Backstage Halle – SOLD OUT

16 April 2010 • Munich, Germany

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  1. clasco says:

    does anybody have a spare ticket for the munich gig on 11th march..? i missed out on all uk events and will be in munich that week on buisness?..please help.

  2. littlelionwoman says:

    Best concert I’ve ever been to!!! It was awesome….You guys are definitely the best band in the world ;)! And Johnny Flynn was the supporting act was great as well…Thanks :)

  3. paddlboot says:

    the support is johnny flynn, at least that’s what the hp of backstage halle says. yeah

  4. gordonthemoron says:

    is there a support? If so who is it?

  5. Carrie_Asmae says:

    anyone has an extra ticket for Munich? PLEASE :) please send me a mail in case you do:

    THanks alot in advance


  6. Katrinaaa says:

    NO WAY! Can’t believe that these guys will be in Munich so soon. Just came back from Aussie and had no chance to get tickets. If there should be any tickets which someone still like to sell, contact me!!! :-)

  7. kimmiee says:

    anyone want a ticket for Munich ? I have one going

  8. caro says:

    noooooooo! It can´t be sold out, I need a ticket also! urgent !
    I´m too late… SHIT

  9. kimmiee says:

    I have Antje i have one and i dont want to go to munich alone so i have one going…………..only prob lem they didnt send it to me yet and i am in london. However i9f thwy do0 soon you can have mine cos I( dont want to go alone. All in all for me the total cost for ticket and post was nearly £100 . great position, o be honest I want to go but no-one to go with.

  10. Anonymous says:

    amped as!! :)

  11. Fransi says:

    Wow… really excited to see you guys in Munich!
    Is it really sold out??
    Cheers :)

  12. Antje210 says:

    Does anyone have a ticket for munich? It is sold out and i need to be there :)
    contact me via email:

  13. Anonymous says:

    we’ll see in in munich. it would be great to see you guys in frankfurt (am main *g*) or gießen .. your songs are incredible! so excited, can’t wait for the munich gig …

  14. Sophie1208 says:

    Vienna wouldn’t be so far away… :( hope to see you soon in Austria ;)

  15. mac27 says:

    we are see you in munich, greatings mac