Circolo degli Artisti

01 May 2010 • Rome, Italy

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  1. Sweetty97 says:

    I bought tickets on, but I’m not 100% positive where to pick them up. Does anyone know if we can pick them up at the actual venue, or if it needs to be done at another box office?

    I’m so excited!!

  2. piola says:

    both shows are now sold out

  3. cocogurl408 says:

    hey mumford friends! i can’t figure out how to buy tickets! i tried both the websites one of you guys posted but they both didn’t work. does anyone have any other ideas where to buy them?

  4. cecco4 says:

    I just can’t wait!

  5. ugbootz says:

    awesome, just booked my ticket! did the whole thing in Italian too (which i don’t speak) before i realised there was an english translation on the site after i finished o.O haha. Cheers for the link trickykid! Now to book flights from Edinburgh…

  6. piola says:

    can’t wait :)

  7. lidy77 says:

    Please come to MILAN!!!

  8. trickykid says:

    Hei Ginny & Johnny!
    You can buy your tickets here:

    and here:

    Enjoy M&S!!!

  9. Johnny says:

    As could not get tickets for the UK I would love to go to Rome in May. Does anyone know when the tickets will go on sale for this venue?

  10. Ginny says:

    Umm how do we buy tickets??

  11. swan67 says:

    attention!you’ll forgotten … where is milan’date!!!

  12. letizzzia says:

    can’t wait! I tried to buy tickets but maybe it’s a bit too soon :)

  13. ginevra says:

    thank you!!!!!!!! see you in rome!!!! :-D

  14. fran_oddie says:

    AMAZING venue!! Booking… sooooooon!