Festival Estereo Picnic

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  1. Edna_Molina_Bacca says:

    It was awesome!, The best day of my life, you guys gave everything on the stage… Hope to see you soon!

  2. Maria_Galvis says:

    I know is not on your recent setlists, but could you please PLEASE play Hopeless Wanderer tomorrow? Probably 23 million out of the 23.892.713 views of the video in Youtube are mine. Thanks!

  3. alibatista12 says:

    So FUC*ING happy about this, like I’m wainting for this day to come so bad. You gave us all guys, it will be a wonderful day. 

    Love you! 


    I am very happy, I hope to see you soon at Bogotá

  5. Juan_Diego_Cardoso_Polania says:

    Finally !!!!!!!! love from Colombia !!!