Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

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  1. Rose_Hayes says:

    I just got three lawn tix on the axs site, password: forever

  2. patrickrhoward says:

    no tix folks.  later.

  3. Samantha_Summerville says:

    same – what the heck – no tickets.????

  4. sethgarland says:

    Hey instead of selecting the “best seat at any price” box, try clicking all of the other boxes instead. that’s how I got my tickets. 

  5. Kristi_Goodroe_Jost says:

    I’m in but I keep getting “we could not find any…..”….meaning no more left today?  Email said they would release a second set in September. Guess I’ll have to try tomorrow.  I wish they would have had clearer instructions in the email.  GRRRR!

  6. Ashley_Eleveld says:

    @ftboyle so crappy for us real fans that sat here waiting for 10am to roll around and pounce. 

  7. ftboyle says:

    More than likely a bunch of bots bought them all

  8. Misty_White1 says:

    @Ashley_Eleveld It’s just pre-sale group. More tix will go on sale Friday.

  9. Lauren_Bostrom says:

    They probably only has a limited number of seats available for pre-sale. I bet if we check tomorrow at 10 AM when they go on sale there will be plenty of seats available

  10. Misty_White1 says:

    What the hell? Why wasn’t the info shared that you had to go to another site?

  11. emartinez1284 says:

    yup :(

    what a cluster f***

  12. ftboyle says:

    are they all sold out?

  13. jhendzlik says:

    sold out :(

  14. Mandy_Heavener says:

    Sold out

  15. rizzoleanne says:

    it is on the AXS website

  16. steckjosh says:

    @Tyler_Phillips YOU DA BOMB

  17. amoore31206 says:

    that is what happens when the jerks re-selling tickets get their groupies on

  18. Ashley_Eleveld says:

    This is so annoying – GA tickets CANNOT be sold out this quickly. I have been on since 10 waiting.

  19. Tyler_Phillips says:

    password forever

  20. patrickrhoward says:

    haha. BS. internet people have lost their shit

  21. Tyler_Phillips says:

    got it!

    got to AXS and click buy OFFER on fanclub presale

  22. dmoldane says:

    What is the link @Brittani_Kelley 

  23. Mary_Revious says:

    what is the link to buy the tickets?

  24. Ashley_Eleveld says:

    @Hilary_Narayan @Ashley_Eleveld Yes – they emailed a password “forever”

  25. _zwh says:

    @Brittani_Kelley how long were you in waiting room? 

  26. Kristi_Goodroe_Jost says:

    @Brittani_Kelley How did you get in?  All of us (see below) are trying to figure it out…..

  27. Krissy_Ciancio_Lawrence says:

    @Brittani_Kelley What’s the password?

  28. Danielle_Harp says:

    @Brittani_Kelley what is the password? I signed up for the email but don’t have it! 

  29. Casey_Wheel says:

    @Brittani_Kelley where did you go?

  30. Brittani_Kelley says:

    I just bought 3 tickets! Presale is alive and well people! Can’t wait!

  31. Nate_Rust says:

    Whats the password?

  32. Tyler_Adams says:

    I’ve been sitting in the waiting room since 10 and nothing is happening!

  33. Hilary_Narayan says:

    @Ashley_Eleveld Did they email you a password?  I got an email but no password.  Just saw the link on axs also

  34. Matt_Waters2 says:

    It looks like when you are on Axs, there is a waiting room on the right side of the page.

  35. Corey_MeurerLynn says:

    Just noticed the Austin City Limits link in TX just went live after being inactive…maybe the system is behind by an hour. 

  36. Ashley_Eleveld says:

    If you go to the AXS website, there is a side bar on the RIGHT with “Fan pre-sale” something or other – click that and it takes you to a “virtual waiting room” to buy tix.

  37. Jeff_Euston says:

    Think it is tomorrow.  No links active.  All other venues were today, so I bet AXS screwed this up.  

  38. steckjosh says:

    @Ashley_Eleveld @steckjosh I think for tomorrow is just the presale tickets… and today is just for fans that subscribed to the site??? That’s how I’m understanding it anyways…

  39. faithdenton says:

    I bet it is tomorrow?

  40. Ashley_Eleveld says:

    @steckjosh Yep — but on AXS it says tomorrow. Someone messed something up!

  41. Jan_Bartolina says:

    Is there a password needed?

  42. steckjosh says:

    It said on the email that fan tickets go on sale today at 10am and they gave a fan password, but there is no link. 

  43. Jenni_Minemyer says:

    on axs, it states Thurs,June 9th?

  44. Tyler_Phillips says:

    What the what?

  45. Mandy_Heavener says:

    Where is the link?

  46. Misty_White1 says:

    what is going on?????????

  47. Hilary_Narayan says:

    I don’t see it either and what is the password

  48. Tonya_Ewers says:

    @Brittany_Geis Me neither…it’s 10am local time. 

  49. erinbroster says:

    not  live yet?

  50. Ashley_Eleveld says:

    Where are the presale tickets?!

  51. Brittany_Geis says:

    Not seeing the presale ticket link?

  52. Shannon_Joan says:

    @faithdenton I can’t figure it out either.

  53. faithdenton says:

    how do I get it on this site?

  54. Steph_Wilson1 says:

    It’s 10 am local on June 8. Where are the presale tickets?

  55. jaimewalters says:

    @faithdenton  I think there are 2 separate presales. 1 on this website today and 1 on Axs tomorrow.

  56. Matt_Waters2 says:

    @faithdenton I’m seeing the same thing, can’t figure it out…?

  57. faithdenton says:

    This states the tickets go on pre sales today and then AXS says tomorrow? 

  58. Todd_W says:

    It was an awesome Salida stop-over last August. So excited to see you again on the green at Fiddlers. Really showing Colorado love!! See you there!!

  59. Ggloubriel says:

    Do you have a link for pre sale?

  60. Ggloubriel says:

    What is the latest no???

  61. Ggloubriel says:

    Any news on pre sale codes???? I’m registered on every website. No emails, no alerts, nothing.. Help!!!!

  62. Jessica_Jones6 says:

    @Kenneth_Bass  I clicked on everything and signed up for everything.  There is no link for 9/28.  Ergh:(

  63. Kenneth_Bass says:

    Also for fiddlers green make sure you are regist red with axs tickets so you are ready to go

  64. Kenneth_Bass says:

    You need to sign up for presale tickets. On the main announcement about the Austin 5000 tour there is a link to a sign up

  65. faithdenton says:

    did we figure out pre sales yet?

  66. Shannon_Marie2 says:

    How do you get presale?

  67. Andrea_Bowers says:

    How does the presale work? I can’t miss out on this again!

  68. ritaamberhotmailcom says:

    I didn’t think Colorado would get a show this year, since we got a Stopover last year.  Amazing Surprise!

  69. Bonnie_Westmoreland_Yang says:

    Yay! Looking forward to seeing you again in Colorado or back home in Texas! Thank you for the music….play on!

  70. Deni_Shinn says:

    I’m so happy! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Jacquelin_Isaacson says:

    I’m there!

  72. K9jedi says:

    Awesome!  Been looking forward to you guys coming to Denver for a long time!  

    How is the presale going to work (code, ticket agency)?  

  73. Mitch_Koch says:

    How do I get presale? Is there a code?

  74. tproc42 says:

    Must go. Where do I buy these tickets