Frequency Festival

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  1. Please come to England. I’ve never seen you guys and I’d love my first concert to be yours!!!!

  2. LaraBr6 says:

    Come back to Italy, guys!!

  3. arjun97natty says:

    Hey, guys!

    You have fans in India too.
    Please come and perform in New Delhi, India. We have been waiting for you guys!
    And of course, you can not forget Goa for you guys shot ‘The Cave’ video there.

    Your Big Fan

  4. AngieA says:

    When are you coming to Australia? You have a ton of fans here!

  5. We are waiting for you in Italy!! I hope you’ll come!!

  6. Please come to Romania!!! I`ve been waiting for you guys for years

  7. gusellasilvia says:

    Italy! Italy! Italy! Please come to Italy!

  8. ioensis says:

    Come on … come to Poland!! We waiting for you so long!!!

  9. Dora_Hari says:

    Come to Hungary!!!!!!! Waiting for you sooo much!!!!

  10. outstanding band. Please come to Italy