Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

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  1. clareglass says:

    Amazing night!  You made my 10-year-old daughter very happy when you went right next to us while walking through the crowd.  Such a great night .  Amazing music.  Thank you, from a very happy British family in Houston Tx! 

  2. Carla_WillsBrandon says:

    Will be there spite of being handicapped.

  3. Stephanie_Daniel says:

    SONG REQUEST. My fiancé and I will be in the lawn tomorrow/this evening whichever way you want to look at it since it is 3am… I plan on walking down the isle to “Not With Haste” and I realize you guys will probably be playing most of the Wilder Mind album so that song probably isn’t on the set list but it would be everything to hear/see it preformed live.

  4. lisa0815 says:

    I tried two presales and the general sale and the closest I could get is section 108.  :(

  5. kelliebarahona says:

    SO much easier to get tickets today than yesterday!!

  6. AEUser3020507 says:

    Can anyone please tell me what time the tickets will go on sale Friday? I know they said 10AM ….

  7. madeleinerodz says:

    Does anyone know if there is a code for the livenation presale?

  8. Kristen_Clark says:

    Can anyone tell me how to purchase the presage tickets?

  9. Lettyg2410 says:

    Still cant find where to get tickets for the april 3rd date in Houston

  10. Kelly_Hedges says:

    Thanks!!! I have the code but not the links! :/ May just have to wait till tomorrow for the live nation presale.

  11. JordanRaggio says:

    @Kelly_Hedges They had a link and an email they sent out yesterday, with a promo code to access the tickets. It’s not on this website. 

  12. Kelly_Hedges says:

    When I go to Cynthia Woods, there is not link to buy tickets? I thought fan presale started today?

  13. ColeLarz says:

    Does anyone know if they save any GA Pit and reserved tickets for the general sale on Friday?

  14. ColeLarz says:

    @bekahrod yeah all the scalpers on Stubhub bought them :/ 

  15. KrystynaG says:

    When it finally works, where will I be able to find the link to purchase the tickets?

  16. WinterWinds says:

    i signed up yesterday but never got an email :( idk what to do

  17. bethmay5 says:

    GA pit isn’t listed as an option anymore… but I couldn’t confirm tickets for Pit when it was an option

  18. bekahrod says:

    @ColeLarz Yeah GA pit for Dallas and Houston both sold out :(

  19. Shanna_Sanders says:

    keep trying over and over.  Just got two reserved and two lawn

  20. JordanRaggio says:

    Finally got through about 10 minutes ago.  Keep trying over and over. 

  21. rociorcgggmailcom says:

    @KrystynaG @bekahrod I’m in the same section :) .. I’m trying with multiple pages (explorer and mozilla) and I got one!

  22. ColeLarz says:

    Is anyone able to purchase GA Pit tickets? Have they already sold out?

  23. KrystynaG says:

    @bekahrod how did you keep trying> refreshing page?

  24. bekahrod says:

    Got 1 reserved for Houston in section 103! Ahhhh just keep at it, I’ve been trying since 10am

  25. bethmay5 says:

    My sister and I spent 40 minutes straight trying to get tickets, and we had no luck :(

  26. kelliebarahona says:

    @jesalyn0131 what city?

  27. chrissalinas0417 says:

    @JenniM @chrissalinas0417 mmm i don’t received the email,  can you share the link ? 

  28. bekahrod says:

    @jesalyn0131 are you supposed to click the button next to the presale code each time? or just type it in and click add to cart?

  29. jesalyn0131 says:

    Tried so many times, and I finally got 2 reserved in a lower section! Just keep trying guys!

  30. JenniM says:

    @chrissalinas0417 @JenniM email address is “US TOUR: Arrow in the Heartland”

  31. JenniM says:

    @chrissalinas0417 @JenniM go to the email that you received yesterday.  at the bottom of the page in the email

  32. JenniM says:

    @bekahrod i tried different options each time and just took the first one it gave me

  33. chrissalinas0417 says:

    @JenniM what link ?  please

  34. Blake_Jones says:

    @kschulte @Blake_Jones I used the link in the presale email from the band

  35. bekahrod says:

    Any luck with the pit? Or just reserved?

  36. JenniM says:

    Just keep trying.  I tried 4 times and then it worked. got 4!!!!

  37. kschulte says:

    @Blake_Jones  what site were you on?

  38. Blake_Jones says:

    Keep trying.  I just got 2 in reserved!

  39. bethmay5 says:

    I’ve been trying since the computer clock hit 10:00 over and over again

  40. gcwhitewater says:

    Keep trying…I just got 2 more lawn seats for the kids…

  41. Blake_Jones says:

    @Stephen_Nagy Already over 100 reserved seats on stubhub.  I hate everyone.

  42. jesalyn0131 says:

    @beyoncepadthai pretty sure you just have to sign up with them on the website

  43. jesalyn0131 says:

    Yeah, the presale is saying there are not enough tix. Guess I’ll just keep trying. The livenation presale starts tomorrow. 

  44. bekahrod says:

    Anyone know how to get on the presale for livenation? :/ I wanna try there since I had no luck today!

  45. adellal says:

    @kschulte looks like it, it’s such a bummer! Guess I’ll be buying mine tomorrow instead!

  46. Stephen_Nagy says:

    This seems like scammers are better at it than the fans….couldn’t get any tickets.

  47. bethmay5 says:

    I’m still trying … presale says they dont have tickets

  48. Marc_Williamson says:

    Got my single GA Pit.  Must have lucked out by the looks of things.

  49. jesalyn0131 says:

    @Tara_Trevino @Mikhail_Abad the fan email list resale is supposed to be today

  50. gcwhitewater says:

    I was able to buy 2 reserved but doesn’t seem to be anymore available.

  51. jesalyn0131 says:

    i followed the link through the email and got to the site, but it won’t let me buy anything. Something’s messed up on the site!

  52. kschulte says:

    @adellal  I think that everyone is having issues!

  53. adellal says:

    What link or site am I supposed to be on to buy the presale tickets? I’m registered & everything. Help please!

  54. Blake_Jones says:

    Something is jacked up.  Won’t even let me buy lawn seats

  55. Patl57 says:


  56. Tara_Trevino says:

    @Mikhail_Abad says the same thing on Ticket Master :(

  57. Mikhail_Abad says:

    do pre sale tickets go on sale today because on live nation they have the countdown for tomorrow at 10?

  58. RC_907 says:

    I have been trying to buy not sure why we can’t buy

  59. Patl57 says:

    @atxtim @Patl57 Thanks Atxtim

  60. atxtim says:

    @Patl57 They go on sale @ 10am

  61. Patl57 says:

    Has anyone been able to figure out why we cant buy tickets ???/

  62. aimeespoon says:

    Agree. Where is the Houston link?

  63. ericcswindell says:

    i got your presale email today and followed the link to the schedule/tickets…but the Houston date was not listed (all others were)….any alternative link for presale of houston tickets?

  64. claire_hubble says:

    Does anyone know how much they are?

  65. Valencia_Garcia says:

    Like Can I buy my tickets now?!?

  66. Valencia_Garcia says:

    I literally just died! Yaasssssss!!

  67. janeponte1 says:

    I cannot wait!!!! :)

  68. george99rodriguezgmailcom says: