03 February 2016 • Botanic Gardens

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  1. dasagengmailcom says:

    Dear Mumford & Sons…It is very rare that great international acts such as yourselves come to the shores of Durban…You would be surprised at just how big of a following you actually have in our little part of the World…it certainly caught me by surprise because tickets to your only showing in our City, which might I add is happening in not the biggest, nor the best venue we have to offer; sold out in something like under 2 minutes…Insane!!! 

    So while I figured that Durban always gets the worst sort of deal when it comes to international acts (in comparison to Joburg/Pretoria & Cape Town), I figured I’d try to get tickets in Cape Town for the additional show that was organized for the 30th January 2015…What’ya know, this one sold out in under 2 minutes also…Freaking Insane!!! I know! 

    Anyways, all I ask is that you please try to fit at least one more day in Durban, in what must be a very busy tour schedule; or insist that the organizers find a bigger venue for the selected Durban Day being 3rd February 2016…You have a huge fan base here who are just dying for some live folk rock from you guys; myself included, despite being utterly disappointed about missing out on tickets over the last couple of days (‘it’s empty in the valley of my heart’…Deep ja)…I mean I literally must have hit refresh like a 1000 times…and yup I started online at 9am on the dot…and yup I am certain that there are thousands more like me out there!!! Make in happen…

    For the love of the music…Your sincerely…Dasagen Pather

  2. AEUser128254 says:

    More performances are needed please. So many people still wanting tickets but all sold in under a minute.

  3. GraceandFlowers says:

    Finally … My life is now complete.