Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

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  1. Angie_Vallejo says:

    Anyone else getting issues with the Lyte website? Seems to be working for other venues.

  2. maggiiebro says:

    If anyone has 3 tickets please let me know. I’ve been trying since the presale with no luck from the site.

  3. MareInCO says:

    @Desirae_Hodel Keep trying until the section shows sold out. I stayed with it for an hour yesterday and got tickets. I got a single ticket today too, Section 1.

  4. Desirae_Hodel says:

    Has anyone been able to purchase tickets on the site today? I was surprised no tickets were found already at 10:20!

  5. kristenjanelle08 says:

    Did anyone have luck today? I was in the waiting room 20 minutes early and as soon as it was my turn, there was nothing available already.

  6. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @Gates_Min  I’m about to check….Did you have any luck on the ticket website? It told me nothing was available the minute I got in.

  7. Gates_Min says:

    I just tried to log on to Lyte to see if I could find some GA pit tickets but it gave me an error. Anyone else have this issue?

  8. Shelby_Kenison says:

    @Lindsay_Bannon @Shelby_Kenison Thank you that would be awesome!! My email is if you have an extra ticket I’ll definitely buy it off of you :)

  9. Lindsay_Bannon says:

    @Shelby_Kenison I am going to try to get 2 lawn tickets today. If I’m able to, I will have 2 Reserved 1 tickets to sell. They are single tickets (not together) so I”ll let you know if you’d like to buy one for face value.

  10. Angie_Vallejo says:

    I was also thinking about this and realized that they are partnered with Lyte. It’s in the presale link they sent out so you can exchange or bne able to purchase sold out tickets to a show. That’s your best bet if you’re not able to get one today at 10AM!

  11. mcfaygo says:

    why so difficult? even when password found…… a faithful fan it could be a bit more friendly to purchase…… 

  12. kvnhmltn100 says:

    Anybody know how people plan on reselling the tickets? It seems like you use your credit card as the ticket

  13. Shelby_Kenison says:

    I’m going to be so heartbroken if I can’t get a ticket… I just need one :(

  14. MindBodyHealthDenver says:

    @epoulsen9 I have 2 in Section 202 Row M that I can no longer use. Email me if interested:

  15. MindBodyHealthDenver says:

    @Caleyk I do, Section 202, Row M. Email me if interested:

  16. MindBodyHealthDenver says:

    I have 2 reserved section seats, 202 row M that I can no longer use as I’ll be out of town. Email if interested:

  17. MareInCO says:

    @stellar_zee @MareInCO Awesome! Luck of the draw, for sure. I will have some extras, including a lawn ticket, that I will post after the show is sold out and I know what tickets I end up with…

  18. Lindsay_Bannon says:

    @Jason_Royal Are you keeping all 4 of those?

  19. stellar_zee says:

    @MareInCO YES just got one in section 1. Thanks!

  20. MareInCO says:

    @Angie_Vallejo @MareInCO I just saw that. I’ll try again tomorrow. I have single tickets but my friend and I are split up, Section 1 and Section 2, so I’m trying to get us together in Section 1 and will sell my others.

  21. MareInCO says:

    @stellar_zee I had plenty of opportunities for singles if you and your friends don’t mind not sitting together…there were even ones available in Section 1.

  22. Jason_Royal says:

    sorry four not five…stupid autocorrect.

  23. Jason_Royal says:

    Got five GA lawn tix with code “fivrthousand”

  24. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @MareInCO @Angie_Vallejo it just switched to Reserved 1 only having single seats left. 

  25. stellar_zee says:

    Are there really no tickets left for any of the pre-sales? Awful!

  26. MareInCO says:

    @Angie_Vallejo @MareInCO Keep trying, they released more yesterday an hour later. I’ve been getting tickets but throwing them back because I’m attempting to get 2 together and everything is split,

  27. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @MareInCO And….now nothing is available. What. In. The World. 

  28. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @MareInCO GA Lawn sold out 10:35AM

  29. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @MareInCO I’m fuming. It never showed me anything for GA Pit, and I still don’t see anything for Reserved 1. 

  30. MareInCO says:

    It’s now showing Pit is sold out as of 10:30 am.

  31. Ashley_Olson says:

    @Angie_Vallejo @Ashley_Olson I just checked and it was allowing me to buy two lawn tickets still. 

  32. MareInCO says:

    @Angie_Vallejo I’m finally IN but no luck getting tickets except Reserved 2, I’m trying for Reserved 1

  33. Angie_Vallejo says:

    Any luck buying tickets anyone?

  34. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @Ashley_Olson It worked, and I’m in using this code, the forever code, and the fivethousand code. But it still says no tickets available? 

  35. ClickYourPoison says:

    Code ‘fivethousand’ just worked for me on AXS.

  36. Ashley_Olson says:

    Use code 973KBCO for today’s presale!

  37. Ashley_Olson says:

    @MareInCO @Ashley_Olson Use code 973KBCO

  38. Caleyk says:

    Anyone have 2 tix they want to get rid of for face value?

  39. benedettibrett says:

    @faithdenton @benedettibrett @Angie_Vallejo @Ashley_Olson Forever and I also tried without one

  40. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @faithdenton @benedettibrett @Angie_Vallejo @Ashley_Olson the code they sent in the email was “forever”

  41. faithdenton says:

    @benedettibrett @Angie_Vallejo @Ashley_Olson what code word are you using?

  42. Casey_Wheel says:

    @Ashley_Olson fivethousand for spotify presale

  43. benedettibrett says:

    @Angie_Vallejo @Ashley_Olson AXS presale is always terrible! I’m stuck in the waiting room and have been for the last 30 minutes. Same thing happened yesterday! I just want 2 GA lawn tickets

  44. faithdenton says:

    the axs site sucks major

  45. Paris_Christodoulou says:

    This is bull. I hate the ticketing system. I can’t get in either win the code just says sold out. This is so ridiculous.

  46. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @Ashley_Olson @Angie_Vallejo It wouldn’t even let me enter yesterday saying the presale was for today at 10AM. I’ve been trying since yesterday…and apparently some people have been able to get through and purchase but I’m getting the same message you are

  47. Ashley_Olson says:

    @Angie_Vallejo @Ashley_Olson  I used that one and it’s saying sold out. Is that because it was for yesterday’s presale?

  48. MareInCO says:

    @Ashley_Olson I’m successfully in the room using “forever” but it says SOLD OUT on every single selection…so I just keep checking over and over.

  49. Angie_Vallejo says:

    @Ashley_Olson they said it was forever :\ page isn’t really loading anything though

  50. Ashley_Olson says:

    Do we need a passcode for today’s presale?? It’s not letting me in the waiting room.

  51. Angie_Vallejo says:

    Does anyone have 2 GA Pit tickets for sale? This site has been telling me no tickets for sale since YESTERDAY. I’m so upset, and I’m trying to travel from Florida! :(

  52. faithdenton says:

    does anyone know the presale code for today? it isn’t forever:(

  53. Ashley_Peck says:

    Looking for two lawn tickets if someone wants to sell them at face value…tried to get tickets all morning yesterday and no luck!

  54. Ashley_Peck says:

    I’m wondering the same thing

  55. epoulsen9 says:

    Looking for 2 tickets! Can anyone help out?

  56. Brielle_Smith1 says:

    @christa_meiler I will take your GA tickets if you haven’t sold them yet

  57. Brielle_Smith1 says:

    I will take them if nobody has claimed them! My email is Thanks!

  58. DenverKimber says:

    @Jenny_Miller1 They are yours if you want them!  2 GA (lawn, not pit) tickets.  I will sell them to you for exactly what I paid.  Send me your email if you are still interested.  Thanks!

  59. Lola_Lola says:

    Anyone know the presale code for tomorrow on the axs website?

  60. Christa_Meiler says:

    @Jenny_Miller1 @Christa_Meiler They are- feel free to email me (  

  61. maMareMarerionblueskydesignsnet says:

    @Natalie_Clark @Jason_Staudinger I will have one lawn seat available for sure as well, face value. And maybe a Section 2 Reserved. Going to keep trying for better seats and will sell any extras at face value.

  62. Jenny_Miller1 says:

    @DenverKimber @Gates_Min If they are still available I will take them!

  63. Jenny_Miller1 says:

    @Christa_Meiler @deano99 I’m interested if they are still available!

  64. Matt_Filippini says:

    Anyone have 2 GA pit for sale? 

  65. amoore31206 says:

    @Mackenzie_Price I got 2 Reserve 1 tickets by trying non-stop for an hour straight!

  66. deano99 says:

    @Christa_Meiler @deano99 Thank you so much for the offer but I just bought 4 GA tickets!!  Appreciate it.  

  67. Christa_Meiler says:

    @deano99 I have 2 lawn tickets. Email me if you are interested. 

  68. deano99 says:

    I will gladly purchase 2-4 GA tickets if anyone wants to sell them at their cost.  Can’t believe how many tickets the scalpers have already on their sites.  Total BS!!! 

  69. Kenneth_Bass says:

    Just called fiddlers green and they said all presale tickets are gone but will be more tomorrow and friday….this is crap, horrible way to sell tickets in my opinion

  70. deano99 says:

    @DenverKimber I would take them if gates doesn’t want them, please….. 

  71. Mackenzie_Price says:

    It will say there are no tickets available, but there are. I was in since 10am and kept clicking with the same error message and finally got 2 GA lawn seats. I had to do that for almost 45 minutes straight before it worked though. I also switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox, if that helps. It’s annoying but it works!

  72. Kenneth_Bass says:

    Set to 2 tickets any price level and no results found

  73. Kenneth_Bass says:

    Keeps telling me there are no other tickets available on all levels

  74. Natalie_Clark says:

    @Jason_Staudinger I’ll buy your 2 lawn if you’re selling for face value!

  75. Gates_Min says:

    @DenverKimber @Gates_Min you can release them to someone else, thanks. I am looking for pit.