02 December 2015 • 3Arena

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  1. Lisa_Clarke1 says:

    can not wait we coming see you in Dublin next wen 2nd and your music has been a big part off our life good and bad over last 3 years  and its my partner bday and was just asking if can wish him a happy bday from all you and me his name tich armiger would mean so much thank you we on guest list and would make his day if you can if you playing timshel or awake my soul that would be omg thanks we see you next week big thanks again if this can be done lisa

  2. Sinead_C says:

     Hey guys, would ye consider doing another tour date in Dublin?? I was on ticket master at 9am but they were sold out straight away :/ 

  3. Callum_Dunne says:

    @Bobpott This happened to me too, I haven’t a clue where the tickets have gone, and how all of them have gone in 1 minute is beyond me.

  4. Bobpott says:

    Hi According to ticket master tickets only went on sale at 9am at 9 am on ticket master it also said sold out, where all the tickets presold ??

  5. Aaron_Dolan says:

    got myself 2 standing and i cant wait hopefully  its like the phoenix park performance

  6. missjc77 says:

    Got Dublin..be patient. Can’t wait now x

  7. AEUser127309 says:

    @dfleming5 @AEUser127309 I got them- super happy!

    Thank you!!

  8. shannenamidgleyhotmailcouk says:

    @dfleming5 @AEUser127309  You are a gem – thank you for that, got my tickets now

  9. AEUser127309 says:

    Thanks a mill!

  10. AEUser127309 says:

    Hi people- what website are you using for pre sale tickets?

    I cant get through anywhere on ticketmaster :(

  11. CaoimhePapaJs says:

    @Akjikk hang in there, I’ve just got through!

  12. Akjikk says:

    I’ve been on presale pg since 8.50am and have got no further than to tell me that store is max capacity. Don’t think I’m in for any tickets this morn!

  13. kateann1 says:

    is anyone else on ticketmaster and theyre showing that theres no tickets for sale or is it just me?

  14. CaoimhePapaJs says:

    @bossbrian I’m just getting to a window telling me I’m in a queue outside, and I’ll get in when there’s room. Looking like it’s going to be Friday morning before we get another chance.

  15. JonathanKerr says:

    @bossbrian Hang in the pre-sale like everyone else although, I would image that the pre sale tickets are all gone

  16. bossbrian says:

    Can anyone help with the presale tickets for dublin,theres no info here on how to purchase

  17. CaoimhePapaJs says:

    I can’t get through to the pre-sale :(

  18. alittleireland says:

    Pre Sales or not. I can’t wait to see you live again :) 

  19. mckenna3326 says:

    when will I receive my code for presale?

  20. AngelaS says:

    Hey! How do I purchase pre-sale tickets for Dublin on DEC 2ND through being signed up on Mumford and Sons???