14 April 2010 • Cologne, Germany

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  1. Helma says:

    have seen you in cologne yesterday, it was an amazing concert, the best i´ve ever been to.Thanks for these unforgetable moments! I hope you stay like you are and that you wont loose your honesty!
    Much fun at your tour!

  2. liquorice says:

    Thank you so much for this concert, I was so looking forward to it and you just made me incredibly happy :) You truly are fantastic and deserve all the attention you’re getting lately. I can’t thank the four of you enough. Danke danke danke!

  3. gm72 says:

    Tonight will be my third M&S gig and the venue is getting bigger every time. I’m sure it’ll be just as intense in the large E-Werk tonight as it was in Mercury Lounge and Gebäude 9. I totally love your version of Vampire Weekend’s “Cousins” and if you could play it for Martina & Guido tonight, I’ll be the happiest guy in the crowd!

  4. Haback says:


    When did the setting of this great concert changed? My tickets, I buy them in January, tell me, it’s in Gloria-Theater. But now it’s E-Werk?

  5. jojo.bauer says:

    Shit, no tickets for Cologne, all sold out. Hope to see you next time….!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have tickets too, after seeing them in cologne in november in Gebäude 9 (amazing evening) and this time I’ll bring my son, he’s twelve, as well as my husband – he introduced me to this wonderful, glorious music. Our whole family is going mad about it, we’re so looking forward to april!!!
    Marcus, you awake my soul

  7. totumy says:

    I have tickets for Cologne :O) cant wait to see them life.
    I’m from Holland but live close to the German border, Cologne its about 1 hour traveling for me.