Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre

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  1. Josh_Symes says:

    I’ve got one ticket section 103 row rr for tonights show. Looking for 85 dollars which is what I paid including fees. Txt me at 6177759538 if you want it. You’ll have to meet me at the show to get in.

  2. I am looking for one single ticket for any of the dates. Please email at frances dot franco at hotmail dot com.

  3. Doug_Ehrlich says:

    @MareInCO Please send me the code ASAP. Thank you.

  4. Doug_Ehrlich says:

     Mareinco, CAn I receive the code that Jan Zinn was offered so I can buy a good seat at the concert before the vermin buy out all of the tickets and mark them up 300%?

  5. Doug_Ehrlich says:

    @Jan_Zinn How can I obtain the code to buy a ticket before the ticket vermin buy out the best seats? I you could reply here or on my facebook page messanger, that would be awesome. Then I can see your reply right away.  My FB page is under “dougehrlich” in Lakewood, CO.  I’ll thank you forever too for your help.

  6. Jan_Zinn says:

    I’ll thank you ‘forever’, lol, Mareinco! Appreciate the code and got the tickets right away after three hours waiting online! 

  7. KArdolino says:

    @MareInCO thank you!!! already missed best seats but got my tix :)

  8. MareInCO says:

    the pre-sale is going on now, code is forever.

  9. KArdolino says:

    glad you guys saw the same thing I did, so much for pre-sale!

  10. Koleby_Potter says:

    How do I get tickets today? 

  11. Lindsey_Marsh says:

    on it lists the presale as Tomorrow. How do I purchase tickets today?

  12. smwhitehead97 says:

    I was suppose to get an email with the code but I never did, what should I do 

  13. Ashley_Armstrong1 says:

    Have you found out?

  14. Erin_Bodien says:

    How do I get a pre sale code