Hangout Music Festival

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  1. ekulovany says:

    Thank you lads for making the Seattle concert with U2 so amazing!! My dad really wanted to see U2 and I really wanted to see you again so it was perfect for us. He’s a Mumford fan now! This was a last father daughter day before my wedding and it was well worth the trip to Seattle. Hope you get to come back to Colorado soon so I can see you guys closer to my home. I almost saw you backstage in Little Rock because of a friend who mixed sound for you but I didn’t get the message in time, bummed me out. Hope to see you again soon, your music definitely speaks to my heart and soul my cheeks hurt from smiling when you play.

  2. Who will be touring with mumford and sons?

  3. Saw you guys in Omaha last year. Definitely one of the best shows I have ever seen. Completely electrifying, and contrary to what my wife said…IPA and Gin and Tonic do go together. My only regret is that I didn’t have floor tickets. I would love to see you guys play at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI. Looking forward to the next time your in the Midwest.

  4. dianaklein1975 says:

    Did a 5 hour road trip to see you for the 1st time, after years of waiting, in Indiana last year and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to; love you guys!!!!!!
    Please come somewhere close to Michigan again soon so I can see you again!

  5. Pls come back to MASS!! not Gillette Stadium though. Too big.
    Mansfield, MA or even NH would be epic!!!!!!!!!

  6. spaceone234 says:

    Come to Kentucky!!! The KFC yum center in Louisville, KY love to see you guys live and it is a great city for it and lots of fans. Branch out and experience an awesome place. Thanks you guys rock

  7. “We’ll come back if you’ll come back!”

    that’s what you said in Prague, I’m waiting for that awesome day!

    Love you all!

  8. Massachusetts please ❤❤❤❤

  9. cbadams7 says:

    Come to Napa!!! BottleRock Music Festival is the perfect venue for you guys. Tons of fans, lots of drink and plenty of great food!

  10. Sandi_T says:

    SEATTLE WANTS YOU! Please come. I can’t travel and am in a wheelchair. A live performance would be the ultimate dream for me!!! Pwease, pwease come.

  11. Pleaseeee come to Costa Rica! please please pleaaaseeeeeee

  12. sOMDFANx10 says:

    Your gift, Your music – it “truly” heals the soul. Love you all so much. Make a stop in Washington D.C. again, Please? Pretty Pretty Please?? ;)

  13. Conner81395 Conner81395 says:

    Please come to Pennsylvania I’m begging you to :(

  14. Please come to RI or MASS or even CT!!!

  15. Possa89 says:

    Please, come in Italy!!!

  16. RED ROCKS summer 2017!!! Would be great to see you boys back in Colorado.

  17. Please, come to Greece!!!!!

  18. nicemerm says:

    I am waiting for you guys to play at Red Rock Amphitheater to surprise my husband with tickets. You are his absolute favorite band and Red Rock is so cool I want him to experience you guys there!!! Any plans to perform there?!?!

  19. socalsolly says:

    Following wherver i can see you again! San DIego to Alabama! here i come!!.maybe even Austria and Switz next!! You are worth it! and ” SHown me Hope in the Darkness” …oh and my 1 year old goes nuts dancing when she hears you!

  20. Agreed with Shawn P!!!! Come to Buffalo, NY, Syracuse or anywhere nearby!!!! You guys are one of my favorites EVER and I really want to see you guys in person!!!! <3

  21. TCClark77 says:

    P.S. With bands having ticket sales so far in advance of the shows, it puts the consumer on the spot. Do we hold out hope that Mumford And Sons might come here? We have to make a decision this week for Red Rocks since the Big Head Todd and Collective Soul show goes on sale in two days. We were hoping, since M&S is booked in AL in May that they would announce a US tour to follow. Now they are booked in Europe in August so we are leaning towards the thought that they won’t be adding any US shows. If these bands waited to put tickets on sale until a couple of months before the show instead of half a year, then other bands could get their schedules out and people could plan better. Unless we see something from M&S in the next few days, we will probably make other plans without them

  22. TCClark77 says:

    Please let us know soon if there will be more American dates. Other bands are lining up tours and we are planning our 2017 concert trips. Love to see you on our annual trek to Red Rocks!

  23. Dreadpirateroberts Dreadpirateroberts says:

    Please come to Richmond, Virginia!

  24. Yes!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  25. shawnp says:

    Come to Syracuse, NY or anywhere nearby – definitely need to see you guys live.

  26. Carey_Black says:

    PLEASE play near Philadelphia Pa.