Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

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  1. DenverKimber says:

    @Gates_Min @DenverKimber lawn.  let me know asap as I about about to leave the house

  2. reedmoseng says:

    Just got GA Pit. I feel like all sections are still available. Their system is just being weird…

  3. faithkelseagmailcom says:

    Just got two tickets for the pit!! It says the pit was sold out, but I just kept refreshing and after about a million times it worked! Just keep refreshing! 

  4. Gates_Min says:

    @DenverKimber @Gates_Min Are they lawn or upfront?

  5. Christa_Meiler says:

    Me as well. This was a crazy process, and I am happy to resell 2 GA tickets, at the exact price I paid. 

  6. Jason_Staudinger says:

    Patience is a virtue. Just got two in Reserved 1 to go with the 2 that I got on the lawn. Now, what to do with the lawn seats?

  7. jofarco says:

    Woo-hoo – just got 2 in Reserve 1!

  8. Jackie_Batchelor says:

    after 50 minutes of clicking buy tickets over and over, I got a couple of reserved tickets. finally. that was ridiculous.

  9. DenverKimber says:

    @Gates_Min @DenverKimber They are yours!  Post a good email address for me to use and I will get them your way.

  10. Gates_Min says:

    @DenverKimber I would take the GA tickets off your hands. Thanks

  11. keyo4713 says:

    Complete hassle but got 2 GA after having like 3 computers up and continuously hitting find tickets

  12. DenverKimber says:

    Finally got though!  2 tix in Reserved section 205!!  This was after buying 2 GA tickets which I am happy to resell AT THE EXACT AMOUNT I PAID FOR THEM BECAUSE I DON’T BELIEVE IN SCREWING PEOPLE OVER!!  ;-)

  13. Mandy_Heavener says:

    Just got 2 GA after trying for 30 mins…just keep trying

  14. Lauren_Bostrom says:

    Just got two reserved in section 101!  I seriously hit the find tickets button 30+ times before it found me tickets. Keep trying!

  15. Katie_Paul_Allen says:

    I just got two sets of two tickets. Just keep refreshing on the AXS site.  It will say that there aren’t any available but just keep trying.  I checked all 3 boxes and eventually got through.

  16. jhendzlik says:

    40 minutes in I got GA pit but AXS won’t let me purchase them. I am so angry! :(

  17. nkurach says:

    Yup, had to do 2 at a time but got GA

  18. Christa_Meiler says:

    @Samantha_Summerville I just kept trying… If you end up not being able to get tickets, PM me. 

  19. jofarco says:

    OMG – finally 2 tix in reserved! Yippee!

  20. Tyler_Phillips says:

    Nope! Lawn tickets are still coming through for me! I’m doing 1 at a time

  21. faithdenton says:

    @Katia_Bhagatram_Jackson sorry I was just told not to sell them yet :(

  22. Tanja_Wheeler says:

    keep trying – looks like reserved are the only seats left!

  23. emartinez1284 says:

    Just got 2 Reserved in Section 103, keep trying

  24. Tyler_Phillips says:

    I just got a lawn ticket!

  25. Matt_Waters2 says:

    @Callie_Vanchina You have to click below that “remind me” section

  26. Tyler_Phillips says:

    Callie, it’s under the Fan CLub Presale. Click buy offer

  27. Callie_Vanchina says:

    This is ridiculous. Mine still says resale starts tomorrow and my only option is “remind me.” and advice????

  28. Matt_Waters2 says:

    Keep trying

  29. Jenny_Bradley says:

    I just got 2 GA PIT tickets! Just now!! Don’t give up friends!!

  30. DenverKimber says:

    @Misty_White1 I see those too.  Infuriating!

  31. Misty_White1 says:

    This was supposed to be a fan pre-sale…how does this 3rd party site have so many to sell at twice the price!!!

  32. emartinez1284 says:

    @Tyler_Phillips Keep trying I’ve been getting GA Lawn each time I’m searching

  33. Callie_Vanchina says:

    @faithdenton how much?? I’m still struggling to get any

  34. Suzie_Halvorson says:

    if it doesn’t say sold out keep trying…it took me over 30 min to get 2 lawn tix

  35. kevincampion says:

    @Tyler_Phillips i’ve never been to this venue.  how are the ga lawn tix?

  36. Megan_Bishop_Gardner says:

    Still nothing after 40 mins

  37. faithdenton says:

    So I might have two GA to sell?

  38. faithdenton says:

    my friend went to ticket liquidator and got 2 reserved; paid more but got them

  39. Tyler_Phillips says:

    Been trying since 10…

  40. Samantha_Summerville says:

    @Christa_Meiler HOW?!

  41. Tyler_Phillips says:

    Anybody have any extra GA lawn tix? <3

  42. Christa_Meiler says:

    Just got 2 on Reserved 2. After I already got 2 GA lawn.

  43. Misty_White1 says:

    Anyone know about the presale tomorrow through AXS?

  44. emartinez1284 says:

    I got 2 GA Lawn but released them, quick someone snag them

  45. Sara_Lynn says:

    Trying for two more, got two lawn the first time, and now I keep getting an error message. Anyone else?

  46. DenverKimber says:

    Been trying for 30 minutes on two different windows.  About to break my refresh button.  This was a mess.  Very disappointing.

  47. jofarco says:

    @Jason_Staudinger  Now I have a blank screen!

  48. Matt_Waters2 says:

    @jofarco Just reset it.  Shouldn’t take that long.

  49. Jason_Staudinger says:

    Just got 2 on the lawn 30 minutes after the sale started. Had to keep requesting. This thing is a mess. Gonna keep trying for two more

  50. jofarco says:

    Is anyone else just “waiting for their turn”

  51. Misty_White1 says:

    Hopefully someone is paying attention…this was a mess from the beginning. The link for the tix didn’t appear on the Mumford and Sons site until about 20 minutes after the tix went on sale! Thankfully someone tipped off that we had to go to AXS site. It’s a mess.

  52. jofarco says:

    @faithdenton  I’m sitting in the wait room for about 10 minutes now!

  53. faithdenton says:

    Right. What a cluster!

  54. Sara_Laakso says:

    I cannot purchase pre-sale tickets. It only gives me the option to ‘Remind me.’ The website says it starts tomorrow at 10am. How are people getting tickets?

  55. Jill_Locken says:

    I was able to get 4 in reserved.  but they must’ve sold out very quickly

  56. Misty_White1 says:

    Seems like it’s just lawn. I’m going try for the public sale to get reserved. 

  57. djcs34 says:

    Had to change from 2, to 1 ticket to get reserved… otherwise only GA avail. I got 2 in GA. probably sold out already :(

  58. Jill_Locken says:

    @faithdenton  I got reserved

  59. Erik_Schultz says:

    I don’t see the “buy now” tab anywhere on the axs site

  60. Samantha_Summerville says:

    i can’t get anything….all varieties of spots and ticket quantities….nothing!

  61. faithdenton says:

    why could no one get reserved?

  62. ftboyle says:

    Just got 4 in ga anyone get anything in the reserved?

  63. rlf1aw1490 says:

    Why is the site not loading.

  64. jaimewalters says:

    Just got 4! You have to click on the “buy now” link for presale on Ax’s and enter code “Forever”

  65. rizzoleanne says:

    same here! Never give up :)

  66. Nichole_Patterson says:

    Make sure you click the box that says you’re okay if the seats are not all together, if you want GA.  Every time I tried before clicking that box it said that tickets are not available.

  67. Matt_Waters2 says:

    Yep, I just got 2 also.  Follow the link someone posted below.  I had two windows open and repeatedly trying.  Finally got through.

  68. Brittany_Geis says:

    keep trying! just got 2 GA Lawn! Woo!!

  69. steckjosh says:


  70. Tanja_Wheeler says:

    keep trying! I just got 4…

  71. Jason_Staudinger says:

    AXS is worse than ticketmaster. What a pain

  72. Kristi_Goodroe_Jost says:

    @sethgarland Thanks for the tip.  That’s not working either.  Will have to try tomorrow.

  73. faithdenton says:

    how? it won’t let me?

  74. Hilary_Narayan says:

    Thank you all keep trying, just got 2 tix.  password is FOREVER

  75. Lauren_Bostrom says:

    I got to the purchase screen at 10:05. By then, only GA GRASS tickets were available. Also, I had to go through a series of “tests” to even get to the purchase screen to confirm I wasn’t a bot. 

    PLUS, for all reserved tickets, there are no physical tickets. The purchaser must show up with the credit card and their Photo ID to get in the concert. There is NO WAY someone can scalp the reserved tickets.

  76. Misty_White1 says:

    KEEP TRYING. I just got tickets after it said there were none available