi Fran, please send me details

  10. Have you thought about a concert in Madrid?

  11. Hi folks
    A long shot… but I’m looking for one spare ticket for the M&S show… If anyone at last min does have one going spare – please let me know!…
    Many thanks

  12. Hi, I have to sell 2 tickets for the Airwaves festival incl MS gig. Please message me if interested. Fran

  13. melburke4 says:

    Hi! Anyone have 2 extra tickets to MAS in Iceland? I am traveling there from NYC, would love to see them and thought that it was easier to get tickets with the festival going on. Please let me know :)

  14. Hilda_O_Shea says:

    Hi Marta

    I would be interested in your tickets. How does that work getting the MAS tickets in harpa is it first come first serve? Thanks Hilda (Ireland)

  15. Hi, all! Since this year me and my friend won’t be able to attend Iceland Airwaves, we are selling our passes at a discounted price. Please be aware that pass holders have access to FREE TICKETS for the MAS concert, distributed in Harpa on the 4th of November. Let me know if you’re interested in any of the passes! Thank you.

  16. Hi everyone! If anyone has 1 ticket for this show they can’t use, please let me know! I’m absolutely dying inside that I missed a chance to get a ticket for a show- right here at my home base! Lots of love!

  17. Nichael17 says:

    Hello fellow MAS fanatics. I’m looking for two tickets to MAS show at Iceland airwaves festival! We’re coming from Minnesota, must see them perform!

  18. Hello ! I’m looking for two tickets for MAS show at Iceland Airwaves Festival. We will fly from Canada for the weekend and would love to attend the show. :-)

  19. Come back to brazil 2018 guys
    mumfordlandBr miss you!

  20. xmuletti says:

    Hello Justin. I am interested in two tickets.

  21. I have two tickets for mas in Reykjavik. Unfortunately me and the missus can’t make it. Message me if you interested.

  22. Katy_Knepel says:

    Are there tour dates for next year in the U.S? I would love for my husband and I to be able to see a show!!

  23. cinzia_aho says:

    I’m looking for two tickets for this show

  24. lala_ says:

    Hey :)

    anyone got two tickets for this show? I can’t tell you how happy it would make me!!

  25. janathorra says:

    Cannot wait. Saw on youtube few years back their live version of ‘Not in Nottingham’ from one if my favourite movies. Hope they will take that song in Iceland as well so I can see it live :)

  26. MaSMegaFan says:

    This would be an anniversary experience of a lifetime for my wife and I. Trip to Iceland AND MaS! If only… =/

  27. Sara_Borg says:

    hello! if someone have two tickets to sell i am really interested to buy them. would be really happy, thanks!!