BST Hyde Park

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  1. Absolutely incredible night at Hyde Park on Friday. My second time seeing Mumford and Sons on their Wilder Mind tour, my first being last December at O2

  2. Big_Smoke79 says:


    I am Central if you are interested give me a text on 07771 808545


  3. Hey, is anyone in London still looking to sell two tickets please :)

  4. Hi all…

    We have 2 general admission tickets to Mumford & Sons & music festival. We cannot stay until M&S get on stage, so willing to sell. They were £59.50 each, but willing to let them go for £45 each. Let me know. Thanks!

  5. Big_Smoke79 says:

    Afternoon All,

    I have 2 spare tickets for today if anyone is interested………. If you don’t want the 2 happy to sell just one of them.

    Only looking for 80 for the pair or 30 for one

  6. benleedham says:

    CAZ_123456789 – That’s cool. Call/text me on 07722524852. Sorry, my network has been down all morning so only just seen your reply. I don’t understand why our user names don’t link to our profiles?

    Anyway, I’m near old street / shoreditch. Give me a shout and I’ll come meet you.


  7. Caz_123456789 says:

    Hi @BenLeedham,

    I’m interested in buying a ticket from you if you want to sell one and go yourself? :-) Also working in Central London so could meet you at the venue/somewhere convenient?

  8. benleedham says:

    Hey there, I was supposed to be going to the Hyde Park gig with my wife but she can’t make it now so I’ve got 2 priority entry tickets that I’d willing to sell (as much as I hate to!). Still weighing up whether I should just go on my own…

    So, get in touch if you want them, or just one. Would be looking to cover the face value, but its up to you what you want to offer :-)

    I work in central london so can meet up easy enough, whenever suits.

  9. mcarinebruin says:

    what about Canada / Toronto?

  10. Im looking to buy a single ticket for the gig, anyone selling??

  11. GAMG2016 says:

    Selling 2 tickets for Hyde Park tomorrow at face value (£59.50). Thanks

  12. HEY! Anyone selling 2 tickets for tomorrow at Hyde Park?

  13. I have sold the ticketz

  14. I still have 2 tickets for 8 July Hyde park were £59.50 will sell for £45 each

  15. I have three tickets for Mumford and Sons Hyde Park. Face value or nearest offer. Thanks