Gexa Energy Pavilion

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  1. Jaime_Vega says:

    Anyone know where I can live stream tonights show?

  2. fuhleepayy says:

    Where can I get molly for tonight

  3. Aaron_Sanchez says:

    Ok cool the Mumford and sons site saids 6 I’m guessing that’s when doors open

  4. Marc_Matthews says:

    @Aaron_Sanchez tickets and gexa website say 7:30

  5. Aaron_Sanchez says:

    Is the concert In Dallas tonight at 6? Or 7:00 or 7:30

  6. fuzzyduck_swims says:

    @Dan_Culpepper 8.45 pm last night  they finished at 10.30

  7. Dan_Culpepper says:

    Can anyone tell me when M&S took the stage?  Does the opening act start at 730 or do they?  

  8. fuzzyduck_swims says:

    Legit Stub hub tickets were denied at Cynthia Woods last night.  My seats were empty until I managed to get in on lawn tickets 45 minutes before the end of the show

  9. Scotty_Gathright says:

    @HuffmanShane Thanks for the update!

  10. HuffmanShane says:

    Opening act is Blake Mills

  11. Jose_Luis_Espinoza_Davila says:

    Are y’all going to Tulsa Oklahoma?

  12. Scotty_Gathright says:

    Any idea if there is an opening act?

  13. kindlykrafted says:

    @Clara_Goebel I can’t believe it either.  Gees, how the heck did they buy the entire Pit section? I got two good tickets yesterday but I had to use to different codes.  When I selected the seats it appeared that they were close to each other but when I got the tickets they weren’t in order.  I’ll keep trying and I’ll keep everyone posted.  

  14. Clara_Goebel says:

    One word, actually, I guess. It’s just StubHub.

    But it should be illegal, regardless of how many words it is.

  15. Clara_Goebel says:

    Two words that answer my question on why I didn’t get good tickets during EITHER pre-sale OR the regular sale, even though I was on the page with my password ready 15 minutes before 10 AM every time: Stub Hub. 

    Guess I’ll be seeing you guys on the lawn, since I wasn’t about to pay double the price to be in a seat right in front of it. 

    I’ve been trying to see M&S for SO long, and have always failed. I’m pretty disappointed, but at least my best friend and I get to go! 

  16. hespinosa89 says:

    How can I get a code for presale?!

  17. Amanda_Michelle1 says:

    From what I understand Stub Hub has already bought up all the tickets and US venues are sold out.

  18. rawrliciousgirl says:

    @pjthrash presale starts Friday 11/13 at 10 AM per ticketmaster 

  19. pjthrash says:

    Please advise how to get tickets asap. Thanks.