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  1. TylerKauth says:

    Cant wait for the next show in NY, most amazing night of my entire life.

  2. wilso774 says:

    When is the next show in New York?!?!?!

  3. ejuliano says:

    I am really upset with the entire experience. This would have been my 7th Mumford & Sons concert and after flying across the country home from a work trip I arrived at the venue around 8:15 and was not able to enter the concert. I have emailed FrontGate three times asking for a refund and no one has gotten back to me. Is there anything anyone can do to help me out. This is so so upseting. I will not stop being a Mumford fan, but as a true fan, would love some help in this situation!

  4. Bigcarbone says:

    Hands down best show ever f#%**. Love these guys PLEASE COME BACK TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!

  5. korozo12 says:

    Despite the mishap with the city and overselling the amount of tickets allowed….
    This was by far one of the best shows I have been to! Great performance, the sound was outstanding, and the band itself did nothing but reinforce my love for them.
    Can’t wait for the next concert to come around … wish it was sooner!

  6. cthules says:

    Great show. Worth the last minute drive from Boston. (Since most of NYC is on public transit, parking and driving out of the area afterward was an unexpected breeze). Glad I got there early enough to find a place where I could see the stage. Venue is all pretty and historic, but, definitely needs to recalculate capacity for 2013. (Not only are people bigger, but more aware of fire-code and accessibility risks. Some of that could’ve been addressed by actually numbering “seats” in the stands, which probably just couldn’t be completed before this show.) Ben was too proud of his idea for souvenir wrist bands. Many folks there early to claim spots for groups in the stands were understandably unwilling to give them up to folks trying to get to the floor. It was the only small item with the venue-specific logo. I would’ve likely bought smaller merch with that logo, but, not a poster. Did the light board crew change the background screen to look like rain before or after each sporadic threatening sprinkle? If that was actually responding to the weather, well done! Hope the upcoming hiatus is short, come back to the northeast first! (o:

  7. IceGoDDesS says:

    The guys were great last night as always, but was not happy with the venue. We arrived extra early to ensure we got a good spot on the floor. They had us line up on one side of the street to enter. As it got later, the line got longer and started to wrap around the other side of the street. The next thing we knew, they were telling everyone to move forward, so the people who had arrived later, pretty much got to cut in front of the people who had arrived early! We wound up getting a good spot on the floor, but you could barely move. Then Marcus told everyone to move closer for Little Lion Man, which made it even worse! Mostly everyone in the crowd was cool and courteous (I’m short, so they made sure I could see!) But of course we has people who were pretending to be calling friends up close, just so they could shove their way to the front. Not cool! Leaving was absolute mayhem. I hope they get their sh*t together for the next concert there. Loved seeing the guys again, glad they’re going to take a break after all the touring they’ve been doing. Loved when Marcus zoned on the lyrics for Winter Winds, shows he’s human :) Hopefully next time they come around, it won’t be at an all GA venue!

  8. mdmax92 says:

    Does anyone have a poster (lithograph) from last night that they will sell me? Please help me out. I really wanted one, but they were sold out by they time I got settled and went back to buy one. – maxafrankel@gmail.com

  9. mdmax92 says:

    Does anyone have a poster (lithograph) from last night that they will sell me? Please help me out. I really wanted one, but they were sold out by they time I got settled and went back to buy one.

  10. Dappa says:

    Show was a disaster…we arrived at 5, got our seats, but two of us went to the bathroom at 6:45 and were not allowed back to our seats. People were pushing and fighting in the stairwells. We eventually had to give up our seats to find our friends. Very disappointing. There was no reason to sell 18,499 tickets to a stadium that can hold 14,000. Been a Mumford fan for a long time, this was my first show can’t tell you how upsetting this was.

  11. alpocal says:

    As always, awesome show last night! We had an amazing time…the music was great, the crowd was fantastic…def a little tight on the floor but well worth it to see Mumford & Sons perform! Thanks again guys! Keep doing what your doing!

  12. nene says:

    Dangerously oversold.Stadium seats were impassable.For the most part the crowd was great…even when Marcus stumbled over lyrics the crowd helped him along! Great show,just not at that venue.