Gentlemen of the Road Stopover: Troy (two day passes only)

30 August 2013 • Troy Memorial Stadium - Troy, OH - US

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  1. Britta715 says:

    Anybody still have 2 tickets for Troy to get rid of between Cleveland and Troy? Call Chris 216-401-5973

  2. meghancdavis1 says:

    Two tickets for $50 each…text me at 865-661-7013 if you want them!

  3. bradmumford says:

    I’m looking for camping passes!! Call Brad 937-545-1645

  4. PEZfiend says:

    One ticket available for $50. Can meet in Troy or Columbus tonight. Or in Troy tomorrow. E-mail:

  5. Dlamkin13 says:

    I have 2 two day passes and camping passes for this event. I am in Chicago. If anyone in Chicago is interested in these tickets let me know.


  6. jwiseguy88 says:

    Looking for two camping passes!!!!

    E-Mail me

  7. dephillips12 says:

    Have 4 camping passes – willing to let go for only $20 each. Driving from Cleveland to Troy in the am – if you are on the way can drop off. 216.288.5571. text plz or email

  8. dephillips12 says:

    Have 4 camping passes – willing to let go for only $20 each. Driving from Cleveland to Troy in the am – if you are on the way can drop off. 216.288.5571.

  9. Tricia Scott says:

    One -2 day passbook ticket FOR SALE for $95.00. Contact me via text at 513-604-5426. Cincinnati Area.

  10. Clarasmith808 says:

    Mumford and Sons concert camping on private property.

    Less then 5 minutes to the concert.
    Alcohol and fires friendly (responsibly).
    Restroom and water.
    Tents available to rent on first come first serve.
    Breakfast, lunch and beverage stand.

    Beat the crowd!
    The property is on a large inclosed lot surrounded by trees. Everyone welcome, Bring your grills, tents, and friends. Stay the whole weekend and enjoy the concert. Right on Miami River so bring your fishing poles too!
    Fire wood is free if you bring your own hatchet, saw, ect.
    50 cents a log to buy.
    Transportation to and from concert is 5$ each way (per group)

    Contact Clara – By text, or call,

    808 268 8920 (text or leave voice mail)

    $40/ 1 night
    $75 / 2 nights
    $105/ 3 nights
    rates are per camping space (not per person)
    60 sq. ft. space (plenty of space to fit cars and tents )

    Thanks, Hope to hear from you soon

  11. Anyone looking for tickets to Troy? Had some plans change for some friends and they cant get rid of their tickets. I have six passes and 3 camping passes. Not looking to rip anyone off. Just get some tickets to someone who wants email me at Spread the word! thank you so much. My friends are expecting a baby! that is why plans changed so help a sister and a brother out!

  12. shelbzgtx says:

    Any one willing to sell section B camping passes for less than face value?

  13. tp25 says:

    tickets for sale – camping passes and concert passes

    I will be attending the concert Friday and Saturday, so we could meet up to exchange tickets for payments or I could overnight deliver.

    email me at or text at 9379358169

  14. annag5 says:

    2 tickets for sale at $109, will to entertain other offers. Live in Cincinnati. Email me at

  15. Caseydc83 says:

    Uh-oh! Did not know we needed to get camping passes ahead of time! If you have camping passes for sale email me

  16. PEZfiend says:

    Two tickets for $50 each available. E-mail at Located in Columbus, willing to meet up.

  17. usafcbcsgrl says:

    I have two, 2 day passbook tickets ($109 each) and 2 camping passes for this show. I had a family “emegency” and now I can’t make it.

    Selling them in the Pittsburgh area, for what I paid for them, please email me if interested.

  18. jdpaschal says:

    I have one Mumford and Sons ticket for Troy I am selling for $95.00. Less than I paid. Email me at

  19. blankvin says:

    Hello! Looking for TWO camping passes. Please email with price and location. (Yes. this is my email address! :)

  20. lgc495306 says:

    I have two (possible three) camping passes for area B for sale. Email
    if interested!

  21. Jenn christie adams says:

    hello! I have two extra tickets and camping passes for the Troy Stopover this weekend. I am selling at face value ~ Please contact me if you are interested!!! It is going to be a fun weekend! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! jenn 216-645-9379

  22. Bari Simon says:

    Entertaining all offers for 4 camping passes in area D. I will entertain selling as 2. Please let me know if you are interested and I can overnight them to you. 917.733.2722.

  23. Natalie80 says:

    I have one 2 day passbook ticket for sale $109. Email me at
    I live in the Troy area, can overnight the ticket or meet you!

  24. Kevinhonz says:

    2ga only tickets for sale face value. Can’t make the show. Can meet you or ship them overnight. You can email me at

  25. ghall1298 says:

    I have 2 passport for Troy available. Asking just $125 for the pair! I also have 2 passes for Campsite C for $40 for the pair. email me at

  26. luhn15 says:

    Have 6 weekend passports looking to sell, negotiable. Email me if interested.

  27. Nmanderson03 says:

    I have 2 passports for the weekend. Let me know if your interested.

  28. allebuhn says:

    FOR SALE: 2 tickets. Will sell for face value, $109 each.
    I live in Cincinnati area.
    Can overnight them, or will arrange for pick up.
    Email me at: thanks!!

  29. samanthamacleod says:

    I have 2 tickets for the show and 2 nights at Holiday Inn Travel Package that includes shuttle bus service to and from the shows on Friday & Saturday + 2 Gentleman of the Road T-shirts – my friend cancelled on me in OHIO and I was able to get tickets to their show Wed Night in NY so just want to try and sell to another fan – paid over $800 but will let them go to you for $400 – please email me if interested – thanks! Samantha

  30. Bari Simon says:

    I have 4 camping passes for area D. Please let me know if you are interested.

  31. tp25 says:

    5 concert passes and 2 camping passes for sale

    very motivated to sell.

    email me at

  32. lgc495306 says:

    I have two (possible three) camping passes for area B for sale. Email if interested!

  33. p_alexander says:

    I have two camping passes for sell. (Section B). We will only be going to the Saturday night concert and not staying over night. Email me if interested. I use paypal and can overnight them to you.

  34. Her529 says:

    Any selling camping passes for section B? If so please email would like to purchase. (Near Dayton/troy area)

  35. ghall1298 says:

    I have 1 passport for Troy available. Asking just $75! I also have 2 passes for Campsite C for $40 for the pair. email me at

  36. tp25 says:

    two concert passes for sale.

    email me at

  37. dephillips12 says:

    Have two (2) admission tickets/passports – selling well below face @ $75 each – would like to sell both together ($150 total). Can take paypal or deliver for cash in Cleveland/Akron/Canton area. Email me at if interested. Text 216.288.5571.

  38. dwainpaynter says:

    looking for 2 tickets and a camping ticket. email at or text 5025480916. I am in the louisville ky area

  39. emd51383 says:

    I have two camping passes and tickets that I am willing to sell below face value. I’m in the Louisville area and can meet you to deliver if close. Contact me if interested!

  40. born2bbrad says:

    2 tickets and 2 camping passes lot D. $250. email if interested.

  41. bradryan85 says:

    1 ticket available. 75$. Priority shipped. PayPal accepted. In the west side of Cleveland area.

  42. Lee Sowers says:

    Four tickets available. $75 each or $275 for the lot. Priority shipped. 717-495-9470

  43. Addyjayne says:

    I have 2 tickets and 2 camping passes (LOT G) for sale. I’m asking $200 for everything. That’s $100 cheaper than what it cost me. I will overnight the passes. Contact me at

  44. jsni says:

    I have 2 tickets and 2 camping passes (LOT B) for sale. I had some people back out last minute and want to get whatever I can for them. I am asking $125 for everything, that’s 2 general admission tickets and 2 camping passes (LOT B) for $125 let me know if interested, You will get these before the show. Contact me at

  45. smithyatthecaroline says:

    Stop by The Caroline on the southeast corner of the square for all your dining and drinking needs. –check our Facebook page out at the Caroline or website at 937-552-7676. See you this weekend–party on!!

  46. Lee Sowers says:

    Looking for info on the venue. Do we need chairs, is their seating, is food available, info to make the weekend great, not camping.

  47. Jkjk says:

    Trying desperately to sell 4 tickets! They won’t even give a refund, so I have to keep dropping the price. $80 each or best offer for the 2 day GA passes. Email me I will accept Paypal and send them to you with USPS Priority Mail confirmation.

  48. tp25 says:

    Two concert passes for sale. Best offer will be accepted on Tuesday at 12:00pm.
    Will ship to you that day. email me at

  49. biker327 says:

    Looking to buy 2 Camping Passes for Lot B. Not interested at all in any other area. Must have Paypal and be able to ship out overnight mail on Monday the 26th for delivery on Tuesday. Willing to negotiate on price. Contact me if you have any available.

  50. More camping with in walking distance of festival only 72 spots available. Go here

  51. dorme1 says:

    I have 2 “G” camping passes and need to trade for 2 “C” area passes. email at if interested. thanks!

  52. JDockter21 says:

    Selling 4 Troy Mumford and sons tickets plus camping passes. All 4 camping passes are in section G. Selling all 4 for $400 (this is $50 off each ticket), will split into pairs. Can overnight ship.
    This concert is going to be amazing, I am so bummed I can’t go :(
    Contact me if interested:

  53. Brian Byg says:

    I am going to have 2 passport tickets to sell @ face value! Email me!! I live 10 miles from Troy can deliver to you when you arrive. if interested!

  54. Chalderman says:

    Have two tickets that I really need to sell. Break up=no concert haha! Please email me!!!

  55. Blased33 says:

    Have one ticket would love to sell for face value. Thanks!!

  56. born2bbrad says:

    I have 2 tickets and 2 camping passes for $275 (face is $298). Troy show. Email me at Thanks

  57. Jenn christie adams says:

    I have 4 C Camping passes. I need to trade them for D passes or E passes. if you want to trade!!!